2023 APS Newsletter Issue 20

2023 Issue 20 - Term 4

Junior School Council Report

Junior School Council report Newsletter Week 11 Term 4

By Darani Seng (School Captain) & Nhi Tran (School Captain) 

Hi everyone, we are your school captains Nhi and Darani. We would like to tell you what has been happening over the last couple of weeks.

Junior School Council Election for 2024 nominations 

The Junior School elections happened on Friday the 8th of December. We would like to congratulate the winners of the 2024 JSC and remind the people that didn’t make it that there’s always next year and for the grade 5’s there is always highschool. As the current leaders of the school the best advice we can give is to remember you are always a leader, even if you don’t wear a badge. We have enjoyed our time as School Captains.

School Sports Carnival

The sports carnival was a great day with students participating in different sporting events and winning prizes. Remember, even if you didn’t win a prize at least you tried. We were so proud of everyone and their support of each other.

Bamboo House Fundraiser

The Bamboo House fundraiser was a casual clothes day where people came to school dressed in 80s fashion clothes. We ended the day with a runway and music and everyone got to show off their amazing costumes. At the end of the day we raised $123 dollars. So thank you everyone who participated.

End of Year Picnic

The End of Year Picnic was so much fun and we got to watch all the amazing performances. There were class, solo and group acts and they were really good. There was also a raffle, a sausage sizzle and much more. 

We would like to thank all the staff for an awesome year and we wish Mike and Hao good luck at their new schools. And we can’t wait to see Lizzie again in 2025! We will miss them all so much.

Thank you all for an amazing year and we hope you have a fun and safe holiday. 

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and we can’t wait to see you in 2024!

Principal's Report

End of 2023 school year

I wish to thank the whole community for your support over the last three terms. I have felt so welcomed and supported in transitioning to the role as principal and I’m very appreciative of your kindness. This year has felt like a real return to normality after the disruption of the past few years and I look forward to next year and continuing to enrich our school and create the best possible learning environment for our children. We have had a great year here at Abbotsford Primary School. We’ve continued to grow and develop our CAL, Chinese Bilingual Curriculum, which FangNi presented at the Intensive Chinese Network Conference earlier this year. We had a wonderful Moon Lantern Festival in Term 3 where the spirit and culture of our community was on full display. Our volunteers and fundraisers supported a range of great events for the community including the trivia night, movie screenings, End of Year Picnic, clothing swaps and a very last-minute referendum fundraiser. The support of parents in these vital fundraising activities is much appreciated. Support from parents in the classrooms and libraries has also been much appreciated this year, this work is a great help to teachers and students.  I must also thank the wonderful staff of Abbotsford Primary School for their support and hard work this year, their passion for education and their support of the children and each other has been amazing. Finally, I must thank the children, they have made coming to work a great fun adventure and they truly are the heart of the school. I very much look forward to 2024 and I hope everyone has a fun filled summer, a wonderful Christmas and hopefully a break and lots of time with family.  


80s dress up Bamboo Fundraiser

On Wednesday the Bamboo House leaders ran the final house fundraiser event for the year. We held a 80s dress up day and fashion parade. The costumes were amazing, and the runway was a great way to showcase people’s creativity. Very well done to the Bamboo house leaders!


Junior School Council elections

 I wish to congratulate all of the students who have been appointed following our Junior School Council elections last Friday. The standard of the speeches was incredibly high, and I was extremely impressed with the confident and articulate manner in which they were delivered. I was also impressed with the great support that students and parents showed to the nominees. Congratulations to all students who ran for office, we are proud of all of you.

2024 JSC
School Captains - Annick Smith & Rocco Ferla

School Vice Captains - Khean Donald & Tilly Gormley 

Senior Leaders - Chiara Pound & Brennan Starkey

Junior Leaders - Suni Nishimura-Turner & Cara Starkey

2024 House Captains

Bamboo House - Atticus Emerson
Grevillea House - Safa Hussein
Wattle House - Lloyd Johnson
Jacaranda House - Hunter Hack

Congratulation to our leaders for 2024!


Congratulations to our graduating year 6 students

Today our Year 6 students held their graduation. The day was an opportunity to reflect on their time here at Abbotsford Primary School, to look forward to the future and of course to have some fun. The graduating students have seen a great deal of change over their time here and they have made a wonderful contribution to our school over their time here. I hope they take happy memories and many lessons with them to their high school’s next year but most of all I hope they remember to take our values with them. I hope they’ll be curious about life and people. I hope they’ll be caring of themselves and others. I hope they’ll see the connectedness of things, places and people. I also hope that they meet the challenges of high school with optimism and confidence. We are so proud of our graduating students. They will always be part of the Abbotsford Primary School family and we look forward to seeing what they achieve.

I hope everybody has a safe and very happy holiday and we look forward to seeing you in 2024.

Warm regards,

End of Term 4 Early Dismissal

Wednesday the 20th of December is the last day of Term 4.

Students will be dismissed early at 1:30pm.

Camp Australia's After School Care session will start at 1:30pm until 6pm for those who wish to access their service.

2024 Curriculum Days

Curriculum Days in 2024:

  • 29 January 2024 (Term 1)
  • 26 April 2024 (Term 2)
  • 09 August 2024 (Term 3)
  • 04 November 2024 (Term 4)

Bunnings Chicken Coop Garden

On Monday 11th December two lovely people, Keely and Escher, from Bunnings Collingwood came along to work with the Garden Club kids on building a small garden around our chicken coop.
Students had to measure out around the coop, place edging material, fill with soil and mulch and then plant around the space. Creeping vine plant Pandorea and ground-cover Dichondria were chosen as they are hardy and will grow vigourosly to fill the new garden.
Bunnings donated all materials and we thankyou them for their time and active involvement in our school. We hope that as these plants grow they will provide some shade and shelter for our feathered friends and that they also help to beautify this unused area of our school.
Thanks must go to our dedicated crew of students who have spent time this year tending to the gardens and grounds of APS. May our gardens continue to grow and become more beautiful.
Thank you to those also who have volunteered to assist with the chickens and the gardens over the holidays, we appreciate you coming in to feed and water.
Happy Holidays everyone!!

What a team!!

Happy Chickens xx

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