2023 APS Newsletter Issue 16

2023 Issue 16 - Term 4

Junior School Council Report

Junior School Council report Newsletter Week 3 Term 4 

By Edwin Beazley (Vice Captain) & Ela Bozkurt (House Captain)

A friendly reminder that Term 4 is SunSmart: no hat no play. Keep cool and bring your water bottle. Find a shady place to play during hot weather.

Junior school Council Election for 2024 nominations

Next week will be the start of the JSC Election process. Nomination forms will be available. If you are interested in running this year, please ask your representatives questions to help you prepare. (Year 1/2- Eli P, Year 3/4- Betty & Sophia, Year 5/6 - Nhi, Darani, Edwin, Rocco, Ela, Annick, Tilly & Kinnari)

Bamboo House Fundraiser

On Wednesday the 14th of December Bamboo House will be having a 80s runway fashion show fundraiser . The whole community is invited to dress up in outrageous colours, crazy hairstyles and funky clothes. So start researching and ask your family members what 80s fashion looked like! 

This will be a casual clothes fundraiser so please bring a gold coin donation. 

Foundation students 

Wanyara Incursion happened last Wednesday. Some of the memorable activities were that they learnt how to do aboriginal dancing, they also wrote their own aboriginal stories.They also played fish tag.

Year 1/2  

The 1/2s have been learning about directions in maths and chinese and have been doing persuasive texts in english. 


Sport and classroom

The 3/4s and the rest of the school have been doing a soccer program and practising passing, dribbling and playing games. 

The 3/4s have been writing creation stories in english literacy and in maths they have been working on angles and in Chinese they have been doing mandarin matrix together in groups


Cultivating Communities workshops

The 5/6s have been participating in workshops that have been run by the City of Yarra. The first session was about talking about what they needed to do, which was talking about what they would be interested in, which was cooking their favourite food and sports.  

In Integrated Studies students also travelled around the world and had to write about the place that they visited.

That’s all from us! Thank you for reading this week's newsletter.                   

Principal's Report

ICN Conference

This last weekend, FangNi, Jasmine, Simon and myself attended the 2023 Intensive Chinese Network conference. The conference was held in Canberra at Mawsons Primary School, who operate a bilingual Chinese curriculum very similar to our own. Over the course of two days we took part in classroom observations, staff professional discussions and lectures relating to aspects of bilingual Chinese teaching and learning. On the second day of the conference, FangNi presented with Stanley Wang, the growth in the teaching and learning of Chinese here at Abbotsford over the past year since the last conference. The conference was a wonderful opportunity to forge connections with other school leaders who work in bilingual Chinese settings, teachers, and academics who work in the bilingual space.


 Athletics Day

Due to a lack of availability at the Clifton Hill athletics track we have had to move the date of our athletics day to Wednesday the 29th of November. Apologies if this causes inconvenience for anyone. A call out for parent volunteers will soon come out so if you have availability we would love to see you on the day.


Master Plan initial Meeting

On Thursday morning Marianna and I met with a representative of the landscape consulting company Flemmings. The purpose of the meeting was to begin preliminary discussions regarding a landscaping master plan, which has been a topic of discussion at school council over the past few meetings. Our goal is to develop a vision for the landscape and playgrounds of the school over the next five to ten years. This would enable us to focus school resources and community fundraising efforts in a more transparent and strategic way, as well as ensuring that our beautiful grounds are maintained and improved.  Community consultation will be a key part of identifying focus area for the master plan. I will update the community when further information regarding this process becomes available.


Phones at School

A reminder that student phones must be handed in at the office each morning at the beginning of school. Also phones should not be used on school grounds, prior to or after school, unless a phone call needs to be made to parents. 



With the UV index being consistently above 3 at this time of year it is essential that all students come to school with a named hat. We are reminding students about this daily and also about the importance of drinking plenty of water when the weather is hot as it has been over the last few days.



It has come to my attention that we have quite a few cases of gastro in the school community. While these are unavoidable in schools, we are encouraging children to be extra vigilant with hand washing and hand sanitiser is available here at school. 

Keith McNeill

Pupil Free Day - 6 November

Upcoming Events

Monday, 6 November
Curriculum Day

Tuesday, 7 November
Public Holiday - Melbourne Cup

Monday 13 November - Wednesday 15 November
Year 3-6 Camp

Tuesday 21 November
Foundation 2024 Transition Day #1

Wednesday, 29 November NEW DATE
Sports Carnival 

Tuesday, 5 December 
Foundation 2024 Transition Day #2

Friday, 8 December
Junior School Council Elections

Tuesday, 12 December
Statewide Transition Day

Thursday, 14 December
End of Year Picnic

Friday, 15 December
Year 6 Graduation (2:00pm)

Wednesday, 20 December
Last day of Term 4 (Early finish at 1:30pm)

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