2021 APS Newsletter Issue 11

Junior School Council Report

Hi everyone, my name is Layla and I am the Junior School leader. I would like to say something to all the students and teachers. 

"You have all done really well! Thank you to all the teachers for your hard work. I hope we can see each other soon!"

Hi everyone, my name is Rafeal and I am the Senior School leader. I want to pass the following message to all APS students. 

"Hope you have been doing well. Even though this is a hard time for some of us, we know what to do from the last lockdown. There are some postivies to lockdown too. Think positively! You can have snacks whenever you want and you can spend more time with your family. Stay safe everyone!"

Principal's Report

Dear Parents/Carers,

The first fortnight of Term 3 has proven to be an extraordinary one!

It has been fantastic to see the students return to school feeling refreshed from a busy end of Term 2, and enjoying the novelty of their Semester 2 Learning Program. This has included:
  • Integrated Studies now being taught in English with one session a week focusing on Respectful Relationship;
  • Maths now being taught in Chinese, and students have been building fundamental maths language in Chinese at an incredibly impressive pace;
  • Performing Arts is focusing on drama and theatre this year;
  • For one session a week, Chinese lessons are being used for students to experience dance, as they work towards a performance of the traditional cultural story behind Moon Lantern Festival.
Of course, then came the need to move swiftly onto online learning. I wanted to once again thank you for your support during this transition. Across the board, the engagement with online learning this time has been high, despite the fatigue we are all feeling from the disruption it causes us time and time again.

While we appreciate this time is particularly difficult for parents/carers who are juggling commitments with work and learning supervision, we do ask that as a community, we remain respectful in all of our communication with one another, so that we can work in a constructive partnership to ensure that our students' learning continues to be supported. It is at times like this that role modeling the school values of ChallengeCare, Curiosity, and Connectedness become even more important of our own and our children's wellbeing.


As I shared with the staff at the start of Term 3, now that we are over the storm of School Review, we are ready to get back into motion and shift our attention back to things that had to make way for the School Review this year. As a small school with limited staffing capacity, a clear strategy and prioritisation is a must. For the staff, this means putting a spotlight on "Learning and Professional Development" this semester to ensure that our pedagogy is up-to-date and that we remain resourceful in our professional practice.

For me personally, this means catching up on various trainings and networking events that were pushed aside while in survival mode (last year) and School Review mode.

For our staff, this means working with external experts to improve our use of student data for informing our teaching practice and refining our teaching of "reading" as informed by the latest research.

So far, even during lockdown, the whole staff team has participated in a workshop on the newest English literacy learning progressions released by the Victorian Curriuclum and Assessment Authority with Nyree Potter from the Department.

Furthermore, the Chinese team has successfully held the first (ever!) inter-school forum between APS, Richmond West PS and Richmond High School (RHS) on aligning our respectives Year 6 and 7 Chinese curricula and setting a benchmark to be agreed upon (in principle) by all three schools. It is hoped that this inter-school project will better support the transition of APS students who wish to continue in the Enhanced Chinese Program at RHS, but also support RHS teachers to better understands the needs of post-primary students from bilingual programs.


Speaking of "Learning" as a theme for the term, we have a small favour to ask too!

If you are on Instagram, we would love for you to share a photo of your child engaging with the APS remote learning program. If you are comfortable doing so on Instagram, please tag the school #abbostfordprimaryschool. As you can imagine nothing speaks more true to the children's experience for our community than seeing their learning in action!

And of course, we are looking forward to discussing your child's progress with you over the online Parent-Teacher interviews next week. A friendly reminder to those who have not yet signed up on Sentral to please do so as soon as possible. A list of Webex links for meeting the teachers on the day can be found in Letter 3 for the current lockdown.

We hope that you would also capitalise on the opportunity to facilitate a conversation with your child, so they feel a sense of ownership and independence about their learning!

See you all soon! Please stay safe!

Stanley xiaozhang

Changes to Chinese Reports

From Semester 1, 2021, we have made changes to the way student progress in Chinese is reported.

Please find attached an information sheet that explains the changes and the rationale for change.

Character Estimation Explanation

If you have enjoyed the information sheet above and want to find out more about how the Chinese language works in slightly more depth, check out this recent article on the Chinese Language by Foreign Policy.

Why Do Analysts Keep Talking Nonsense About Chinese Words?

As we are starting to receive enquiries about our bilingual program for up to 2026 entrants, the Marketing Sub-Committee and Stanley xiaozhang are looking at running online webinars in the near future to discuss the Chinese language and bilingual education more generally, which may be of interest for you and prospective families.

More information to come - stay tuned!

Term 3 Assembly Performance Schedule

The Term 3 Assembly Performance Schedule has now been finalised:

Week 3 - Friday 30 July
Grade 1 (English)
School Value: Challenge

Week 5 - Friday 13 August
Grade 5/6 (Chinese)
School Value: Curiosity

Week 7 - Friday 27 August
Foundation (English)
School Value: Connectedness

Week 9 – Friday 10 September
Grade 2 (Chinese)
School Value: Care

APS Trivia Night - 19 Nov 2021 (New Date!)

Come and join us for this fun (fundraising) event!

Upcoming Events

Monday, 12 Jul
Term 3 Starts

Friday, 16 Jul 
Gala Sports Day (POSTPONED)

Monday, 19 Jul
Parent Opinion Survey opens (POSTPONED)

Friday, 23 Jul

Semester 1 Report Sent Home

Tuesday, 27 Jul - Wednesday, 28 Jul 
(ONLINE) Parent-Teacher Interviews

Note: Registration will be open between 9am on Monday, 12 Jul - 5pm on Sunday, 25 July via Sentral Parent Portal.

Monday, 2 Aug (NEW)
100 Days of Prep Celebration 

Thursday, 5 Aug
(ONLINE) Annual Report to the Community (5-6pm)
(ONLINE) School Council (6:30-8:30pm)

Wednesday, 18 Aug
Richmond District Athletics Event

Friday, 20 Aug
STEM Afternoon
Trivia Night

Friday, 27 Aug
Book Week Parade

Wednesday, 8 Sep
School Council

Friday, 10 Sep (NEW DATE)
Curriculum Day

Thursday, 16 Sep
Moon Lantern Festival

Friday, 25 Jun
Term 3 Ends (Early finish at 2:30pm)

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