2021 APS Newsletter Issue 18

Junior School Council Report

Hello students and parents, my name is Marlowe and I am the Junior School representative. My name is Phoebe and I am the Vice captain. I am Calypso and I am the Green House captain. We are three of the JSC members.

This Wednesday we had a visitor from the Yarra Council and her name is Jessica. She talked about why schools and community members should recycle our waste. In the afternoon, all students did some recycling activities including sorting recycling materials, making puppets out of recyclable items, making recycling posters, etc. Through those activities, we learned how to recycle better in order to save our planet. It was a meaningful afternoon!

Another exciting thing is that we will be having our JSC election for 2022 soon! The students have been given nomination forms. Don’t forget to bring your form and speech back to school by next Wednesday. The actual election day will be on the 3rd of December so you still have time to prepare your speech. Little tip for people who would like to run for JSC, put into your speech what your plan will be to make our school an even better place in 2022! Make sure your plan is realistic!

Lastly, we know after 6 lockdowns, people can feel a bit sad, lonely and tired. We should appreciate that we can finally see each other at school. Let’s be kind to each other and have fun as a community.

Hope everyone will have a good weekend. We will see you next week!


    Marlowe            Phoebe           Calypso

Principal's Report

Dear Parents, Carers and Community Members,

Once again, welcome back to onsite learning and firstly, thank you for your cooperation around the COVIDSafe practices. Given the unfortunate situations we are seeing all across the state (of more than 400+ schools having had to close some time since the staggered return), I want to acknowledge our collective effort in keeping APS open and safe for all.

Certainly, staying open does not guarantee a smooth sail. It has been two very interrupted years for students. Some may slip back into routine easily but may struggle to show resilience under such fatigued mental state. Others may find the process of renegotiating social dynamics and re-establishing learning routines challenging, and we know as adults, that is certainly all part of the human experience.

With this context in mind, I wanted to re-assure you that there is a strong consensus among staff at APS and the DET that both learning and student wellbeing are at the core of school business in Term 4 and 2022.

Some of what we have put in place include:
  • A transitional timetable during staggered return to ensure that the structure of the day mirrored remote learning, with extended playtime for students to catch up on the socialising they miss the most;
  • Daily and sometimes twice daily mindfulness activities before learning begins;
  • Explicit discussion of the School Values and how that translates to expectations for learning and socialising during Assembly last week;
  • A new list of Work Habits (aligned to the School Values) to be reported on in semester reports;
  • Student Support Group meetings for students with an Individual Education Plan;
  • Individual wellbeing support arranged through Caroline for students whose circumstances have becoming more challenging during the extended lockdowns, including Art Therapy and Counselling.
  • Revised schedule for Sercan, our Integration Aide, to be present across more classes each day but for a shorter amount of time.
As always, APS strives to be an approachable team that works in partnership with parents/carers to support both the learning and wellbeing of students. This has been the key motivation for the recent update of our website to highlight these two areas as the pillars of the school, and the explicit narration of the Abbotsford Wellbeing Model, via which you can understand the structures in place to ensure that students are transitioning back into school well.

Across the board, we acknowledge that the community is tired, and we are sometimes impatiently hoping everything will 'return to normal.' Unfortunately the reality is that the normal we are returning to is new too, so we do need to give ourselves and the students a chance to adjust. For some, the secret recipe may simply be 'time,' for others, it may be some additional support along the side.

As we carefully observe and monitor the students, we endeavour to stay in communication with you on how we can work together to help students navigate the uncertainties and adjustments the pandemic has brought upon us. Please do contact the Classroom Teachers or Caroline if there is anything we can do.

Stanley xiaozhang

Cyber Bullying. The Warning Signs

Wondertalk Public Speaking Competition for Kids

Were you inspired by Marlowe's speech at assembly last Friday?

Here is an opportunity for you to get involved too!

A new public speaking competition for kids - Wonder Talk - is now in Season 1 and looking for primary school aged contestants (age 6+) to film themselves delivering a 3-8 min talk on the topic "What will be my WONDER JOB?"

Did I mention there are some excellent cash prizes involved too!

Have a look at the website and sign up with your parents/carers if you are interested!

If you are looking for some adult guidance and support, please speak to your English teacher, and Stanley xiaozhang will try and link you up with one of our adult trainers from the public speaking program!

National Recycling Week Activities

On Wednesday, 10 November, Ayhan laoshi led a series of rotational activities with Jessica Webb from Yarra City Council as part of National Recycling Week.

Unfortunately we were not able to invite parents/carers to be part of the special afternoon rotational activities as we did when we celebrated Bully No Way! and Dragon Boat Festival, so here are some photos to share with you!

Recycling and Waste in Yarra

Recycling and Waste in Yarra

Using your yellow-lid recycling bin

Did you know, what can go in your yellow-lid recycling bin has changed? Glass, aerosol cans, milk cartons, juice boxes and many plastics can no longer go in your yellow lid recycling bin.

Only plastic bottles labelled 1 and 2 (without lids), and plastic food packaging labelled 5 are accepted in your yellow-lid bin. It’s also important that they are put in loose. Please do not use plastic bags.

Visit Yarra’s website to find out more. 



Using your purple-lid glass bin

Only clean glass bottles and jars without lids can go in your purple-lid glass bins. Metal lids can go in the yellow-lid recycling bins, but please keep them out of your glass bins.

The purple-lid bin is only for clean glass bottles and jars. This helps us make them into new glass products. Any other glass item needs to go in your rubbish bin.



Top tips for becoming a champion recycler

  • For any plastic items, always check what type of plastic it is made from. If it’s not a plastic bottle labelled 1 and 2 or a plastic item labelled 5, it belongs in your rubbish bin
  • If the plastic item has no label or number, it goes in the rubbish bin.
  • Rinse all food residue from containers.
  • Scrunch your aluminium foil.
  • Lids must always be off. Plastic lids go in the rubbish bin, metal lids in the recycling bin.

Keep your recyclables loose and do not place recycling in plastic bags!


Why does Yarra collect glass separately?

Glass breaks when it is collected and as it is sorted. The broken glass mixes with paper, cardboard and plastic products, making them harder to recycle. These contaminated recyclables are low quality and can’t be made into new products.

Yarra collects glass separately, so that it doesn’t break and contaminate our general recycling. Any glass which can’t be recycled back into bottles is being used in road resurfacing works here in Yarra.


Did you know? No councils in Victoria accept recyclables in bags.

Any items in bags that are placed in the recycling bin are sent straight to landfill. Sorting through items in bags is too dangerous for staff at the processor.

Please place your recyclables in loose so they can be made into something new.


Did you know? Food left in your recyclables reduces the quality of the material. It also smells by the time it gets to the sorting facility.

Please scrape and wash your empty recyclables before putting them in the yellow lidded recycling bin.


Did you know? Soft plastics like bread bags and chip packets don't go in your recycling bin at home. But you can still recycle them at drop-off bins at participating supermarkets. 

To find a drop off point near you, visit Yarra’s Zero Waste Map.


Did you know? Clothing doesn't go in your recycling bin but you can still recycle them. Visit Yarra’s Zero Waste Map to find out where to drop off old clothing.


Did you know? Food scraps and garden waste don't belong in your recycling bin.

If you have space at home, and don’t have a food and green waste service, why not set up a compost bin? Otherwise, please put food scraps in the rubbish bin. 


Did you know? Polystyrene can't go in your recycling bin at home because it breaks into small pieces and contaminates other materials.

You can take polystyrene to Yarrra’s Recycling Drop of Centre in Clifton Hill. Visit our website for details.


Did you know? Wet wipes or the pouch they come in, don't go in your recycling bin. Put them in your rubbish bin instead. Use Yarra’s A to Z guide if you have any questions about your recycling.


Did you know? Tissues don't go in your recycling bin. They go in your rubbish bin instead. Use Yarra’s A to Z guide if you have any questions about your recycling.


Did you know? Disposable coffee cups can’t be recycled. Disposable coffee cups are made up of a mix of materials which makes them tricky to recycle in your kerbside recycling. Use Yarra’s A to Z guide if you have any questions about your recycling.


Other tools and resources

Waste and recycling translated information

Do you know someone in Yarra who speaks a language other than English? We have recycling information, including bin signage and videos, in eight different languages to help support our community with our waste and recycling system.

Watch the yellow-lid recycling bin or purple-lid glass bin videos with translated subtitles or visit the website for posters and information


A-Z Waste and Recycling Guide

Confused what bin an item goes in? To find out what goes in your glass, rubbish or recycling bin, check out Yarra’s A-Z Recycling Guide. We have a full list of where you can recycle and dispose of items in your kerbside bins and other places such as drop off centres.


Zero Waste Map

Have something you want to recycle, but it can’t go in the recycling bin? Check out Yarra’s Zero Waste Map to learn where you can take all those tricky items near you!


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