2021 APS Newsletter Issue 19

Junior School Council Report

Hi everyone, my name is Jade and I’m the Red House captain.

Today, the Year 5/6 will be attending Winter Gala Day. They will be participating in a netball tournament against three other schools. We wish them good luck and thank you Ayhan laoshi for organising this event.

We also want to say "Thank you" to Chris for coming to APS and delivering hockey lessons for the whole school over the last month!

And remember, next Friday after assembly, outside on the basketball court we will be having our Junior School election for next year's school leaders. Parents are welcome to come along and be part of the event.


Jade, your Red House captain

Principal's Report

Dear Parents, Carers and Community Members,

It has been extremely invigorating seeing everyone back onsite and even being part of a great community event last Friday night!

While many schools are still battling daily cases, we have done extremely well to keep disruptions to a minimum so that students can maximise their learning opportunities at school. (Touch wood!)

Once again, I thank you for staying vigilant and on the conservative side with any COVID related symptoms. Our first aid room has been extremely busy this week with many children not feeling good enough to last the day. May I encourage you to take that extra step each morning to ensure that we are all making a 'safe decision' for the school community.

2021 Parent Opinion Survey

Thank you for contributing to the 2021 Parent Opinion Survey in Term 3. Not only did the school meet its target of 40 participating families, we even had the highest participation we have had in the last 3 years.

Overall, the Parent Opinion Survey indicated that parents and carers have very positive things to say about the school across the majority of the domains. The data also reaffirmed a few areas of opportunities the Exec had identified with the School Review team, including:

  • Teachers communicate with me often enough about my child’s progress
  • My child is taught organisational skills to help him/her with managing homework and schoolwork load (as part of Student Agency and Voice)

These are ideas which we may incorporate into our Annual Implementation Plan in 2022 or future years. We are grateful for everyone’s participation and we hope that we can continue to improve on the education we deliver.

2021 Parent Payments and 2022 Voluntary Contributions

Earlier in Term 4, the Front Office re-sent outstanding invoices to families who have not had a chance to make the $250 payment for 2021 Essential Learning Items.

With the school being closed for a good half of the year due to COVID, we acknowledge that not everyone has had a chance to pop by reception to finalise the payments. However, as we are at the tail-end of the School Year, we would appreciate those balances being settled at your earliest convenience.

As announced in Term 4 Week 4, the school has also begun accepting voluntary payments for 2022 Curriculum and Other Contributions (revised Parent Payments Policy.)

In response to parental feedback, the School has now introduced an online payment option via Compass, which we strongly encourage families to use. You are of course still welcome to continue making payments in cash or via EFTPOS over the Reception.

Uniform Update

Quick update from Dobson:

"As we are starting to sell out of some sizes in the green gingham dress, so we will be stocking the polo dress in Hawthorn from now on. It is already on the webstore, so parents can start purchasing."

New Staff

Abbotsford Primary School welcomes a new staff member, Jasmine Xiao, who will officially be joining us from the end of January 2022. Jasmine laoshi will be our new Performing Arts teacher as well as the Chinese generalist teacher for one year level. (Note: Lizzie will be our Visual Arts teacher next year.) During Term 4, many year levels have had the opportunity to work with Jasmine laoshi as a CRT.

Jasmine laoshi is a graduate teacher from the Class of 2020 at Monash University. She holds a Bachelor of Education (Honours) / Bachelor of Music, and runs her own private studio teaching piano outside of school-based teaching. Jasmine has spent the bulk of her schooling in Australia and is an excellent bilingual role model for our students. We look forward to her formally joining the staff team from Term 1, 2022!

Early Departures

Lastly, a kind reminder to parents/carers to avoid early departures where possible, particularly in the last half an hour of the school day. While we understand that there are occasional circumstances where such an arrangement is required, early departures in the last half an hour can be quite disruptive for the classroom teachers and the concentration of fellow classmates. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Stanley xiaozhang

Year 1 & 2 "Once Upon a Time" Incursion

Last Friday, the Year 1s and 2s attended an online incursion called "Once Upon a Time" with teachers from the Australian Centre for Moving Images.

"The incursion was about how to write fairytales. We learned about planning the story. We had to create a villain and a main character's helper. We also created our own settings and chose a magical object from the classroom.

Once we finished planning, some students shared their work with each other, Cheryl and My Hoa laoshi, and the teachers from ACMI.

"My most memorable sharing was from Nico. His setting was a desert and his main character was an assassin," said Gabriel.

"My setting was a castle. The main character was a princess and the helper was her puppy. The villain was a ninja and the magical object was a glue stick which could bring back people who died," said Betty.

Everyone had something quite different, and even the same magical object like a glue stick, could do different things. For example, Gabriel's glue stick could fix anything, whereas Betty's glue stick brings people back from the dead and makes sure they are not hurt."

After the incursion, we used our planner and wrote a fairytale based on it. The planner was helpful because if we didn't use it, we would have had to spend a lot time thinking about the planner while writing.

"I find it easier to have the planner done beforehand. Then I don't have to think on the spot. I like drawing it all out," said Betty.

We haven't had time to share our fairytales yet but we hope to hear other people's fairytales soon.


Gabriel (2A) & Betty (1A)

(Transcribed by Stanley xiaozhang)

Year 5/6 Netball Gala Day

On Friday the 26th of November students in grade 5/6 participated in a sporting event, this was our netball gala day. We had two teams representing our school, the girls and the mixed teams. There were 5 teams overall. I was on the mixed team, we played 4 games and won 3 of them, and where very proud of our accomplishments. Thanks goes to Ayhan for coaching us and Yooky laoshi for helping on the day.

Sammy (5/6A)

We had been preparing for the netball gala day from Term 2 but had been cancelled twice due to remote learning. On our Gala Day at Richmond West Primary School we played four games against other schools, we tied in one of the games but lost all the others. Despite losing some games we tried very hard and worked very well together as a team and had fun while doing it. Also a big thanks to Ayhan for organising the event and to Yooky for helping out on the day.

Jade (5/6A)

Global Engagement

APS has enjoyed a fruitful year of global engagement activities that the students, staff and community have been part of. Upon reflection, one good thing that has perhaps come out of remote learning all over the world has been the normalisation of connecting for the purpose of learning online. This, in turn, has been a key driving force behind our strategy to stay globally informed.

In 2021, we have initiated and particiated in:

And next month (December), 
  • Stanley and Dr Hu to present on the current progress with the Immersion Language Policy Project at International Conference on Bilingual Education 2021
  • Abbotsford and Richmond West Primary Schools will utilise the Transition Tool developed in the inter-school project to provide accurate language competency data for students moving onto Richmond High School's Enhanced Chinese Program

All of our partners in global engagement projects have indicated interest in continuing partnership with us next year. In 2022, apart from the continuation of existing projects, we also plan to introduce:
  • Ongoing language exchange activities for Year 5 and 6s with Dongxin Elementary School in Taichung City, Taiwan
  • Inter-School Projects with Plympton International College, SA and Mawson Primary School, ACT, which may include:
    • leading a shared study group through participating in Dual Language immersion Online Course with UC San Diego Extension
    • creating a list of essential readings for Bilingual Teachers against the AITSL Teacher Standards
    • developing a set of Chinese achievement standards for Years 2, 4 and 6 suitable for bilingual school students
There are lots to look forward, and I hope to continue making APS a hub for Chinese/English bilingual education, as we lead systemic impact in this space!

2021 Fundraising & End-of-Year Picnic

APS Trivia Night, Silent Auction & Air-Conditioning Project

Over the last 3 years, APS has conducted numerous fundraising events and activities in hope to ensure that every classroom is equipped with the necessary air-conditioning to cope with the extreme weathers we experience in winters and summers.

On 19 November 2021, we enjoyed a really quality Trivia Night at the Carlton Brewhouse. Along with the Silent Auction, we managed to raise just over $5,000, which has helped us reach our target to cover Phase 3 air-cons this year! Thanks to Lisa and the Fundraising and Community Events Sub-Committee for organising the event and ensuring it ran absolutely seamlessly. And special thanks to Hao for some very memorable videos of student dances!

On behalf of APS, I'd like to thank our school community, Fundraising and Community Events Sub-Committee and the School Council for the ongoing support around fundraising. We are extermely pleased to announce that we have now completed the entire Air-Conditioning project and the project is declared closed! (The actual AC units were installed in June 2021 during low season to ensure that we were ready for this summer!)

In 2021, we raised more than $14,615 to cover the cost of the air-conditioning, with a remaining $1,455 allocated to the service and maintenace of Stage 1 aircon which are now out of the free service period.

2021 Voluntary Contributions$4,300
Total Revenue$14,615
Total Expenditure($13,160)

The School Council has begun discussing the next fundraising goal and more information will be announced in early 2022.

End-of-Year Picnic

We are pleased announce that the 2021 End-of-Year Picnic will be held on Tuesday, 14 December 2021 between 4-6pm.

We encourage current and new APS families to come with your picnic rugs and afternoon snacks (or early dinner). Due to the disrupted nature of Term 4, this year, we have asked each year level to lead a karaoke sing-along item which we hope you will join in. There will also be an open mic opportunity for students learning instrumental music. (Please ask your child to speak to Lizzie.)

All attendees will require to check-in via the QR code by full vaccination is not required, as the event will be held outdoors.

On the day, we will be selling:
  • 2022 Calendars
    (...with student artwork and archival pictures to celebrate our 145th year!)
  • Secondhand uniform
    (Please start bringing in any secondhand uniform you'd like to donate! We have many new families interested in purchasing secondhand uniform.)
  • 50+ plastic chairs
    (It would be great if you know of clubs or other associations that might like these!)

We will also be giving away:
  • Library books
  • 4 more children's bicycles

Upcoming Events

Friday, 3 Dec
2022 Junior School Council Elections

Tuesday, 7 Dec
Statewide Transition Day
(Students move to next year's classes at 11:10-13:00)

Wednesday, 8 Dec
School Council

Tuesday, 14 Dec
End of Year Picnic (4-6pm)

Thursday, 16 Dec
Reports Distribution
Class of 2021 Picnic

Friday, 17 Dec
End of Term 4 (Early Finish 1:00pm)

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