2023 APS Newsletter Issue 15

2023 Issue 15 - Term 4

Junior School Council Report

Junior School Council report Newsletter Week 10 Term 4 

By Tilly Gormley (House Captain) & Rocco Ferla (Vice Captain)


Hi Everyone! Welcome Back. These are some of the things that are happening. The first thing is that swimming is starting next Friday so remember to bring bathers, goggles and a towel.                               


Sun Smart- no hat no play, water bottles

Lunchtime club activities- Thank you to all students who ran clubs last Term. Amazing job to everyone! Also a reminder for everyone to look out for new clubs sign up sheets next week. The clubs are poster club, pingpong club.

Chinese phrases for Connections- Integrated Studies Unit

连结 means connection 

游泳 means swimming

营means camp

Foundation students

Foundations have been learning how to write a story. In maths they have been doing tests about writing chinese numbers. In Chinese they have been writing characters on the whiteboard. In science the preps have been learning about gravity. 


Year 1/2  

1/2A have been making a book for Sirin. 1/2B in science they have been learning about the same thing as the 3/4s in maths they have been learning about shape patterns. In chinese the unit they have been doing is family.

1/2A have been learning about time and division in maths. In Chinese they have been playing chinese games and learning characters. In Science they have been learning about once living, living and nonliving.

Year 3/4

3/4B they have been learning about the non living, living and the once living. In english they are making narratives about a made up idol. In maths they have been learning about areas.

In Chinese they have been doing the mandarin matrix.

3/4A have been doing aboriginal creation myths. In writing they have been doing narratives and in integrated studies they have been doing geography. In science they have been learning about living and nonliving. 



Year 5/6 

In science, we have been doing a unit on biology. 

In art we are working on The Line That Connects Us All which describes our personality

5/6B have been reading information texts and writing summaries and quizzes. In chinese they have been learning how to write sentences using 行不行 

5/6A have been doing fractions in maths, as well as multiples. In Chinese they have been learning the words close and far. In writing they have been writing information reports.

That’s all from us! Thank you for reading this week's newsletter.                                                       

Principal's Report

Welcome to term 4!

And just like that term four is upon us. After the great success of the Moon lantern festival, we now turn our attention to another busy and fun term ahead. This term has plenty of exciting events for our students, families, and staff.

One of the most important events of the term is the Year 6 Graduation. This is a special occasion for our graduating students to celebrate their achievements and say goodbye to their primary school years, while looking forward to high school and beyond. We look forward to seeing our Year 6 students shine on this special day.

Towards the end of the term, we will also be holding our End of Year Picnic. This long running tradition is a fun-filled event for our families to come together and celebrate the end of another successful year. This year, individual classes will be creating a performance or presentation to celebrate their year of learning. Individual students and groups can also present music, dance or something relating to their learning or a special interest. We encourage everyone to come along and join in on the festivities.

Our Prep Transition Program will also be taking place this term. Transition is one of my favourite events of the year as it allows our newest students and families to become familiar with the school. We can't wait to welcome our new Prep students and their families to our school community.

Years 3 to 6 students will be going on camp in week 7. Camp is always a great experience for students with lots of fun activities to do and time with friends in the outdoors.

While we will have a very busy term, it will be another wonderful term of learning and fun, with hopefully some warmer and sunnier weather. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in the playground and at our school events.


Australian Mathematics Competition

Last term, many of our year 3 – 6 students successfully completed the Australian Maths Competition, a challenging test that requires strong problem-solving skills and mathematical knowledge. We are proud to say that all of our students did really well on the test, with some achieving truly outstanding results. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of our students for taking up the challenge of this competition. Your achievements have made our school proud, and we are honoured to have such talented and motivated students. To commemorate their achievements, all students who participated in the competition will be receiving a certificate of recognition. Well done everyone!


SEIL visit

On Wednesday I had a visit from the school’s Senior Education Improvement Leader Jane and a senior representative of the Victorian School Building Authority. The purpose of the visit was to discuss the school’s current enrolment and strategies to ensure sustainable enrolments at Abbotsford given recent changes to enrolment processes and our unique context as a small bilingual school. We were also able to discuss progress against our current annual implementation plan, drafting of the 2024 plan,  staffing, and the school’s next review which will take place in 2025.


Daniel Long service leave

From next Monday 9th of October, Daniel will be taking long service leave for a period of six weeks. Amanda Norton Smith has been employed as his replacement for the duration of the leave. Amanda is well known to the children and the school having worked here over a number of years in many roles. We wish Daniel all the best for his leave.

Term 4 - Being SunSmart

As part of our SunSmart Policy, in Terms 1 and 4 each year, all students must wear a sun protective hat that shades the face, neck and ears for all outdoor activities.

Students are required to wear a school hat or another hat style that protects the face, neck and ears when outdoors, for example broad-brimmed, legionnaire or bucket. Students who are not wearing appropriate protective clothing or a hat will be asked to play in the shade or in a suitable area protected from the sun.

Abbotsford Primary School encourages all staff and students to apply SPF30 (or higher) broadspectrum, water-resistant sunscreen daily whenever UV levels reach 3 and above.

At Abbotsford Primary School, students are welcome to attend the Sick Bay to access sunscreen. Staff and students who may suffer from allergic reactions from certain types of sunscreen are encouraged to contact the First Aid Officer or the Office staff to implement a management plan to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction at school. This may include the families of individual students supplying the school with sunscreen that does not cause allergic reactions for the student.

Mzuri Dance and Drum Project

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, 11 October
Wanyara Whole School incursion

Monday, 6 November

Curriculum Day

Tuesday, 7 November
Public Holiday - Melbourne Cup

Monday 13 November - Wednesday 15 November
Year 3-6 Camp

Tuesday 21 November
Foundation 2024 Transition Day #1

Thursday, 23 November
Sports Carnival

Tuesday, 5 December 
Foundation 2024 Transition Day #2

Friday, 8 December NEW
Junior School Council Elections

Tuesday, 12 December
Statewide Transition Day

Thursday, 14 December
End of Year Picnic

Friday, 15 December
Year 6 Graduation (2:00pm)

Wednesday, 20 December
Last day of Term 4 (Early finish at 1:30pm)

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