APS 庆祝端午节!Dragon Boat Festival Celebrations

Here is a report from our Foundation students Keira and Lila on our Dragon Boat Festival Celebrations in Term 2!

你好!我们是 Keira 和 Lila。我们是预备班的学生。

(Nǐhǎo! Wǒmen shì Keira hé Lila. Wǒmen shì yùbèibān de xuéshēng.)

Hi! We are Keira and Lila. We are Foundation students.

Last Friday, it was rainy but we had a lot of fun!

We met with our Year 5/6 buddies and we celebrated Dragon Boat Festival.

We had fun together doing boat racing, and some people won and it was fun.

The winners, including me, got Chinese stickers.

We also made paper zongzi but we couldn’t eat them.

We kicked jianzi with our buddies. Keira thinks Jade did the best. Lila thinks Henry did the best.

The best record was 13 kicks.

The End.

P.S.1. Hao laoshi made a video for Dragon Boat Festival for parents who we had hoped could join us.

P.S.2. Here are some photos from the day:

P.S.3. We wanted to write more in Chinese than English, so please let us share with you what we have learnt in Chinese:


(Wǒmen ài māo, gǒu, qīngwā, yú, chángjǐnglù, niǎo, xiǎojī, shé, dàxiàng, lǎohǔ, mǎ, shīzi.)

We love cats, dogs, frogs, fish, giraffes, birds, chooks, snakes, elephants, tigers, horses, lions.

We also hope you liked our singing at assembly last week.

By Keira & Lila


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