2022 APS Newsletter Issue 4

Junior School Council Report

Hello everyone, I am Phoebe and I'm the Red House Captain and Vice School Captain. Today I'm going to talk about what has been happening in the past two weeks. Let me tell you more about it.

This week we had a NAPLAN practise for Grades 3 and 5. It will be our first online NAPLAN, here are a couple of the student's thoughts on how it went:

  • Amani in Grade 5 said, “it was difficult at the start but the teachers explained it well and I caught on quickly”.
  • Maida in Grade 3 said, “it was easy and very fun”.

Besides that, all classes participated in a program called Life Ed as they learned about how to manage different situations coming up in their lives.

Today is also Ride2School Day. It is so great to see many students come in with their decorated bikes and scooters. Classes voted the best creations and here are the winners for some of the classes. 

  • FA Ava (Blue)
  • FB Rafael (Red) 
  • Grade 1 Lila (Yellow)
  • Grade 2 Mia (Blue)
  • Grade 3 Ashley (Red)
  • Grade 4 Millicent (Red)

These are how many house points each house gained: Red 30 points, Blue 20 points, and Yellow 10 points.

Congratulations to the winners!

Also, we raised $180 for our school which will go towards new bike racks being installed in the near future!

Next Friday will be our first house meeting! The house captains will lead the meeting and each house will do one team-building activity. We are very looking forward to it!

That's all from me. I hope you will have a great weekend and hope to see you soon.


Principal's Report

Dear Parents, Carers and Community Members,

Over the last two weeks, we have celebrated many special days that have provided students excellent opportunities to reflect, appreciate and extend on the knowledge on important aspets of society and citizenship.

I would like to take the opportunity to share with you these exciting moments.

National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence
Friday, 18 March was the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. Students engaged in rotational activities to strengthen their understanding of bullying and what they can do when they are bullied.

This year, we continued the popular activities of poster making, badge making, and hand prints to represent our commitment to creating a #kindness culture.

We also introduced chatterboxes which were a big hit with the students!

Cultural Diversity Week

This week was Cultural Diversity Week and in preparing for this special week, I took the liberty to review the beautiful world map padlet the APS community put together last year during remote learning... For those who are new, have a look at this beautiful map! It included the world cuisines we cooked at home, our travel dreams and appreciation messages for teachers during the very challenging times!

This week, APS developed a five-part Instagram series on the meaning behind our names in celebration of the cultural diversity at school. This series has been beautifully curated by Cheryl laoshi and I hope you have also enjoyed learning more about the cultural diversity within our school.

Cultural diversity is very much part of the multicultural reality of contemporary Australian society. For it to flourish and be an asset in our society, it is important that we and our next generation are equipped with intercultural capability and intercultural understanding.

Last year, the Asia Education Foundation developed an Intercultural Learning Framework which succinctly outlined the relationship between empathy, respect, resolution, assumptions, stereotypes and prejudice. The framework is an excellent document that outlines different levels of intercultural capability and intercultural understanding, which I personally find very useful as a tool for reflectoin.

At APS, we are pleased to be offering a diverse range of global engagement opportunities for students to experience intercultural encounters in an authentic manner. For those interested in understanding more about our global engagement activities, please see Global Engagement.

National Ride2School Day

Thanks to their previous school leadership, APS has always prided itself on a strong Ride2School culture. We see many families who use the opportunity to ride together as a family bonding exercise and it is always beautiful to see the bikes lined up beautifully against our heritage building.

As you have seen in the Junior School Council report, we had a fantastic day celebrating this day with a casual clothes fundraiser for new bike rikes and a helmet and bike decoration parade/competition.

A special mention to Mia for her beautiful costume and bike decoration! I believe she has managed captured the essence of all of our special events over the last fortnight!

Have a great weekend!

Stanley xiaozhang

Sports Gala Day

Hi everyone, I'm Lisa, I’m going to talk to you about the Gala day.

Today, the grade 5/6s went to Gala Day in the morning and came back to school after lunch. The schools are Richmond West and Collingwood College. The schools that went to Richmond West competed in Newcombe and the schools that went to Collingwood College played basketball. The schools were Abbotsford Primary, Richmond west, Richmond Primary, St Joseph, Trinity Primary, and Collingwood College.

Let me talk about the Newcombe game. There were 2 teams, Team A and B.

The students in team A were Fiona, Anna, Bobby, Danger, Molly, Amani, Ryan, Kaila and Edison.

Team B had Kate, Terry, Shukria, Saaid, Alanah, Kenji, Calypso, Frida and Yusuf. They didn’t win any games but at least it was fun.

Now let’s talk about the Basketball game. There were supposed to be 2 girl teams and one mixed team but the 2 girl teams had to combine and be one team together because there weren’t that many people to be separated.

The people in Girl team A were Darani, Nhi, Jade, Katie, Lisa, Phoebe, Trina and the Mix team had Jake, Spike, Alex, Henry, Long and Oliver.

The girl's team won a game and got to the finals but lost and the mixed team won 2 games and were so close to the finals. Both of the teams came 2nd.

Some people were absent but their team kept on going. Congrats to all teams, it’s just a game and I hoped you all had fun.

Thank you!


Welcome to Country Smoking Ceremony

A few APS parents have been involved in organising a Welcome to Country Smoking Ceremony to be held at the Deep Rock Swimming Hole in Fairfield this Sunday.

This is an open invitation to our school community and we hope you will consider using the opportunity to reflect on reconciliation and the rich local Aboriginal history of Abbotsford.

For those interested in understanding more about the local Aboriginal history, APS has put together a webpage that will link you to more information.

Term 2 Clinics and Clubs

Term 2 Clinics and Clubs have now been finalised!

Sign up and registrations will open from Monday, 28 March 2022 (Week 10 Monday).

For detailed information on the Term 2 offerings, please see the updated Clinics and Clubs page.

Some changes to be aware of:
  • Number of spots available for basketball clinics has increased from 20 to 24.
  • Due to a shortage of soccer coaches, DF Football has requested that F-2 and 3-6 soccer clinics to be spread across two days. F-2 will now be on Tuesday and 3-6 will be on Wednesday. Both days will have 2 coaches, and the number of spots has increased to 24 per day.
  • We will be trialling a before school tennis clinic! Please look out for this exciting opportunity in the Clinics and Clubs page.
  • As announced at the last assembly, students eligible for CSEF will now have access to the school's Make a Difference Fund (MADF) initiative to help cover the clinic fees for one clinic in one term in the year. See more details regarding the MADF and the number of MADF (Free) spots available for each clinic on the Clinics and Clubs page.
  • Students with CSEF credit will now be able to pay for sports clinics using their CSEF credit.

Supporting Your Child's Literacy and Numeracy

In preparation for a potential spike in COVID numbers, APS has proactively put together a "Literacy and Numeracy at Home" page that links families to resources for learning at home.

These resources are all openly accessible information provided by the education department in various states of Australia and New Zealand.

The intention of the page is two-fold:
  1. This page is useful for families and students who are required to isolate due to COVID or being a close contact. As schools are not required to provide a remote learning program, these sites provide year-level appropriate activities for students to continue with learning at home.
  2. General guidance for parents on how to support your child's (English) literacy and Chinese at home, which can be used at any time.
We hope you wlil find this new webpage useful!

Upcoming Events

Monday, 28 Mar - Friday, 8 Apr
Smile Squad Oral Health Visit

Monday, 28 Mar
Years 3 & 4 Royal Botanic Gardens Excursion

Tuesday, 29 Mar
School Council

Friday, 1 Apr
Foundation Learning Morning and Teddy Bear Picnic (9:45-10:45am)

Tuesday, 5 Apr
School Photos

Friday, 8 Apr
Mzuri Dance African Drumming and Dancing Performance (2:10-2:30pm)
End of Term 1 (Early finish for students at 2:30pm)

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