2022 APS Newsletter Issue 2

Junior School Council Report

Hi I’m Florence Ferla, School Captain. I’m going to give you an update about what’s happening in our first 3 weeks. Lettuce begin!

One thing that has been happening is the Junior School Council meetings, which have been going pretty well. In our first meeting, we discussed the new house point system! In our second meeting, we planned our house activities. So, I am happy to say that the meetings are awesome.


Another thing is that on Wednesday next week, we have our PARENT TEACHER NIGHT! If you’re not booked in, go onto Compass or call the school!

Anyway, for the students on Wednesday, the Junior School Council is planning a fun house event for all the students! So, on Wednesday when your parents are talking with the teachers, we’re going to be outside playing games which will be rewarded with house points!

Last thing: Students, if you have any ideas such as fundraisers, ideas, activities or anything else, come to one of the Junior and Senior representatives and tell them your idea so we can consider it!

Well, that’s all from me! Enjoy the next week and see you on Monday!!


Principal's Report

Dear Parents, Carers and Community Members,

It has been wonderful to cross paths with many of you this month, and as a school leader, thank you for helping to keep our community safe throughout February, the month that has been very disruptive and volatile everywhere else but Abbotsford Primary School.

It is my intention this year to keep the Principal's Report in the newsletter light. Compass has helped greatly in doing the heavy-lifting with admin-based communication, so I would like to offer our newsletter a different tone.

Congratulations to Yooky Laoshi!

Gōngxǐ Yooky lÇŽoshÄ« jiéhÅ«n le! (Congratulations to Yooky laoshi for her wedding!)

On the very special day of 2022年2月22日星期二(i.e. Tuesday = Day 2 in Chinese), Yooky laoshi and her partner Mathew hosted their wedding in the Yarra Valley, with perfect weather and the company of 60+ guests.

While she has been enjoying the perfect day, APS students were busy preparing a Padlet of marriage advice for Yooky laoshi (mostly in Chinese too!) Yooky laoshi was very touched by the gesture and I believe she took much wisdom away from reviewing the collage of life lessons offered by our students!

If you would like to see another beautiful photo from Yooky laoshi's wedding, be sure to follow our Instagram account, and whilst you are at it, remember APS also has a Facebook Page, LinkedIn Profile and Youtube Channel!

Visual Arts Display
As we approach the end of the first month, the Junior students have been busy finishing their first piece of artwork. Lizzie laoshi has now decorated the playground cooridor with our Junior students' beautiful work, and from next week, with Reception access now having been moved to side doors, please do take the opportunity to walk by and have a look!

School Council
The 2021 School Council had its last official meeting this week. 

I want to thank the 2021 School Council for leading many aspects of our school's community engagement and governance work, and supporting me in so many ways through the difficult years we have had due to COVID. There is a number of School Council members whose term of office is ending in March 2022 (Lisa, Jenny, Hao) and I want to particularly thank them for their contributions.

A special mention to Daniel for his contributions to the School Council for the last 33 years (and 18 years as the Secretary)!

The School Council will miss Daniel!

For new parents/carers, School Council is a great way to get involved if you are interested in contributing to the broader strategic directions for the school. It is also a great platform via which you can offer your expertise and skill sets in areas that educators may be less familiar with.

Please see the Notice of Election and Call for Nominations email from 21/2/2022 (or ask for a form from the Reception) if you are interested in self-nominating or nominating another parent member onto the School Council. Nominations close 4pm on Monday, 28 February 2022.

International Mother Tongue Day
In celebration of the International Mother Tongue Day, SBS launched a new podcast series called "My Bilingual Family."

Abbotsford Primary School have been featured in the lead up article, which has also been translated into many languages.

We hope this podcast series would be a useful and accessible guide for our families in thinking about promoting multilingualism at home.

While we are on this topic, a sincere thank you to those parents who attended the Chinese Information Session last Thursday. Please find a separate article in this issue of the newsletter with follow-up resources.

Have a great weekend!

Stanley xiaozhang

Sports News

Richmond District Lawn Bowl Competition
Last Wednesday (16th of February), the Year 4 students went to the Richmond District Lawn Bowl Competition. It was very fun and we learnt how to play this sport that we don’t normally do at school. We had some good competitors from other schools. The Year 4 students represented our school well and some of us won several games. We had some practice prior to game with some help from some high school students, teachers, and staff from the Richmond Union Bowling Club. It was hard at the beginning and became easier and easier since we all tried our best. It was not about winning or losing but about having fun and learning from it. We had a fantastic day and hope to do it again!
- Rocco (Year 4)

Richmond District Swimming Time Trial
Last Friday (18th of February), Edie, Jade, Florence, Calypso, Tilly, Greta, Atticus and Darani represented our school to compete at the Richmond District Swimming Time Trial. We walked to the pool straight after assembly and stayed there until 1:45 in the afternoon. It was fun to watch all the different age groups compete and compete ourselves.
Jade came 1st in freestyle and butterfly. Edie came 2nd in freestyle. Our relay team won the 1st place in the freestyle relay. But it doesn’t matter if we came 1st or last, and it doesn’t matter if we were terrible or good. We all tried hardest, and everyone achieved their personal best.
We all had fun at the event and enjoyed doing the Swimming Time Trial.
- Darani (Year 5)



Chinese Curriculum - Support for Parents

Thank you to parents and carers who joined us for the Chinese Parent Information Session last Thursday.

For those who missed out on the session, a copy of the PPT can be found here. This year, we included a 'learning model' and conducted some experiential learning for parents to strengthen the adults' understanding of the language learning process your child experiences at school through immersion.

During the presentation, we mentioned three particular ways in which you could support your child at home:

1. Quizlet for practising vocabulary - access instructions
2. APS Youtube Channel - Reader Index (last updated Term 4, 2021) - for use by the APS Community only
3. Character handwriting sheets (provided to students as homework)

Apart from what was presented last week through experiential learning, don't forget the APS website also has the following resources:

Q: Will there still be an online Chinese storybook library this year?
Stanley xiaozhang revealed at the Chinese Parent Info Session that we are currently in discussion with Mandarin Matrix, a specialist education publisher for Chinese/English Dual Language Immersion Schools in the US.

(Click on the logo above for Mandarin Matrix's Youtube Channel showcasing their pilot bilingual classrooms.)

Stanley xiaozhang is excited about working with Mandarin Matrix as the first school in Australia and using Abbotsford Primary School as a place for piloting materials specifically tailored for Chinese/English bilingual schools and written by experienced teachers from Chinese/English bilingual schools in conjunction with academics from the University of Utah.

Based on the feedback from parents last year regarding the difficulty of navigating the Animated Story House app, we are currently looking at replacing the online library with Mandarin Matrix's library of readers for English-based learners.

As part of the 2022 Curriculum Contributions you have made, we will be acquiring hard copy Mandarin Matrix readers to be used at school during independent reading time each morning for all students.

However, for families interested in having access to the online library of the same (and even more) readers with interactive functionality, follow-up exercises and games for children, we will be co-hosting an information session with Mandarin Matrix in March (date TBC), and families will have the choice of signing up to the online library subscription at their own cost if they wish.

More information to come soon!

National Kindness Day - March 2nd

At Abbotsford Primary School we do a lot of celebrating of kindness on a daily basis in our classrooms. To highlight the importance of kindness in strengthening relationships and helping to build new ones, we have chosen to acknowledge and celebrate National Kindness Day this year.

All of our school-wide Wellbeing Programs have respectful relationships at their core. Being kind, and understanding that the little choices we make every day can change how others are feeling, is a step towards strengthening empathy and empowering students. On National Kindness Day next week, students will take part in our school wide ‘Choosing to be Kind’ project. As a school we will create a kindness display, with messages of kindness and support from students, in acknowledgement of the importance of choosing to be kind to others.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, 1 Mar - Thursday, 3 Mar
Parent-Teacher Interviews
(Note: Different year levels will operate on different nights with different time availabilities)

Wednesday, 2 Mar
Be Kind Day

Monday, 14 Mar
Labour Day (Public Holiday)

Tuesday, 15 Mar
School Council (2022 Special Meeting)

Friday, 18 Mar
National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence - Rotational Activities (2-3:30pm)
Note: The in-person Parent Info Session has been cancelled. A link with the presentation will be sent to all parents.

Wednesday, 23 Mar - Friday, 25 Mar
Life Education

Friday, 25 Mar
Years 5 & 6 District Summer Gala Sports day (9:45am-1pm)

Monday, 28 Mar - Friday, 8 Apr
Smile Squad Oral Health Visit

Monday, 28 Mar
Years 3 & 4 Royal Botanic Gardens Excursion

Tuesday, 29 Mar
School Council

Friday, 1 Apr
Foundation Learning Morning and Teddy Bear Picnic

Tuesday, 5 Apr
School Photos

Friday, 8 Apr
End of Term 1 (Early finish for students at 2:30pm)

Community Noticeboard


Note: Mzuri Dance, who runs the Africal Drumming and Dancing workshop at our school, will be performing at this event.