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Lockdown 5 Arrangement (16-27 July 2021)

Read more about the Lockdown 5 Arrangements at Abbotsford Primary School.

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APS 庆祝端午节!Dragon Boat Festival Celebrations

Here is a report from our Foundation students Keira and Lila on our Dragon Boat Festival Celebrations in Term 2!

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APS Family featured on SBS 中文!

A wonderful piece featuring Layla's family and Abbotsford Primary School on how we are helping Chinese families to tackle the challenge of developing and maintaining Chinese literacy!很荣幸再次上SBS中文版面,这次与Layla一家人共同探讨华人在澳维持中文能力的巨大挑战!亚伯斯福特小学提供优质且符合在地脉络的中英双语教育,让孩子能在提升语言能力的同时,长出自信用华语表达自己独特的跨文化认同!

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What do parents and alumni think of APS?

At the Hidden Treasures Community Market held in late March, we asked parents, past students and their families about what they think of APS...

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Places Available for 2021 Mid-Year Entry!

Due to the shift in Abbotsford demographics over summer and a number of families deciding to move interstate, we have ended with capacity to take on a few more students as mid-year entrants!

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Virtual Tour of Our School

Take a moment to enjoy a virtual tour of Abbotsford Primary School.

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我校校长最近接受SBS中文采访,对于双语教育、校长提出了中肯的反思与建议,值得一听。欢迎大家多多关注,多多分享!Our principal, Stanley Wang, was recently interviewed by SBS Mandarin!

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Chinese Phrase Book

Zǎoshàng hǎo! - Good morning!
Lǎoshī - teacher
Xiàozhǎng - principal
Zàijiàn! -Goodbye!
Xièxie! - Thank you!
Bú kèqi. - You are welcome.
Zhōumò yúkuài! - Have a good weekend!
Shàngkè le. - The class is about to start.
Fàngxué le. - The school day is over.

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