2022 APS Newsletter Issue 13

Junior School Council Report


My name is Darani and my name is Nhi. We are the Yellow and Blue House Captains. 

As part of our moon lantern festival preparations, students have worked on their lanterns' making with their classroom teachers, and worked with Crystal and Jane on the moon lantern dances. For the performance, each class has its own dance. The Year 5/6 students have been studying a traditional Greek dance and an Italian folk dance, and the Year 3/4 students will be doing a traditional Chinese dance and a Ballet dance. The Year 1/2s will be doing a Chinese Martial arts dance. The Foundation classes will be singing and dancing during the performance.

Important notice for the moon lantern festival, you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is at least 18 years old. Bring money for the food and drink stalls around the yard. You can also bring your own food and drink.

Last week, we discussed the APS movie with Kit's dad, Qiao. We learned when to begin filming, editing, and more from him. We worked with him to determine what materials to use and where to place the cameras. Florence also had her first cast meeting this week. Before the school holidays, all of the casts will be rehearsed so that actors would be more familiar with it and could practice it better during the holidays.

And finally the grade 5s and 6s have been doing peer mediation. Peer mediators are junior yard duty teachers and they are in training to help solve kids problems in the yard at lunch time between 1:10-1:50. Our peer mediators follow a script that the teachers have made in order to help others during a conflict in the yard.

That is all from us.

             Darani                          Nhi

Principal's Report

Dear Parents, Carers and Community Members,

The last two weeks have been difficult for Abbotsford Primary School, with two staff members down. Fingers crossed that winter is now over and we are at the tail end of the staffing shortage crisis...

Book Week
Big thank you to Travis for organising this year's Book Week festivities. It was great to see the enthusiasm our students showed for reading, which is credit to both parents/carers and our teachers.

Don't forget to check out our special staff dress up collection on our Instagram!

Visit by Plympton International College
Last Thursday and Friday, Abbotsford PS, Richmond West PS and Richmond High School co-hosted a visit by Amy Whyte (Principal) and Erik Ma (Leader of Bilingual and Global Perspectives) from South Australia. The two guests were very impressed by the programs offered by the three schools, which we know differ in own ways, but at a high level, also collaborative in forming a cluster for Chinese English bilingual education.

The purpose of the Amy and Erik's visit was to understand our context and discuss the possibility of exchange opportunities that would benefit both staff and students in 2023. Ideas discussed included potential 'immersion camp' for students from all schools, as well as potential staff shadowing, so that we can learn from one another.

In October this year, Abbotsford PS, Richmond West PS and Richmond High School will be co-hosting the inaugural Intensive Chinese Network Conference.

We look forward to welcoming teachers working in the Chinese English bilingual and CLIL space around Australia to our schools. We are also pleased that two experts in the fields of Chinese language education and bilingual education from UniSA will be delivering the keynote presentation and leading the panel discussion for the conference. We thank Plympton International College for recommending these experts and supporting a team of 10 South Australian teachers to join us in this tailor-made professional development opportunity.

Vision for Bilingual Education in Victoria
Over the last six months, I have been leading a project wearing my hat as an Executive Member in the Bilingual Schools Principals' Network. The project aims to raise awareness for bilingual education and prompt a conversation among decision makers about developing a collective vision for bilingual education in Victoria.

We hope the outcomes of the project would see structural changes that would support the longevitiy of exisitng bilingual programs, as well as see more equitable access and participation in bilingual education in Victoria.

During this project, I have had the honour of representing APS in engaging with some of the leading academics in this field from both the University of Melbourne and Monash University, as well as community organisations that have a strong interest in this area, including Asia Society Australia.

One of the strategies around lifiting visibility has been creating a website for the Bilingual Schools Network. On the website, you will be able to see the vision for what we hope to achieve as a collective and an elaboration paper with research-backed evidence.

There is also a Facebook Page and we would appreciate your support with a "like" to help generate some momentum and readership.

I would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge the support of the School Council in this work, particularly the Marketing Sub-Committee, for the time and effort in helping with focus groups, strategic discussions and support letters this term.

Welcome to Sarah
Next Monday, we will be welcoming a new part-time staff member, Sarah Huang, to the APS Staff Team. Sarah will be joining us on a temporary basis to support the Chinese literacy intervention. Sarah was a former APS staff from more than 20 years ago and we looking forward to having her join us once again!

Looking Ahead
In Term 4, we are introducing a new clinic on Thursday afternoons - Footy. We have come across an experienced footy clinics provider and we hope the addition will broaden our sports offering. There are 2 Make A Difference Funding (Free) spots and families with CSEF are also eligible to use CSEF for footy.

We have also had to move the Class of 2022 Graduation Ceremony from Term 4 Week 11 Friday (16 Dec) to Term 4 Week 12 Monday (19 Dec). Please see Upcoming Events article for more Term 4 dates.


Have a wonderful long weekend, and for those who are attending the Fathering Project Term 3 Event, hope you had a great time connecting with each other!

Stanley xiaozhang

2022 Book Week

Pirates, superheroes and a menagerie of magical creatures were found around the school last Friday as we celebrated our love of reading for Book Week. After the previous two years of disrupted celebrations, there was a happy buzz found around the school as students enjoyed the collaborative nature of the day. This year's theme is 'Dreaming With Eyes Open' and throughout the week, the students read and responded to some of this year's Children's Book Council of Australia (CBCA) shortlisted books in English lessons. This year's nominated texts include themes such as climate change, pollution, friendship, hope and persistence. These provided a springboard for reflection and rich discussions in classrooms. 

After Friday's assembly, the students relocated to parade their costumes around the basketball courts. Thankfully, the weather held off for us to enjoy everyone's efforts.

Later in the day, the students formed multi-age groups to participate in more creative responses to CBCA nominated texts. It was fantastic to see them suggesting ideas and offering assistance to each other as they worked with students from other classes. Activities ranged from junior students using craft materials to depict a character or setting to seniors using the illustrators' techniques to create a scene in a similar style. 

Copies of this year's Book Week nominated texts have been purchased for both school libraries. The shortlisted and winning texts are:

Picture Book of the Year

  • Blue Flower (Sonya Hartnett, illus by Gabriel Evans)
  • The Boy and the Elephant (Freya Blackwood)
  • Iceberg (Claire Saxby, illus by Jess Racklyeft) - Winner
  • The Inheritance (Armin Greder)
  • Just One Bee (Margrete Lamond & Anthony Bertini, illus by Christopher Nielsen)
  • Stellarphant (James Foley)

Book of the Year: Early Childhood

  • Amira’s Suitcase (Vikki Conley, illus by Nicky Johnston)
  • Jetty Jumping (Andrea Rowe, illus by Hannah Sommerville) - Winner
  • Walk of the Whales (Nick Bland)
  • What Do You Call Your Grandma? (Ashleigh Barton, illus by Martina Heiduczek)
  • When the Waterhole Dries Up (Kaye Baillie, illus by Max Hamilton)
  • Winston and the Indoor Cat (Leila Rudge)

Thank you once again for your support. We look forward to more Book Week festivities in 2023!

The Fathering Project - Life Balance

Thank you to Shane and Mark for organising and running the Term 3 Event! Hope everyone who attended had a great time!

Upcoming Events

Friday, 9 Sep
Assembly (9:05-9:45am)
Maths Info Session (9:50-10:40am)

Thursday, 15 Sep
Moon Lantern Festival (5:00-7:30pm)
  • 5:00-5:30pm - Food Market
  • 5:30-6:00pm - Student Dance Performances (please arrive by 5:15)
  • 6:00-6:15pm - 145th Anniversary Formalities
  • 6:15-6:45pm - More Food and Archive Gallery Walk
  • 6:45-7:00pm - Lantern Parade Preparation
  • 7:00-7:30pm - Lantern Parade
Friday, 16 Sep
Early Finish at 2:30pm


Monday, 3 Oct
Term 4 Begins

Tuesday, 11 Oct
School council (6:30-8:30pm)

Thursday, 13 Oct
Year 3/4 Arts Centre Excursion

Wednesday, 19 Oct
Year 5/6 Parliament House Excursion

Tuesday, 25 Oct
School Council (6:30-8:30pm)

Wednesday, 26 Oct
"Getting Your Child Ready for School" - Online Presentation for Prospective Parents (3:50-4:50pm)

Monday, 31 Oct
Curriculum Day 3 (Student Free Day)

Tuesday, 1 Nov
Melbourne Cup Day (Public Holiday)

Wednesday, 9 Nov - Friday, 11 Nov
Year 3-6 School Camp

Thursday, 17 Nov
Onsite Transition Experience for Prospective Students (9am-1pm TBC)

Friday, 18 Nov
The Fathering Project Term 4 Event (4pm @ Richmond high School)

Tuesday, 22 Nov
School Council (6:30-8:30pm)

Monday, 28 Nov
Curriculum Day 4 (Student Free Day)

Monday, 12 Dec
Class of 2022 Luna Park Day

Tuesday, 13 Dec
Statewide Transition Day
School Council (6:30-8:30pm)

Thursday, 15 Dec
End-of-Year Picnic

Monday, 19 Dec (NEW DATE)
Class of 2022 Graduation (2pm start)

Tuesday, 20 Dec
Term 4 Ends (Early finish at 1pm)

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