2021 APS Newsletter Issue 12

Junior School Council Report

Hi everyone, we are the Year Level Representatives. Recently JSC is working on this term’s fund-raising event and we would like to use the raised fund to purchase more sport equipment for our school. However, we are hoping to see people taking care of our current sport equipment during recess and lunch time.

On Monday the 2nd of August, the Foundation students had their celebration for completing 100 days of school. They did some fun activities and they also wrote about what they would do when they were 100 years old. We interviewed some Foundation students and this is what they said:

I like getting the certificate and the special pencil. I made a self-portrait with Keira.
                                                                                                 —  Lila

We wrote about what we would do when we are 100 years old. It was fun! 
                                                                                                 —  Bo

On the 20th of August, there will be a Trivia Night for parents and carers. Please see our school website for details. You can also find posters around the school. In addition, don’t forget to enter the writing competition if you are interested. You have to submit your writing by the 23rd of August.

We hope you will have a good weekend and remember to stay safe and have fun!

         Marlowe                     Darani

Principal's Report

Dear Parents, Carers and Community Members,

(Thursday DRAFT) It's so nice to have had everyone onsite once again. While it has been a bumpy start to the term, we are now slowly settling back into routine and it has been fantastic to hear about all the exciting topics students are engaged with! From Foundation's caterpillars, Year 1-2's topic on change with baby photos, to Year 3's exploration of "James and the Giant Peach," Year 4's preparation for an online exchange with students from Taiwan, and Year 5/6's recent viewing of the Rabbit Proof Fence... Everyday, the school has been buzzing with excitement and cravings for knowledge!

(Friday FINAL) Welcome to Lockdown 6.0! In the spirit of the Olympics, we are really starting to set state records on how short the notice given for lockdowns can be. Sitting here in my office, I'm suddenly back in the nostalgic mode of reminiscing about what our school looked like when children are here. Sure, they can be noisy at times... but it certainly does not feel like a school without them!

Much has been postponed and put on hold due to the ongoing interruptions. The Winter Gala Day has now been postponed again (for the third time), and our Trivia Night has also been postponed (until 15 Oct)... Our dance teacher, Ema, has worked extremely hard to offer students the best experience possible with Chinese dance, but the limited contact hours has also made things rather tricky.

Despite all the challenges, we have persisted and learned to turn crises into new opportunities. A great example was today's online 'meet-up' between our Year 4 students and a class of Taiwanese upper primary students attending an English summer camp run titled "Seeing the World." The summer camp is run by ThereforEd, an NGO aimed at developing students' intercultural capabilities through English language education and programs for students in non-urban areas of Taiwan.

Today, Hao laoshi led the facilitation of the online meet-ups, which was an activity enjoyed by students from both sides. The day was a great success, particularly after the teachers connected late last night to make important last-minute adjustments to the format to cater for our lockdown.

In the lead-up to the student exchange today, students from both sides prepared photos, self-introductions, questions for their Taiwanese counterparts, read a story that allowed them to engage in cross-cultural comparisons and investigations. The last stage to come is a reflection that will prompt the students to think about how they have challenged assumptions and stereotypes, and what they would be curious to find out more about.

Global engagement is an important element of what we do in today's society, and opportunities to source inspirations from all over the world, for both adults and children, are critical to being engaged with the world as global citizens.

Come to think of it, perhaps the need to switch to remote learning again isn't all just a hassle. It often is at times like this we come to appreciate all the new opportunities that have our way in this digital reality.

Hope you have enjoyed this photo-filled report. Have a restful weekend, and thanks again to the staff, parents and students for your lovely messages and wishes for this very memorable Principal's Day!

Take care!

Stanley xiaozhang

Prep Bags Survey

At the beginning of the school year, the Department of Education and Training provided every Prep student attending a Victorian government school with a red Prep bag.

The Prep bags contained 14 items, including children’s storybooks, flyers, stickers, and stationery items, all designed to help Prep students and their parents and carers thrive from the start of Term 1.

The Department is now inviting families of current Prep students to participate in a short survey, closing Sunday 29 August.

Feedback will help inform what Prep students and their parents and carers like about the Prep bags and what can be improved in 2022.

To have your say, complete the survey through SurveyMonkey.

The survey takes about five to ten minutes to complete.

For more information on this year’s Prep bags, refer to the Prep Bags 2021 web page on the Department’s website.

Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships

This term our students have been having lessons each week that draw upon the Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships program. This program supports wellbeing at all levels of schooling.

Please find below an introduction to the eight topics of this program:

Lockdown 6 Arrangement (6 Aug - 31 Oct 2021)

Read more about the Lockdown 6 Arrangements at Abbotsford Primary School.
Letter to Parents 1
sent at 5:45pm on 5/8/2021
"Lockdown Arrangement for 6 August 2021"

Letter to Parents 2
sent at 10:00am on 6/8/2021
"Lockdown Arrangement for 9-12 August 2021"

Letter to Parents 3
sent at 10:55am on 12/8/2021
"Lockdown Extended"

Letter to Parents 4
sent at 5:00pm on 17/8/2021
"Lockdown Extended 2"

Letter to Parents 5
sent at 11:30am on 2/9/2021
"Lockdown Extended 3"

Letter to Parents 6
sent at 12:15pm on 4/10/2021

Letter to Parents 7
sent on 15/10/2021
as part of Issue 16 of APS Newsletter

Letter to Parents 8
sent at 3:00pm on 25/10/2021
"Return to Onsite Learning"


Equipment Loan Agreement
Onsite Attendance Form

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