2021 APS Newsletter Issue 20

Junior School Council Report

Hello everyone, we are Rafael, Eddie and Darani, we are the Senior Representatives.

In the past two weeks, students did all different kinds of assessments and tests, our teachers are busy writing up our school reports, we are all very excited to find out how much we have improved in the past semester even though we were in lockdown for most of the time.

We had our Junior School Council 2022 Election last Friday and we would like to congratulate our new council members! For people who did not get in, you can still contribute your brilliant ideas and help us to make the school better.

This Tuesday, we had our whole school transition. All students had the opportunity to find out our teachers and classmates for next year. We did some fun activities with our new classes. We were very excited to find out more about our new teachers. We are also welcoming two new teachers for next year. Hang will be our new Grade 5 and 6 teacher and Jasmine will be our new music and Grade 3 teacher! However, we want to sadly say goodbye to Ayhan, our sport teacher this year.

Tuesday next week, the 14th of December, we are having our End of Year Picnic. We encourage adults to come and join us. It will start from 4 pm after school. We hope to see you there!

Lastly, we want to say that It’s been a tough year but we all make it! We wish everyone to have a safe and happy holiday break!

           Rafael                     Eddie                       Darani

Principal's Report

Dear Parents, Carers and Community Members,

This is the final issue of the 2021 APS Newsletter. I hope you have enjoyed the new format of the newsletter this year.

What a year it has been - well done to you and your families for getting through it. We are grateful for your partnership, as always.

There is a lot of people to thank, but in this issue, I'd like to express my thanks to particularly those who are behind the scenes, including:
  • Our ISS cleaners
  • Camp Australia coordinators and assistants
  • Our crossing supervisors
  • Our IT technician
  • Our very dedicated team of volunteers (both parents and external volunteers)
  • Our extracurricular program providers (including Angela, Junior Rockers, DF Football, Basketball 613)
  • Our partner schools in Australia and abroad
  • The Bilingual School Network
  • The various support from the DET
... and many more people for your kindness, generosity, wisdom and goodwill.

Lastly, to the APS staff, who put in 110% day in day out. The school is lucky to have you! Please do take the time to switch off and enjoy your well-earned break!

JiàqÄ« yúkuài! Happy holidays!

Stanley xiaozhang

School Council Update

Hello everyone,

Congratulations to all students, staff and carers for making it to the end of a very long and tiring year – we did it!

Here is a brief School Council update to finish off the year.

The School Council, assisted by several subcommittees has had a most productive year despite the lockdown challenges.  The Fundraising and Community Events Sub-Committee held our inaugural school market, a movie event and after 2 reschedules, a hugely successful Trivia Night in November, which raised over $5000! We are very happy that this has finally paid for the school air conditioning in all classrooms.

We are looking forward to next week’s End-of-Year Picnic and if you haven’t grabbed a 2022 calendar featuring student work and the APS archive in celebration of our 145th anniversary, be sure to look out for them on Tuesday!

The Education Sub-Committee has been responsible for coordinating the start of the Fathering Project, a new exciting initiative in 2022, and we are looking for father volunteers so if you would like to get involved please contact the school. The Education Sub-Committee also helped Travis in analysing several English online reader systems, one of which will be implemented in 2022.

The Marketing Sub-Committee has successfully increased student numbers across all year levels, particularly in Foundation which will have two classes in 2022. Looking forward to 2022 and beyond, we encourage anyone that hasn’t yet done so to enrol siblings for next year, as well as for 2023 and 2024, it’s not too early!

The Volunteer Management Sub-Committee successfully implemented a full cycle of recruitment, selection, induction and professional development for Mandarin Immersion Volunteers in Term 2, and plans were put in place for Term 3 and 4 to expand the offerings to English before the prolonged lockdowns.

Over the holidays there will be some late stage works that will finalise the building upgrade by the Victorian Government for APS. We look forward to resolving tiling issues on the roof of our heritage building and the opening of a new Wellbeing Centre upstairs.

Next year, in February, we will also be holding the 2022 School Council Elections, which is a great way to get involved in the school. We look forward to hosting another successful market which next year will celebrate our 145th anniversary and enable us to reconnect with school alumni. (Note: Save the date – 20 March 2022!)

Finally, we wanted to thank Stanley and all Abbotsford teachers and staff for their perseverance and dedication to the education of our children. Here’s to 2022 at least being a little easier than 2021!

We wish everyone a good break and see you next year!

Guy Donald
Vice President

Cyber Safety- Student Reflections

In Term 3 our Wellbeing program has included a focus on Cyber Safety. We are an eSmart School and we utilise resources from the eSafety Commissioner.  The eSmart Schools framework supports our school to develop a culture that promotes smart, safe and responsible use of information and communication technologies. This includes the internet, social media, online games & smart phones. It forms part of our school's broader approach to curriculum, student wellbeing and our school safety policies which are underpinned by a culture of inclusion, positive relationships and bullying prevention. 

Our students have worked hard to improve their understanding of how to be safe when online. Our students would like to share their reflections about what they’ve learnt:

You have to make sure you don’t accidently pay for anything (online) because it could cost a lot. -Gemma, Foundation

You have ask an adults permission to go on a website. -Audrey, Foundation

Don’t tell any private stuff because it might be a stranger. -Nico, Grade 1

Don’t tell any private stuff like your address or your phone number because they might be strangers. -Amelie, Grade 1

Don’t share any of your personal information online because it could lead to a stranger knowing your identity, and that could lead to them stealing money from your bank account, and then they might know your phone number. -Archie, Grade 2

Never took to strangers that you don’t know online. -Sophia, Grade 2

I have learnt to be careful who you talk to online. You shouldn’t share personal information on line. You could get hacked, they could take all the money from your credit cards. -Safa, Grade 3

I’ve learnt about making hard password so it’s hard to hack into your accounts. -Atticus, Grade 3

There are a lot of people that try to hack you or ask you for private information, saying yes is a bad idea because they might find out where you live. -Saaid, Grade 4

I have learnt not to trust texts or calls from people you don’t know. -Darani, Grade 4

Only talk to people your own age or people you actually know. -Hazel, Grade 5/6

Don’t give any of your personal information to anyone online so they don’t find out where you live, they could blackmail you, or leak your information. -Henry, Grade 5/6

Invitation to Class of 2021 Graduation Ceremony

Hi everyone,

This is Sammy and Lara.

On behalf the Class of 2021, we would like to invite you to our Graduation Ceremony. The event details are as below:
  • Date: Friday, 17 Dec 2021
  • Time: 9-10am
  • Venue: APS Undercover Basketball Court (TBC)

This is the last time the school community can gather to celebrate with the Class of 2021. Out of the 6 graduating students, 4 have been at this school for the full 7 years, and the students will now be headed to 3 different schools - Melbourne Girls, Carey and Richmond High.

On the day, we will be presenting our graduation speeches, Chinese Character of the Year and badges to the 2022 Junior School Council.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Sammy & Lara

2022 Class Allocation

2022 After School Clinics

In 2022, APS plans to expand its after school clinics offering.

As of today, we are planning to have:
  • Monday - Basketball with Basketball 613 (F-6; up to 30 students)
  • Tuesday - *Coding with Digimakers (3-6)
  • Wednesday - Soccer with DF Football (F-2 up to 15 students; 3-6 up to 15 students)
  • Thursday - Soccer with DF Football (3-6 up to 15 students) & Science with Fizz Kidz (P-4)
*The introduction of Digimakers and Fizz Kidz requires a minimum number of students to run. Please do register directly with the providers so that they can confirm whether these activities are viable to run.

Basketball and Soccer sign-ups will be available at the start of the new year. The first session will not commence until the week commencing 14th February 2022.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, 14 Dec
End of Year Picnic (4-6pm)

Thursday, 16 Dec
Class of 2021 Picnic (5-6pm)

Friday, 17 Dec
Graduation (9-10am)
End of Term 4 (Early Finish at 1pm)
Reports Distribution

Monday, 31 Jan 2022
Term 1 Starts for Students

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