2021 APS Newsletter Issue 5

Junior School Council Report

Hello everyone! My name is Hazel and I am the Blue House captain. I would like to talk about the events that happened in the past two weeks. 

We started last Friday with our Art Market. It was a fundraising event organised by the Blue House. We raised around $270! At the market, we sold a lot of students' artworks including wrapping pencils, keychains and clips. 

Happening on the same day was Gala Day! We played basketball and amazingly Mixed Team 1 won a game!

On Sunday of the same week, we had a school market with lots of stalls. I hope people who came to the market had fun on that day!

Well that is all from me. I hope you will have a good holiday!

Principal's Report

Dear Parents, Carers and Community Members,

What a fantastic end to the them it has been!

We are full of gratitude for the range of community support we have received to be able to pull of the great community events that have taken place over the last fortnight.

Firstly, well done to Amanda for the organisation of the activities and the picnic idea for the National Day against Actions of Violence and Bullying on 19 March. Thank you to the familes who joined us physically and symbolically to take a stance against bullying. (And a big thank you to Betty for helping with all the fruit cutting on the day!)

Then came along the Art Fundraiser, which was a brilliant first attempt at student-led fundraising in a novel format! Well done to Blue House and Hazel and thank you to Fangni laoshi and Ann laoshi for all the behind-the-scene preparation.

Last week, our Year 4 students took charge of the assembly hosting and did a fantastic job in all 3 languages (even without a microphone)! We acknowledged the importance of cultural diversity, and played our national anthem in the language of the Eona nation in coastal NSW.

The assembly was followed immediately by the showcase of our Foundation students' learning this term, as well as the signature "Teddy Bear Picnic." The event ran beautifully and we were very pleased that the event offered the our families an opportunity to socialise and bond. Well done to Travis and Lingling laoshi!

At lunchtime, we received the fantastic news that our Year 5/6 students had returned having won one of the games at the Summer Sports Gala Day! Lots of cheering and enthusiasm for the wonderful sportsmanship displayed by APS students. Well done!

Finally, it was the Sunday we had all been waiting for. And who could forget the beautiful weather we had to accompany the fabulous market stalls and food at the Hidden Treasures Community Market! The event was a massive success in all aspects considered. Thank you so much for Lisa and the Fundraising and Community Sub-Committee for their time and effort!

Term 1 has been a jam-packed term, despite the interruption in the middle. We have seen fantastic learning happening, particularly around the students' renewed enthusiasm for Chinese, Science and Sports. Over the holidays, we will be tidying up on a few building maintenance related items left from the refurbishment, as well as implement the line-marking designs proposed by the Junior School Council. I will be taking the first week to visit Plympton International College in Adelaide to disucss the projects we hope to undertake with them around a bilingual policy and common assessment tools for Chinese/English schools.

To everyone who has worked hard to make this a great term for APS, I thank you! Have a restful break and we hope to see you back safely and ready for more learning in Term 2!

Stanley xiaozhang

National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence School Event

Thank you to all of our families who joined us on Friday 19th March to take part in our community celebration on National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence. Our community celebration started with a short presentation for our parents, letting them know about the work we have been doing in term 1 utilising the "Bullying. No Way!" Framework. "Bullying. No Way!" is a trusted government source of quality resources for creating safe and supportive learning environments.

This framework focuses on four key areas:

  • Understanding Bullying
  • Responding to Bullying
  • Preventing Bullying
  • Teaching about Bullying

Families then joined our students in different activities that focused on this year’s theme of ‘Take a Stand Together’. It was very nice to be able to have our parents/carers in our classrooms and engaging in activities with students.

We then all came together, and had a lovely informal afternoon tea/picnic. The weather was lovely and it was enjoyable to be able to chat and come together as a school community. The fruit cups were a big hit, thank you to our volunteer Betty who cut the fruit. Thank you to our teachers and to our community members for making this a very successful afternoon!

Abbotsford Primary School is committed to providing a safe and respectful learning environment where bullying will not be tolerated.

Child Safety Officer

Term 1 Sports News

This term, all students across the school in Foundation to Grade 6 have been involved in basketball clinics organised by the Collingwood Basketball Association. This is a program that has been organised through our sporting partnership with the Australian Schools Sports Program. Our coaches Ayuen and Manny, along with our staff, have been assisting our students in the development of their dribbling, passing, shooting skills and game tactics.

Students in Grade 5/6 have also been given the opportunity to represent Abbotsford Primary in basketball at our Richmond District Gala Day event held on Friday, 26 March. The students have been a pleasure to watch and coach. Their response to feedback has been positive and their attitude to teamwork and good sportsmanship amongst their teams and towards the other schools have been fantastic.

Our Grade 5/6 students have also participated in netball clinics through our involvement with the Collingwood Magpies (Sport and Business Program students). Our students have enjoyed the clinics immensely and developed basic skills and tactics for this competitive sport.

Well done, everyone!

Sports Coordinator

Term 1 Gardening Club News

The Gardening Team have been in action during Term 1 this year. Students have been participating in gardening activities with a focus on environmental aspects of school life. We have looked after our gardens and grounds by weeding, watering and planting.

The students have also been passionate about sustainability. They have been reducing, reusing and recycling as much as they can. We have started to place our classroom food scraps in our school compost bin. We have continued to recycle our paper waste through the Yarra Council recycling bins. Lunchtimes have been very busy for us and all our helpers.

Thank you to all the members of our gardening team😊

Sustainability Coordinator

Foundation Celebration of Learning

It was wonderful to welcome so many parents and extended family members to our Celebration of Learning last Friday.

The Foundation students were able to share some of their achievements and explain what they have been learning this term. They shared some of their English writing pieces, practised reading Chinese books they had made and discussed some of their learning goals.

Afterwards, we were able to gather together in the playground to enjoy our Teddy Bears' Picnic. Many teddies joined us after receiving a written invitation from the students! It was also a great opportunity for families to socialise during the morning. We are very proud of the Foundation students' efforts this term.

Travis & Lingling
Foundation Teachers

2021 Summer Gala Day

On Friday, 26 March 2021, the Grade 5/6s went to Richmond High to participate in basketball. There was Richmond West, St Joseph's, Richmond Primary, Yarra Primary, Trinity and Abbotsford PS. There was a girls' team and two mixed teams.

The girls' team from Abbotsford played on the inside court and the two mixed teams played on the outside courts. The Mixed Team A won a match, the Girls' Team shot 3 goals and the Mixed Team B shot 1 goal. The Girls' Team played against St Joseph's, Richmond West, Trinity and Richmond Primary. The Mixed Team B played against St Joseph's and Richmond Primary. The Mixed Team A played against the same schools as Team B.

The Mixed Team A had: Alex, Phoebe, Florence, Frida, Henry, Oliver and Edison. The Mixed Team B had: Lisa, Jack, Long, Yusuf, Hazel, Luca and Kristina, and the Girls' Team had: Trina, Kaila, Katie, Lara, Edie, Jade and Calypso. The Girls' team from APS had to play 4 games but the two mixed teams only had to play 2 games.

Everyone had fun! We didn't win many games but we tried our best and that's important.


Hidden Treasures Community Market 卧虎藏龙社区市集

昨天我去了学校的市场。Yesterday I went to the school market.

我看见了很多摊位和很多人。I saw many stalls and pepole.

我花了两澳元买了一个植物。I spent two dollars buying a pot plant.

我卖了马卡龙和葡式蛋挞。I sold macarons and Portguese tarts.

我帮助了果汁车。I helped out with the juice bike

我一点半离校。I left school at 1:30pm.


School Fees and Voluntary Contributions

Thank you to all the families who have paid the 2021 school fees. The school will continue to accept school fee payments throughout the year. 

If you are facing difficulty in settling your account, please speak to Caroline, Business Manager, who can work with you to find a manageable solution.


I would also like to take the opportunity to thank many families for their generous voluntary contributions to the school projects in 2021 and update the school community on the progress of fundraising activities and voluntary contributions to date.

As of the end of March 2021, 

"Make a Difference" Fund$ N/A$ 1,460Will be used for families in need, in areas including school fees, camps, swimming, excursions etc.
ExLL (Vietnamese and Digital Technologies)$ 1,000$ 980Target met.
Thank you!!
Chinese Library$ 2,000$ 1,180First stage of acquisition of Chinese readers for the library completed ($1,025).
Teaching and Learning Subscriptions$ 3,000$ 860New Mathematics Online Subscription purchased ($3,500).
Building Fund$ 12k - 14k$11,850Air-Con (Phase 3)
Project timeline brought forward and the AC should be installed in Term 2.
General Contributions$ N/A$ 2,840To be re-alloted to projects in need, including the ones above and those proposed by the Junior School Council, e.g. lines on the asphalt for games, imaginary play equipement in the garden.

Once again, thank you all for your ongoing support of the school and the new initiatives!

Upcoming Events

Monday, 19 April
Term 2 Starts

Tuesday, 4 May
Curriculum Day (Student Free Day)

Wednesday, 5 May
School Photos

Tuesday, 11 May - Thursday, 13 May

Thursday, 13 May
School Council

Thursday, 20 May
School Review (Validation Day)

Tuesday, 25 May
School Review (Field Day)

Thursday, 3 Jun
School Review (Panel Day)

Friday, 11 Jun
Dragon Boat Festival Community Event (2:00pm-3:30pm)

Monday, 1
4 Jun
Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday (Student Free Day)

Wednesday, 16 Jun
Annual Report to the Community (5:30pm-6:30pm)

Friday, 25 Jun
Semester 1 Report Sent Home
Term 2 Ends (Early finish at 2:30pm)

Community Noticeboard

Abbotsford Primary School
Abbotsford Primary School has the following facilities available for hire (for one-off or very short-term use) or licence (for regular, on-going use) to the community:

  • Undercover basketball court
  • Mini soccer field (same size as basketball court)
If you know of anyone who might be interested in hiring, please refer them to the "Hiring of School Facilities" page of our website!

Camp Australia

Australian Vietnamese Women's Association

Fitzroy City Soccer Club

Simonds Catholic College

Minor League - Melbourne Softball Association