2022 APS Newsletter Issue 9

Junior School Council Report

Hello everyone, we are Lisa and Calypso. We will give you a little update about what has been happening during the past two weeks.

First of all, On Thursday the 9th of June, Grades 3-6 went on a bus to the Scienceworks and had a great opportunity to try different activities such as run as fast as Cathy Freeman, Wheelchair race and watch a short movie in one of the only planetariums in Melbourne. 

Secondly, we had a market day on Thursday the 16th of June. During this market day students had a great opportunity to make, buy and sell products. The Year 5/6s have spent the last 5 weeks creating and packaging products to sell to other students as part of our Integrated Studies learning. We all had a great time and a big thank you to Yooky Lao Shi and Hang Lao Shi for organising this event.

On Friday, the 17th of June, the Grade 5/6s had a Winter Gala day. The sports were Netball and Soccer. The Netball team had all girls and Soccer had 2 mixed teams. The competing schools were Abbotsford Primary School, Trinity Catholic School, Richmond West Primary School, Richmond Primary School and Yarra Primary School. One of our Netball teams got to the semi-finals and got 4th place at the end. Thank you Hao Lao shi for organising it for us!

Lastly, just a reminder to all, a whole school performance is coming up on the 24th of June (the last day of School) directed by Ching Ching lao shi. Students who would like to watch the performance, please bring a gold coin donation with you. Parents who would like to watch their child perform, we would like to encourage you to pay five dollars. Students will be talking about the story and meaning about their names and  festivals. The performance tells the history of A.P.S and the changes over time. We are raising the money to purchase a stage platform for assemblies.  More information about the performance will be in a different article.

We hope you enjoy reading our article. Wish all students had a fun time by participating in all different kinds of activities. Have a good weekend! See you on Monday.    

          Calypso                          Lisa

Principal's Report

Dear Parents, Carers and Community Members,

It has been two short weeks for APS, with the Common PD Day and Queen's Birthday being scheduled as a long weekend. We hope you have enjoyed the long weekend and the opportunity to take a breath in what has been a very busy and eventful term.

As usual, I will make way for the students to report on the exciting events, and report back on the last two weeks from the management's perspective.

Staff Shortages
I know this is a topic that has already been mentioned in an email out this week asking for your support in helping us manage the remainder of the term without our wellbeing staff, but I want to take the opportunity to unpack this, as there is a very nuanced difference between the staff shortage we experienced over 2020-21 and this year.

During 2020-21, the school faced significant financial constraint in being able to maintain staffing profile at the time, which resulted in limited capacity to hire without additional resources from initiatives such as the Primary Maths and Science Specialist program. This was mainly the result of low enrolment numbers and funding formulas which put small school at a significant disadvantage.

The financial challenge at the school level has improved significantly in 2022 with the growth in our numbers and some staff turnover. The school has since hired new graduate teachers, increase the administrative, wellbeing and leadership capacities.

What has been challenging in 2022 has been more of the result of the flu and COVID causing large number of absences and an industry wide staff shortage. Many casual relief teachers (CRTs) previously available have already been hired by schools as tutors for the DET's Tutor Learning Initiative, not to mention the structural consequences of teacher burnout over 2020-21, working conditions of the industry, and lack of substantial career progression opportunities. Teacher shortages have received plenty of media spotlight recently, so I am sure none of this is new for you.

Having said that, I am proud to say that in 2022, despite the difficulties we have faced around staffing issues, we have not added additional teaching load onto our teachers. With the exception of 1-2 days, we have not split classes or have mass supervision sessions. We have not had a day where we did not end up providing the class with a replacement teacher, in the right language too. We have also absorbed all the hiring administration costs by almost running our own HR agency, which has made the cost of replacing teachers more sustainable.

We have continued prioritise the stability of our program and student wellbeing, and I thank all the CRTs (and a special mention to Tiger laoshi!) whom we call upon regularly for their continued support of Abbotsford Primary School.

New Child Safety Standards
On the common Professional Development Day last week, the school was introduced to the new Child Safety Standards which are coming to effect from 1 July 2022. There are now new standards the school would be required to adhere by, and in turn, many of our policies will be updated over the Term 3 (transition period).

Over Term 3, I will be sharing some of the updates via the newsletter as a means of consultation with the wider parent body. There will be others that we will consult with the School Council in more depth.

We look forward to your input when the new draft policies are released.

Visit by Jenny Bloomfield
Jenny Bloomfield, the Australian Representative (Ambassador-equivalent) to Taiwan, visited our school today. The Australian Office in Taipei has been working closely with the Taiwanese government, in hope to use expertise from Australia to support Taiwan's goal of becoming a 'bilingual nation' in 2030. This ambitious policy has seen almost all schools in Taiwan adopting Chinese/English bilingual education models in one form or another, and one leading school in this field is Tainan Municipal Simen Experimental Elementary School, whom Jenny has connected us to as part of her visit.

We had the pleasure of meeting the team at Simen Elementary School via Webex today through Jenny's introduction. Ms Lyu, the Principal of Simen Elementary School, was awarded Principal of the Year in Taiwan last year. Her school has also published a book on their journey in adopting Content and Language Integrated Learning for each subject area in December 2021. (This is the same teaching methodology adopted by APS for subjects taught in Chinese.) The school has since made the book open access online in hope to support other Taiwanese schools also on the journey of becoming bilingual schools.

We thank the Australian Office in Taipei for the opportunity to connect with such a progressive school and a special mention to Safa, Sophia, Rocco and Atticus for introducing APS in Chinese to the students and staff at Simen Elementary School.


Next week will be the last week of Term 2. Let me take the opportunity to wish you all a happy Term 2 break and I hope everyone will stay safe and well.

Best wishes,
Stanley xiaozhang

Year 5 & 6 Market Day

On 16 June 2022, Abbotsford Primary School (APS)’s very-much anticipated Market Day took place. The groups were Slimeway, BEARs, The Buisness with no name (Intentional misspell), Happy Inc., Capp, S&B , Mandom, HALO, and Crafty’s. All of these businesses were successful to varying degrees, and all of these groups cooperated extremely well.

All of these businesses sold many different varieties of products and were separated into different levels in the school. Slimeway, BEARs, The Buisness with no name, Happy Inc., Capp, all were in the Year 5-6 area, whereas, S&B, Mandom, HALO, and Crafty’s were allocated into the Multi-Purpose room.

Each business had 4 roles - Maker, Store Manager, Cashbook Writer and Cashier. If they cooperated evenly, they would garner a lot of sales. And luckily, most of the groups did that. They, indeed garnered a lot of sales, ranging from $20 to a whopping $170!

As you know, in Abbotsford Primary, there are 6 periods, not counting Recess or Lunch. For the first 2 periods, business was devoted mainly to set-up and getting organised. During the middle 2 periods, the actual sales took place. Every grade other than the 5/6s got a turn, and the 5/6s got a turn when it was not their shift. The last 2 periods were devoted to cleaning up and the writing of this newsletter article, which took place on Friday as well.

The 5/6 area was full of stalls that sold unique products that truly shone through the sea of mundane products. Slimeway sold their slime in many different and unique colours, and sold them on a discount, saving the cheapest for worst. They cooperated extremely well, and ended up on the top half of the sales. Happy Inc. sold a unique product on its own, Bath Bombs, and added their own unique spin on it by making it DIY. Bath Bombs were truly a unique product that nobody even thought of, let alone tried to replicate. The Year 5s also sold their fair share of unique products with Capp selling their own spin on Slimeway’s premier slime, and making a truly unique consistency. They also made some cardboard drawings, something truly unique, that only one other group thought of. Shukria, the head of the group, commented on the drawings. “They’re good,” she said with a slight sneer in sight. And last of all, the Buisness with no name sold cardboard drawings, and origami, which they made in small batches and did not premake any of them. And it shows. They sold a lot of products, and cooperated evenly.

The downstairs Multi-Purpose Room was also full of exiting stalls that came to life during the morning. There were S&B, Mandom, HALO, and Crafty’s.  S&B was the downstairs Slime company, but the area where they really excelled was the bookmarks. The bookmarks sold a lot more and show that even predominantly one company can also tap into other areas of interest. Mandom, on the other hand, was making origami in many different varieties. You could almost say they were the premier origami company. They sold many different animals which had different abilities, such as jumping frogs, cranes, and a lot of other unique foolds. They were able to mass-produce their origami beforehand, and therefore were able to sell a lot. Halo, on the other hand was the most successful, selling a whopping $171 out of Market Day. Florence commented on the outstanding sale. "We worked well as a team, and we helped little kids handle their money, and our marketing was good so people came to us. Our products were aimed for kids of pretty much all ages, and most liked products were toy chickens and fun photos.” They also got the most awards, garnering somewhere around 3-5 awards. Last but certainly not least, Crafty’s was truly the only store to truly contest Halo’s amount of awards. Unfortunately, they also sold the least, and the number we shall not disclose, out of all due respect for the group. Crafty’s sold a very unique assortment of products, from pom-poms and Jack-In-The-Boxes to origami and clay sculptures. They truly were an underdog in this Market Day.

All in all, all of the groups did an amazing effort with preliminary production and handling the massive crowds on Market Day. Everything went smoothly for the most part, with advertising, and handling the massive crowds at Market Day very well. Everyone was very cooperative, and there were, and I can honestly say this, no fights. Hopefully, next year, when something like this happens, it will be even bigger and better than before!

Nate and Claire




Abbotsford DNA Through Time Performance

The Fathering Project - Communicating

Thank you to Shane and Mark for leading this very successful first event for the Fathering Project.

We hope you will take the chance to join the APS Dads' Group portal where you will find useful resources for all things 'fathering.'

If you are interested in helping out with leading the next events, please do get in touch too!

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