2022 APS Newsletter Issue 8

Junior School Council Report

Hello, my name is Phoebe and I'm Lisa, and we are the Vice Captains. Today, we will tell you something about what we have done for National Reconciliation Week, our trip to Richmond High, the new suggestion box, and Dragon Boat Festival.

First, in National Reconciliation Week the whole school did an activity with felts, beads and strings where we picked which felt or string we want, tied a knot on the top of all of the felt or string you would want and put beads and braided it. The art is inspired by Katie West, a Yindjibarndi artist from the Pilbara region in Western Australia. Our work is displayed next to the Atrium staircase.

Secondly, the Grade 5 and 6s went to Richmond High to participate in science and drama activities. Grade 6 did science and Grade 5 did drama. In science, the Grade 6s got to do an experiment with bi-carb soda, vinegar, lemon juice, water, tomato juice, acid, washing detergent, test tubes, a small measuring tube and a test tube holder. We had to wear a jacket and safety glasses that scientists wear. We measured how much the explosion erupted in cm. In drama, Grade 5s played a game called Spaghetti. How you play is that the teacher says emotion and we have to say spaghetti in that emotion.

Thirdly, last Friday the JSC put out a suggestion box for all the students to use. There have been loads of good suggestions in the past week. Thank you, everyone, for your suggestions. During JSC meeting this week, we read the suggestions and see if it's sensible or not. If yes, we will try out best to put it in action. If you haven’t seen the box it will be on top of the lost property next to the door on the adventure playground side.

Lastly, today was Dragon Boat Festival. There were 4 different activities and a lion dance performance! The House captains and Junior/Senior representatives helped with distributing house points during the activity. The activities are paper zongzi, dragon boat race, tangram and feather shuttlecock (jianzi) and diabolo. Congratulations to Red House for getting the highest points in today's activities!

That's all from us! We hope you will have a good weekend. See you next week!


Phoebe & Lisa
Vice School Captains

Principal's Report

Dear Parents, Carers and Community Members,

We have a jam-packed issue today with student reports on the various happenings over the last fortnight. I will leave the exciting events to those articles and share with you what the fortnight has been like for your principal.

School Council Training
The School Council has been undertaking evening online training sessions this term, in Governance, Finance and Presidency. I wanted to take the opportunity to acknowledge the great contributions of the 2022 School Council in the 3 months since the new council began and their dedication for upskilling as council members.

Thank you for the many evenings you sacrifice for our school and the school community, and thank you for bringing in the various ideas and resources that make APS a great school!

Mzuri Dance - Term 2 Parenting Project
Mzuri Dance has continued their engagement with APS this term, focusing on celebrating the cultural knowledge and heritage of our African families and building a stronger sense of connection with school. Thank you to Suzie and for hosting these after school sessions and Caroline for helping out.

2022 Education State Principals Conference
I have had the pleasure of attending the 2022 Education State Principals Conference this week where the priorities of learning, student wellbeing, reconciliation and inclusion were very much front and centre. This was the first time since 2019 Victorian principals have been able to gather in person, so a 'new' principal like me, it was indeed a very special experience. (The DET even offered the new principals from 2020 a special acknowledgement for our... bravery (?), or naivety for not knowing what we were really signing up for!)

Over the two days, it was great to learn from other principals and benchmark the practices in APS with other schools. I have left the conference feeling proud of everything we have achieved despite the pandemic, and at the same time, full of inspirations and ideas for where we could improve and how we can enhance the educational experiences of students.

A special mention to Kylie (APS Parent) and her jazz band students from Kew High for the wonderful entertainment provided to principals at the conference dinner.

Welcome to Xavier laoshi
A special welcome to Xavier laoshi who will formally start with APS from Week 7 (next) Monday, as Ann laoshi's replacement.

Xavier laoshi is Malaysian Chinese by heritage and a passionate scouts leader for Scouts Victoria. He graduated from Monash University last year with a Bachelor of Education and Bachlor of Business and has previously undertaken one of his placements in APS. Xavier laoshi is a proficient speaker of Mandarin, English and Malay.

Xavier laoshi will be the Chinese teacher for Years 1 and 2 and work with Travis laoshi to ensure a smooth transition for the two grades.

Round 1 Applications for 2023 Entry
Round 1 applications for 2023 entry into Abbotsford Primary School officially closed on 31 May 2022. Thank you to families with younger silblings for finalising your applications, and thank you for those who have helped to promote the school via word of mouth.

As of 31 May 2022, we have engaged with 70 families that have expressed interest for 2023 entry and we have been able make offers for nearly all places available for the two Foundation classes we plan to run in 2023.


Lastly, may I encourage you to attend one of the following events for parents and carers over the next few weeks:
  • Working Bee (4-5 June)
  • 2021 Annual Report to the Community (6 June)
  • The Fathering Project - Term 2 Event (17 June)
  • Final Term 2 Assembly (24 June)
  • Creative Learning Partnerships - Final Performance with Ching Ching (24 June)
More information can be found in the "Upcoming Events" article.

Have a safe and healthy Dragon Boat Festival!

Stanley xiaozhang

Dragon Boat Festival

Today we celebrated an important Chinese festival, the Dragon Boat Festival!

For those who are less familiar with the origin of this festival, please have a read of "Dragon Boat Festival Essential" by Dim Sum Warriors, which offers a very comprehensive overview of everything that happens on this day.

At school today, the students had the opportunity to experience some traditional Chinese games that are often played on this festival, such as jianzi and diabolos.

For your Dragon Boat Festival weekend, we hope you might consider:
Date: Saturday 4th June 2022
Time: 12 - 12:45pm
Venue: LIVEstreamed on the Dim Sum Warriors web site
Sign up link before June 3rd: 
  • Trying a zongzi which can be found in many Asian groceries (See photo below - can you tell which ones are real and which ones are made of paper?)

Our sincere thanks to the volunteers from the Chinese Youth Society of Melbourne for running lion dance workshops with our students today! It's incredible to see such passion for maintaining this traditional culture by both Chinese and non-Chinese youth!

P.S. You are right, lion dances are usually seen during Lunar New Year, not Dragon Boat Festival! However, they are much easier to invite during off peak season :)

Year 1 & 2 Excursion to Melbourne Musuem

Our Year 1 and 2 students have not had the easiest start to schooling over 2020 and 2021.

On Wednesday, 18 May, they went on their first major excursion to Melbourne Museum.

Here is their recount of the day:

The Fathering Project - Unconditional Love & Term 2 Event

Our (first) Term 2 Event is now confirmed!

As announced at assembly last week, our first event as part of the Fathering Project will be held at 3:45-5:45pm on 17 June 2022 (Week 8 Friday). (See Issues 6 and 7 of 2022 APS Newsletter for an in-depth introduction to The Fathering Project.) 

Being our first event, we have decided to host it at school. The event will be in two parts:
  • Student-led School Tours - where you will be led by your own child(ren) to their classroom to see the work they have up on display
  • Backyard-style Games - we will set up a few outdoor and indoor games for fathers to play, mingle and meet one another (snacks provided)
It has been timed so that you can have your child attend After School Care after the school tour.

The event is free. We look forward to seeing as many fathers or father figures join this event as possible.

P.S. Thanks to Mark and Shane who have helped to brainstorm and design the event. They have served as the Father Leaders to make our first event a reality. I look forward to introducing them to you on the day.

APS Student Posters in Vic St Precinct!

Below is a special email we received this week that we'd like to share with everyone!


Hi Stanley and Lizzie
We are celebrating the installation of the street poster created by your senior students at the workshop in the Richmond Youth Hub in May.
We're excited to announce that the first installation (phase 1) is now on Vic St and surrounds for you all to see.
Of note is "Are you pulling or pushing?" created by Darani, Florence, Nhi & Jade.
Here it is in the middle of an installation in Nicholson Street, Abbotsford opposite Abbots Yard near Victoria Street.
Other locations we have spotted today: 

  • former CBA site in Vic St, Richmond
  • Hoddle St near Vic St corner
  • Lt Charles St near Vic St corner

I'll check out the east side of Vic St tomorrow for more sightings...
Please ask workshop participants, schools, families to tag @Victoria_street_aliveo when they post an image of a poster.
We will be sending copies of the posters to the school for Darani, Florence, Nhi & Jade in the next week or so.
It's a great poster making important social commentary. The school community and the families should be proud of their insight and creativity.
Thanks for letting us promote the workshop at your great school.
Judy Ryan
Co-Founder and Community Member
Victoria Street Alive!

There is an APS parent entry in here too! Can you guess which one?

Upcoming Events

Saturday, 4 Jun
Working Bee (1-3pm)

Sunday, 5 Jun
Working Bee (1-3pm)

Monday, 6 Jun
2021 Annual Report to the Community via Webex

Thursday, 9 Jun
Scienceworks Excursion (Years 3-6)

Friday, 10 Jun
PUPIL FREE DAY (Camp Australia Special Full-day Program available as a back up)
Welcome Gathering for 2023 Round 1 Families (9:30-10:30am)
Visit from Director-General Lin of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, Melbourne

Monday, 13 Jun
Queen's Birthday Public Holiday

Thursday, 16 Jun
Year 5 and 6 Market Day

Friday, 17 Jun
District Winter Gala Day (Years 5 & 6)
Visit from Jenny Bloomfield, Representative of Australian Office in Taipei
The Fathering Project - Student-led Tours and Backyard Games (3:45-5:45pm)

Friday, 24 Jun
Assembly (9:05-9:45am)

Creative Learning Partnership Final Performance (10:40am start; Details to be announced)
Early Finish at 2:30pm

Community Noticeboard