2023 APS Newsletter Issue 14

2023 Issue 14 - Term 3

Junior School Council Report

Junior School Council report Newsletter Week 10 Term 4 

By Annick Smith & Betty Balmer

    😺        House Capitan & Senior Rep.   🐼

Hi Everyone! Here is an update of the last four weeks. 

APS held book week on the twenty first to twenty fifth. We had lots of kids dress up as their favourite book characters. In class we had special events and activities. Well done to the fourteen students who read at lunchtime.

Foundation students 

        In Foundation, the students have been learning how to do Addition in maths. In English they have been writing Narratives along with a few pictures that they have drawn. In science they have been making space collages of the Southern Cross.

Year 1/2

In maths class, the Year 1/2s have been learning how to do division. They have also been making mini books in Chinese. They have also been making goodbye cards for Shrin😭. In science they have been learning about the atmosphere. For Integrated studies, students were asked to interview their parents and grandparents about the past and set up a classroom museum that showcased things from the past and group made trioramas.  

Year 3/4

In Integrated Studies and Writing, Year 3\4 have been working on biographies about famous explorers. Most people are up to publishing but a few others are finished. In Chinese we have been working on a project called “Family Holiday Planner”👪. We planned, drafted and published our trip. We wrote about who we will be going with, included an itinerary with activities, all handwritten in Chinese.

Year 5/6

The past few weeks year 5/6 have been having lots of activities. Students have been finishing their lanterns and dioramas. In August the Year 5/6s went to District Athletics day. We would like to congratulate Kinnari, Darani and Elanur on their performances in  and their progression to the Divisional round. An honourable mention to Tilly and Jamal who also received place-getter ribbons.

Ten of our students also went to the NFL Flag State Championship on Tuesday the ninth of September. Well done to all those who represented APS. 

During Art this week everyone was given a folded piece of paper and asked to draw just the head of a monster, an animal, a person or something, then Lizzie collected them, shuffled them and gave them out. We then drew a body or middle section then Lizzie shuffled and redistributed the pictures for the last time to draw the next part. Finally, it was returned to the person who drew the head to add colour. There were some weird and wonderful creatures!

Thank you to everyone for our amazing moon lantern festival on Thursday night. Everything was awesome! Thanks to our parents for all their amazing help.

That’s all from us! Thank you for reading this week's newsletter. ⭐

Have a great holiday! See you on Monday the 2nd of October. 🌙🏮                                                      

Principal's Report

Moon Lantern

I wish to thank everyone in the community for helping to make our 2023 Moon Lantern festival a success. What a wonderful night we had. To the staff who worked so tirelessly to prepare the children and the running of the night, to the parents and carers who gave their time to volunteer, to everyone who came and shared in the joy of the evening, and to our wonderful children who performed so well on the night. There were some tired but happy faces this morning.


Holiday Care Grant

I am pleased to announce that we were successful in our application for a grant to start holiday care with Camp Australia next year. We were awarded $50,000 by the department to trial holiday care in conjunction with Camp Australia. More information to come in the new year.



Our swimming program will be happening during term four. Swimming sessions will be on Fridays starting in week 2 and they will be held at the nearby Richmond Recreation centre. We are awaiting up to date costs from the city of Yarra and these will be communicated to families as soon as possible.


ICN conference

Jasmine, FangNi and I will be attending the 2023 Intensive Chinese Network Conference in Canberra. We will be touring Bilingual Chinese Schools in Canberra and FangNi will be presenting on behalf of Abbotsford Primary school. Her presentation will highlight our approach to bilingual Chinese education and the work that has been done here over the last few years.


NFL Flag

After working with Hao during the term on NFL skills, a group of year 5 and 6 students attended a regional NFL Flag competition held at Princes Park last week. The team played very well and represented our school in a great spirit. Although the team didn’t make it through to the state competition, everyone had a great time competing with other schools and showing the skills that they have learned.


End of term

Despite the cold and wet weather, we have had another great term of fun and learning here at Abbotsford primary school. We now look ahead to term 4 with many exciting events on the horizon. 3-6 camp, transition, year 6 graduation, end of year picnic are all in the planning, as is another term of learning. I want to thank everyone for their ongoing support of Abbotsford Primary School and me as a new principal. I hope that you all get the opportunity to spend time with family over the next two weeks and I look forward to seeing everyone at the start of term 4.

Upcoming Events

Monday, 2 October
Term 4 Starts

Monday, 6 November
Curriculum Day

Tuesday, 7 November
Public Holiday - Melbourne Cup

Monday 15 November - Wednesday 15 November
Year 3-6 Camp

Tuesday 21 November
Foundation 2024 Transition Day #1

Thursday, 23 November
Sports Carnival

Tuesday, 5 December 
Foundation 2024 Transition Day #2

Tuesday, 12 December
Statewide Transition Day

Thursday, 14 December
End of Year Picnic

Friday, 15 December
Year 6 Graduation (2:30pm)

Wednesday, 20 December
Last day of Term 4 (Early finish at 1:00pm)

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