2021 APS Newsletter Issue 3

Junior School Council Report

Hi everyone, My name is Darani and I am one of the Senior Leaders. I am going to tell you about the fundraising event that happened on the 28th of Feburary. The movie is called "Boonie Bears: the Wild Life" and we raised $409 dollars on that day!!!

I am Edie and I am going to talk about the interschool sports. Unfortunately we did not make it through to the next round but we had so much fun! 

I am Rafeal and I am also a Senior Leader. I would like to talk about the Lantern Festival which was on 26th of Feburary. In our class, we made paper lanterns and we decorated the lanterns with the character of 福  (good luck).

That is all from us. Have a good weekend everyone!

From the Senior Leaders 
Darani, Edie & Rafael

Principal's Report

Dear Parents, Carers and Community Members,

The last fortnight has been a calm but busy one. The students have returned to school with a great sense of urgency to engage in the learning they missed during the lockdown.

As mentioned in last week's assembly, our sister school, Huaibei Capital Experimental School has been engaging in very exciting cultural activities for the Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival (15th day of the New Year) too.

Our sister school has also taken the opportunity to send us New Year's greetings (in English) through a video and a webpage of photos.

(Note: Click on the link above and once you scroll past the first 5-6 photos, you will see the video they prepared for us.)

On Sunday, many families also enjoyed the "Boonie Bears: the Wild Life" movie fundraiser at Hoyts Victoria Gardens. The movie was visually very engaging and the layered messages and symbolisms reflected much of contemporary social issues and debates in China. It was a great film for both children and adults, and we also managed to raise more than $400 for the school through this event, which is another step forward in funding the last phase of our Air Conditioning project.

(Note: There is an update on our fundraising progress in this issue of the newsletter too.)

We are also very excited about the the upcoming events, including the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence Activities & Picnic (19 March) and Hidden Treasures Community Market (28 March).

Thank you to everyone involved in these events for all the hard work that has been put into the preparation. Looking forward to a great second half of this term!

Lastly, 2022 Enrolment is now open and we have been getting a fair amount of interest from new families both within and outside of our school zone.

We are asking everyone for two favours:

1) If you have existing connections with any of our feeder ELCs, kinders, creches, could you please pick up some school brochures and flyers for the Community Market from the Front Office and help us deliver them to our surrounding feeder pre-school providers?

2) If you have a younger child who will be joining us in 2022, we would really like to hear from you soon regarding their enrolment (preferably this term)! Having accurate enrolment numbers early is extremely important for the school, as it gives us the time to prepare a pipeline of teachers so they can be ready to deliver our quality program and curriculum!

Best regards,

Stanley xiaozhang

P.S. It has been great to see so many parents/carers over the last two days at the Parent-Teacher Interviews! If you missed the opportunity to contribute to our community consultation board for the 2017-2020 Highlights, please feel free to add your thoughts or like what you see!

School Fees and Voluntary Contributions

Thank you to all the families who have paid the 2021 school fees. As of the end of February, we have now received school fees from approximately 60% of the families.

The school continues to accept school fee payments throughout the year. However, where possible, we ask that families settle their account by the end of Term 1 to help the school better budget its expenditures, manage its cash flow, and set realistic targets with the Fundraising and Community Events Sub-Committee.

If you are facing difficulty in settling your account, please speak to Caroline, Business Manager, who can work with you to find a manageable solution.


I would also like to take the opportunity to thank many families for their generous voluntary contributions to the school projects in 2021 and update the school community on the progress of fundraising activities and voluntary contributions to date.

As of the end of February 2021, 

"Make a Difference" Fund$ N/A$ 1,280 
ExLL (Vietnamese and Digital Technologies)$ 1,000$ 820 
Chinese Library$ 2,000$ 950 
Teaching and Learning Subscriptions$ 3,000$ 660New Mathematics Online Subscription to support the return of Mathematics being in English
Building Fund$ 12k - 14k$4,400Air-Con (Phase 3)
General Contributions$ N/A$ 2,340To be re-alloted to projects in need, including the ones above and those proposed by the Junior School Council, e.g. lines on the asphalt for games, imaginary play equipement in the garden.

Once again, thank you all for your ongoing support of the school and the new initiatives. I really do have great feelings about this year and all that we can achieve!


A side note for the next time you may shop at Rebel Sports at Victoria Gardens - As part of the Rebel Support Your Sport Team program, if you mention Abbotsford PS upon check out, they will credit the school 5% which the school can then use to fund sporting equipment! Every little bit helps!

Information About Medication

There may be times during the year when your child requires medication that they need to take during the school day. To ensure that this is done safely, we require all medication to be taken to the office. Your child's medication will be stord in the First Aid room. 

Any medication brought to school by a student needs to be clearly labelled with:

  • the student’s name
  • the dosage required
  • the time the medication needs to be administered.
A Medication Authority Form must be signed by either a parent/guardian or a medical practitioner for school staff to be able to administer medication.  This form is available at the school office, and under "Parents" tab > "Forms" page of the website.

Please refer to our Administration of Medication policy for more details.

Admin Reminders

By the end of Term 1 Week 6, the following forms have been distributed and we ask for your cooperation in returning the necessary forms by the set due dates.


Asthma and Anaphylaxis Management Action Plans (for relevant students only)

This form has only been provided to relevant students for whom their action plan requires an update.

Digital Technologies - Acceptable Use Agreement
Due: Monday, 8 February

Please note that this must be returned in order for your child to engage with digital technologies at school.

Photographing, Filming and Recording Students
Due: N/A

Only return this form if you DO NOT give consent for the photographing, filming and recording of students as per the policy outlined.

We will assume you have read and given consent if we do not receive the form back by Thursday, 11 February.

School Fees & Contributions
Due: Friday, 26 February

Thank you to families who have paid their school fees already. We have also been very touched by the generosity of our school community towards the voluntary contribution options. If you have not paid, we would appreciate if you can pay a visit to the Front Office by the end of Term 1.

Chompers - School Dental Program (23-25 March)
Due: Friday, 5 March

For interested families only. Enrolment form can be found here.

Due Soon

Local Excursion - Annual Consent Form
Due: Friday, 12 March

Please note that this must be returned in order for your child to attend local excursions as part of the teaching and learning program.

Upcoming Events

Take a look at the various exciting school events coming up and mark them in your 2021 calendar!

(We still have stock of 2021 School Calendars. They are on available for $15 each from the Front Office.)

Friday, 5 March
Student Free Day (Curriculum Day)

Monday, 8 March
Labour Day (Public Holiday)

Thursday, 11 March
Open Consultation for Parents and Community Members on School Review (5:30-7pm)

This is an open consultation for all community members to contribute toward the School Review process. Lizzie and Stanley xiaozhang will be hosting two discussion sessions in hope to get your ideas around revising our school vision and values, as well as feedback around how the school has done in the last four years on community engagement.

Off-Cycle School Council Meeting (7-7:30pm)

Friday, 12 March
Assembly (9:05-9:45am)

Friday, 19 March
National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence- Classroom Activities (1:50-3:30pm) and Afternoon Tea (3:30-4:30pm)

As part of our new structured Wellbeing curriculum this year, we will be doing a series of classroom activities on anti-bullying which we hope parents/carers can join. This activities afternoon will then be followed by an afternoon tea picnic in our beautiful school yard for families to meet, socialise and enjoy a nice end to the week.

Tuesday, 23 March - Thursday, 25 March
Chompers Oral Health Visit

Friday, 26 March
Assembly (9:05-9:45am)
Foundation Learning Morning & Teddy Bear Picnic (9:45-11:30am)

Sunday, 28 March (NEW DATE)
Trash & Treasure Market x School Open Day (10am-2pm)

Stall holders wanted!

We will be running two school tours on the day at 10:30am and 12:30pm. If you know of families interested in our school, please invite them to join us! Register via website.

Wednesday, 31 March
School Council Meeting (6:30-8:30pm)

Please note that the school calendar is now accessible via both Sentral and our school website.

Community Noticeboard

Camp Australia

International Sports Camps

Murdoch Children's Research Institute

Fitzroy City Soccer Club

Fitzroy Junior Football Club

Richmond Auskick

National Day of Action Against Bullying

We’re joining the nationwide movement with schools across Australia to Take Action Together against on Friday 19 March 2021.

The National Day of Action Against bullying and Violence is an important day in our school calendar to join with other schools across Australia to say ‘Bullying, No Way!’

We’re proud to be a NDA ‘National Day of Action’ school. We’re proud to say ‘Bullying, No Way!’ We are putting our bullying initiatives in the spotlight and calling our school community to stand with us on Friday 19 March. Everyone has a role to play in supporting young people in dealing with bullying and helping to energise positive discussions about the issue.

Join us in our School Community event from 2pm-4.30pm across the various classrooms.