2022 APS Newsletter Issue 10

Junior School Council Report

Hello again! I’m your school captain, Florence, and I am here to talk to you about some things that are happening at school.

Firstly, I would like to inform you about the school movie. On Wednesday, we had a special meeting about the film with the committee where we organised everyone's jobs and talked about the audition that is happening in three weeks. It was fun and exciting to think that the movie idea is really coming together. 


Secondly, we have the Moon Lantern Festival to look forward to! This year we don’t have Ruby 老师 teaching us traditional Chinese dances, we have Crystal 老师 and Jane 老师 come and teach us Greek, Italian, ballet and other dances instead. We are learning a lot of footworks and different arm movements which a lot of us think is cool and unique. Thank you Crystal 老师 and Jane 老师 for teaching us these dances. Our Moon Lantern Festival this year is going to be amazing!

SAVE THE DATE: 5-7:30pm, Thursday, 15 September 2022

Lastly, if you are 8 or over please remember to bring a mask to school. Let’s try to make sure no one gets sick! Wear a mask so you can protect your friends and teachers from getting COVID 19.

I hope you have had an awesome start to our second half of the school year as much as I have! Thanks for reading!


Principal's Report

Dear Parents, Carers and Community Members,

Welcome back to a rather freezing Term 3!

Hope you had a nice break and have settled back into a routine conducive for learning.

Welcome to 2023 Families
Last Friday, we hosted a casual gathering in the Adventure Playground for families joining us in 2023. Next year, the school will have 2 classes of Foundation, before returning to 1 class of Foundation from 2024.

We have had a lot of interest for 2023 enrolment, and for the first time the school has had to enforce the Enrolment Policy. To ensure that any younger siblings of existing APS families are accounted for...

LAST CALL for any families that have a younger sibling entering Foundation in 2023! We really need to hear from you ASAP before we give out the places to those from out of the zone.

For other year levels, we currently have openings in Years 1, 2, 4 and 6 of 2023. If you know of potential students who may benefit from our program in these year levels, please encourage them to contact us and sign up to a school tour! (Note: Mandarin proficiency is not required for Year 1 or 2 entry, but required for Year 3 or above.)

Goodbye, Sercan!
Sadly, Sercan, our current Integration Aide, will be saying goodbye to us from mid-next week. We thank him for his commited effort to work with a range of students over the last 2 years and the special rapport he has evidently built with almost every child at the school.

We wish him every success at his new school, Broadmeadows PS, and we hope he will come back to visit us every now and then!

In the meantime, a newly designed Integration Aide role has been advertised on DET's Recruitment Online under Job ID 1286363 (closing Monday). The role is Part-Time (0.9FTE), ongoing, and offers more opportunities for a new staff member to work closely with the teaching team and have the space to engage with the community.

If you can think of anyone that may be suitable for the role, please refer them to the job ad!

Year 3 Seeing the World
Today, Year 3 students finished the 2022 global engagement project with their buddy class through the "Seeing the World" project designed by ThereforEd in conjunction with the Department of Education at National Taipei University of Education.

The event was very successful, with every student being able to engage with a partner studying English as part of a summer camp program in Taiwan. I believe many topics were talked about, so if you see a Year 3, definitely ask them about their experience!

Thank you to Jasmine laoshi for the organisation and preparation involved!

Special Egg Review
To finish with something light, here is a special review of the egg laid by Silky or Velvet laid yesterday from Llyod.

At school one of the chickens laid an egg and I got to keep it! I went home with the egg and my dad washed it.

After he put it in the fridge, he got the pan and put some butter and cracked the egg. It was sizzling until it was cooked to perfection.

My dad got the toast and dropped it in the toaster then I had a yummy egg and toast. The egg was tasty and creamy and the toast was golden brown.

I definitely recommend farm eggs!

If you would like to try one of our APS farm eggs too, work out how to ask in Chinese and we can put you on a wait list for upcoming eggs!


Have a great weekend, and stay warm!

Stanley xiaozhang

Social Skills in the Post-COVID World

On Monday, students from Years 2-4 participate in a series of challenges designed to challenge their team building skills. This specific incursion was organised in response to some of undesirable behaviours we observed in Term 2 (and my infamous assembly speech on my disappointment of the matter.)

Under Melissa's leadership, the School Council discussed ways in which it could support student wellbeing and socialisation in one of the Term 2 meetings, and thanks to Jess, the suggestion of running team building activities was raised, and she was even kind enough to have contacted the provider, Urban Quest, for a quote on our behalf.

The team-building morning was a massive success. We saw many students engage in the challenges with peers they may not normally work with in a way that was really unprecedented. The students had a very productive time  learning to appreciate teamwork in a different light, and here is a little recount from them:

On Monday morning, Serge from ‘Urban Quest’ came to our school and set up a team challenge activity for students from Years 2, 3 & 4. We had to get into teams and solve lots of riddles and tasks before the time ran out. Each team had a leader. We had to get over the lava, call ‘Superteacher’ on the school phone, work out codes and open combination locks, use video clues and move around to different areas to complete our tasks. The winning team got a gold trophy.

“It was fun but very competitive.”

“It was fun but a bit chaotic”

“It was very fun and it pushed my brain to win”

“It was really fun, even though some of the problems were tricky”


While the increase of behavioural challenges during play time and team-based activities in class is not unique to Abbotsford PS, Caroline and I have really had student wellbeing at the front and centre of our mind heading into 2022. In Semester 1, this included:
  • the refurbishment of the Wellbeing Centre and purchasing of equipment to create a de-escalation space;
  • re-conceptualising our school yard to be more inclusive of different social needs;
  • introduction of peer mediation / buddy bench with a volunteer student group;
  • introduction of the Fathering Project to leverage father engagement with student learning and wellbeing;
  • successful application of additional funding to offer in-house counselling (1 day a week); and,
  • partnership with Mzuri Dance to connect with families through African drumming, dancing and parent focus groups.
In Semester 2, we will continue the effort in student wellbeing by:
  • hosting two placement students from Master of Dance and Movement Therapy from UniMelb in addition to the existing partnership with Master of Art Therapy at LTU;
  • having all staff complete the last module of Berry Street Education Model's training around trauma-informed practices and department training for Units 7 and 8 of Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships;
  • sending interested staff members to mental health professional development workshops run by Headspace;
  • increasing the curriculum hours for Wellbeing from 1 to 3 sessions per fortnight;
  • hosting an anti-bullying themed drama production in Week 4;
  • piloting the SkillsBuilder Global Accelerator Program focusing on the soft skills;
  • updating school policies to be in line with the new Child Safety Standards; and,
  • investigating ways in which student leadership, agency and voice can be more prominantly embedded into the APS culture.

We hope together, these strategies can support the growing wellbeing needs of our students in face of the volatility and uncertainty of the post-COVID world, and gradually transform the school as both a centre for learning, as well as a centre for wellbeing.

Semester 2 Assembly Schedule

Term 3
Week 1 - 15 July- No class allocated
Week 3 - 29 July- 1A
Week 7 - 26 August- 6A
Week 9 - 9 September- 4A

Term 4
Week 1- 7 October- FA/FB
Week 3- 21 October- 5A
Week 5- 4 November- 3A
Week 7- 18 November- 2A
Week 9- 2 December- Junior School Council Election
Week 11- 16 December- Year 6 Graduation Ceremony (TBC)

APS Trivia Night - 19 Aug 2022 (Save the Date)

Come and join us for this fun fundraising event!

The Fathering Project - Family Time & Semester 2 Events

Thank you to those who joined us for the Term 2 Event!

If you haven't had a chance to join the Dads Group online for access to resources, the link is here!

We now have the dates for the Semester 2 Events!

Save the date:

  • Term 3 - Friday, 2 September @ 5-7pm
  • Term 4 - Friday, 18 November (Time TBC)
Both events are likely to be held offsite in the Abbotsford / Richmond area.

The exact activity and format will be announced closer to date, but both will be designed as adult only events.

Camp Australia Full-Day Programs 12 August & 2 September

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, 27 Jul
F-2 ArtVO Excursion

Thursday, 28 Jul
100 Days of Prep

Friday, 29 Jul (NEW)
Secondhand Uniform Sale (8:40-9:00am)
Assembly (9:05-9:45am)

Tuesday, 2 Aug
English Info Night (3:45-4:45pm)
School Council Meeting (6:30-8:30pm)

Friday, 5 Aug
"Saving Lil and Archie" Anti-Bullying Incursion (9:30-10:30am)

Friday, 12 Aug
Curriculum Day 2 (PUPIL FREE DAY)

Monday, 15 Aug - Friday, 19 Aug
Science Week

Monday, 15 Aug
STEM Afternoon Rotational Activities

Wednesday, 17 Aug
District Athletics Day (Years 5 and 6)

Friday, 19 Aug
APS Trivia Night (6:30pm-) - adults only

Monday, 22 Aug - Friday, 26 Aug

Book Week

Friday, 26 Aug
Assembly (9:05-9:45am)
Book Week Parade (9:45-10am)

Friday, 2 Sep (NEW)
Term 3 Common PD Day (PUPIL FREE DAY)
Term 3 Fathering Project Event (5:00-7:00pm)

Friday, 9 Sep
Assembly (9:05-9:45am)

Thursday, 15 Sep
Moon Lantern Festival (5:00-7:30pm)

Friday, 16 Sep
Early Finish at 2:30pm

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