2023 APS Newsletter Issue 17

2023 Issue 17 - Term 4

Junior School Council Report

😁Junior School Council report Newsletter Week 5 Term 4😄

By Eli C, Betty Balmer (School Representatives) & Annick Smith (House Captain)
And a little help from Tilly Gormley (House Captain)


A friendly reminder that Term 4 is SunSmart: no hat no play. Keep cool and bring your water bottle. Find a shady place to play during hot weather. Please do NOT take hats from Lost Property. (No hat no play but still go to school today unless you're sick! )



Junior school Council Election for 2024 nominations

Next week will be the start of the JSC Election process. Nomination forms will be available. If you are interested in running this year, please ask your representatives questions to help you prepare. (Year 1/2- Eli P, Year 3/4- Betty & Sophia, Year 5/6 - Nhi, Darani, Edwin, Rocco, Ela, Annick, Tilly & Kinnari) The forms, speeches and posters are all due by the 8th of , november!


Bamboo House Fundraiser

On Wednesday the 14th of December Bamboo House will be having a 80s runway fashion show fundraiser . The whole community is invited to dress up in outrageous colours, crazy hairstyles and funky clothes. So start researching and ask your family members what 80s fashion looked like!

This will be a casual clothes fundraiser so please bring a gold coin donation.


Wanyara Incursion happened last Wednesday. Some of the memorable activities were that they learnt how to do aboriginal dancing, they wrote their own aboriginal stories and played fish tag.


Foundation students In Chinese the foundation students have been writing a chinese word and illustrating it. In Art they have been drawing rainbow turtles. They have enjoyed their subjects and have had fun playing cards after they finished their turtles.


Year 1/2  

The 1/2s have been learning about directions in maths they have been doing arrays. ( an array of dots to help them count) and in english they have been doing persuasive texts and paper mache world globes using balloons.



The 3/4s and the rest of the school have been doing a soccer program and practising passing, dribbling and playing games.

The 3/4s have been writing creation stories in english literacy and in maths they have been working on angles and in Chinese they have been doing mandarin matrix together in groups



Cultivating Communities workshops

The 5/6s have been participating in workshops that have been run by the City of Yarra. The first session was about talking about what they needed to do, which was what they would be interested in doing, which was cooking their favourite food, sports and what type of art they liked. In Integrated Studies students also are travelling around the world and have to write  about the places that they visit.They have also been working on information texts for writing and are now moving on to persuasive writing.



That’s all from us! Thank you for reading this week's newsletter.                                                       


Principal's Report

Bilingual Principals Network Meeting

On Friday morning I attended the Bilingual Principal’s network meeting which was held at Caufield Primary School. During the meeting we were joined by representatives from the department of education. We were updated on work that has been happening around developing enrolment options for bilingual schools who were adversely impacted by changes to curriculum grounds enrolment earlier this year. The discussion was very productive and the plans that the department have will definitely assist in managing our enrolments and our bilingual program. I will update the community as more information comes to hand.


Chinese and English team writing moderation

During last Wednesday's staff meeting, both Chinese teachers and English teachers engaged in purposeful conversations of students' writing moderation results, evaluating compositions in both English and Chinese. Through vibrant discussion, our APS teachers shared valuable insights and identified areas for improvement. This dynamic exchange paved the way for a ground breaking collaboration, aiming to establish cohesive student learning goals that will enhance students’ literacy skills in both languages, particularly in the area of writing. English teachers also shared their established writing rubrics, while Chinese teachers crafted a comprehensive writing checklist. This resource will soon find its way into classrooms throughout the entire school, promising and enriched learning experience for every student.



We are very excited that camp is less than two weeks away!

Please find some further important information below.
On the first day of Camp, please pack lunch for your child. There will be snacks at the campsite but they do not provide lunch on the first day. 
Please hand in any medication your child requires to their teacher on the morning of Monday 13th November. This needs to be clearly labelled with your child's name and administration instructions in a clear plastic bag (zip lock preferred).
Please note that students cannot bring any electronic devices. This includes phones, cameras, iPad, MP3 players and smart watches.

Some extra items to pack for a more comfortable stay/experience:
* Spare shoes & thongs/flip flops for showering

* Plastic bag or waterproof laundry bag for dirty/wet clothes



School Wide Positive Behaviour Support

I am pleased to announce that we have been accepted into the department of education's school wide positive behaviour support program for 2024. We will be working with a coach beginning early next year to begin rolling out School Wide Positive Behaviour in the school.


Implementation of SWPBS requires commitment by the whole school community, particularly from the principal and leadership group. As an SWPBS school we will implement 8 essential features.

  1. Establish a common philosophy and purpose: Staff and students use a common language to discuss behaviour. School philosophy emphasises the need to teach appropriate behaviour much like academic learning.
  2. Establish leadership and school-wide support: School leaders publicly endorse and support SWPBS. A team at the school leads implementation by creating, reviewing and monitoring an action plan. The work is done in collaboration by the whole staff with input from parents, students and the community.
  3. Clearly define a set of expected behaviours: The school identifies 3 to 5 behavioural expectations that apply at all times. Clear, positively stated examples are identified and displayed in different school settings.
  4. Establish procedures for teaching and practising expected behaviours: A school-wide plan is developed to ensure behavioural expectations are taught to all students by all staff. 
  5. Implement a continuum of procedures to encourage expected behaviours: School-wide systems are developed to acknowledge expected behaviour and promote commitment from all members of the school community.
  6. Develop a continuum of procedures to discourage inappropriate behaviour: Schools clearly define problem behaviours and identify specific strategies and responses to minor and major behavioural infractions.
  7. Use procedures for record-keeping, decision making and ongoing monitoring: Schools review data on repeated behaviour issues, the settings in which they occur, and the consequences most likely to be applied for inappropriate behaviours. They correlate these with other sources of data such as academic progress, and analyse this data to make necessary adjustments to school operations in an effort to reduce inappropriate behaviour.
  8. Support staff to use effective classroom practices: Schools establish systems to support staff to adopt evidence-based instructional practices associated with reductions in inappropriate behaviour.

Establishment and embedding of SWPBS is a 3-to-5-year journey in most schools and stages are implemented in a sequence with support from regional coaches and in collaboration with community members.



As most of you will have now seen we have installed new signage for the school. Thanks needs to go to school council and in particular the marketing and enrolments subcommittee for their input and support on behalf of the school community. The signage was designed to promote the school and to align with our logos and school colours. The signs were also carefully designed to promote our commitment to bilingual Chinese education. 


Uniforms and hats

Can I please remind everyone about the importance of wearing hats now that the weather is sunnier. Undercover areas are available however it is preferable that everyone is wearing their hat outside. I would also like to remind everyone of the importance of wearing our school uniform to show pride in our school. We have regular second hand uniform sales here at the school managed by our wonderful parent volunteers and new sales are available through Dobsons.



Movie Fundraiser - 26 November

Thank you!

Abbotsford Primary School would like to thank the below organisations for their generous contributions to the 2023 Moon Lantern Festival.

  • Camp Australia for their generous donation of a free coffee van for the event.

  • Bunnings Collingwood for their generous donation of a brand new BBQ.

  • Costco (Docklands) for their generous donation of a $200 voucher.

  • Coles (Vic Gardens) for their generous donation of a $50 voucher.

Upcoming Events

Monday, 6 November
Curriculum Day

Tuesday, 7 November
Public Holiday - Melbourne Cup

Monday 13 November - Wednesday 15 November
Year 3-6 Camp

Tuesday, 21 November
Foundation 2024 Transition Day #1

Sunday, 26 November NEW
Movie Fundraiser (Trolls Band Together) at Hoyts Vic Gardens

Wednesday, 29 November 
Sports Carnival @ George Knotts Reserve

Friday, 1 December NEW
Clothing Exchange (more info to come)

Tuesday, 5 December 
Foundation 2024 Transition Day #2

Friday, 8 December
Junior School Council Elections

Tuesday, 12 December
Statewide Transition Day

Thursday, 14 December
End of Year Picnic

Friday, 15 December
Year 6 Graduation (2:00pm)

Wednesday, 20 December
Last day of Term 4 (Early finish at 1:30pm)

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