2022 APS Newsletter Issue 16

Hats off to Teachers - 2022 World Teachers' Day

Hi Everyone,

Today is World Teachers’ Day.

I know the Abbotsford community appreciates and thanks our wonderful teachers everyday, but I think it’s important on World Teachers’ Day to say an extra special thank you to all the amazing teachers and staff we have at APS. Your Resilience, dedication and commitment are truly incredible.

Happy World Teachers’ Day! #WTD2022  #APS #BilingualEducation

Mel Hii

On behalf of School Council

Junior School Council Report

Hi everyone, 

It’s Sophia from 3A & Rocco from 4A. We are the Senior School Representatives on the Junior School Council. 

We will be sharing school news from last fortnight.

Year 3 & 4 Arts Centre Visit 

We watched a play called ARC. 

ARC was about Endangered and Extinct animals and how we can care for them instead of hurting them. A highlight from the excursion was when a puppet cassowary came onto the stage and roamed around. The music made everything more intense because we knew that cassowaries were dangerous. Grade 3/4 enjoyed the play a lot and we hope to do something like that again.


The Grade 3s have been learning about fruits and nouns that are found  in our classroom. Grade 4s have been learning about animals and body parts. 

Science crystal making 

Year 3 to 6 have been making crystals in science using hot water, sugar and salt. Students are all working together in groups . 

Year 5 & 6 Parliament House Visit

Year 5 and 6s have been researching and writing about important events in history. In Integrated Studies they are learning about how elections work and democracy. 

Aspire Higher Leadership conference

On Thursday the 27th October the Year 5 and 6s had their Aspire higher leadership conference. It was packed with inspiring excellent information to help the Year 5 & 6s be great leaders.
Year 1 and 2

Grade 1s in English have been making pigeon books.

In spelling they were doing CVC which is sorting words.

The grade 2s in maths have been learning addition and subtraction in Chinese.

And in Chinese they have been unjumbling jumbled up sentences.


In Spelling for Foundation they have been learning how to write sentences.

In Chinese they have been learning about animals at the farm.

And in maths they have been learning addition.

Halloween Dress up

On Thursday we all dressed up in our Halloween costumes and we hope everyone enjoyed it. There were alot of very unique costumes. We would like to say Great job to the people who dressed up and you can say excited for the upcoming House Competition.

Sophia                   Rocco

School Council Update

Hello School Community!

It’s crazy to think we’re almost half way through Term 4 already! What an amazing year it has been.

On 19 August 2022, APS’ Annual Trivia Night was hosted by our incredible Fundraising and Community Events Committee. Special thanks to Lisa, Gayle and Debra for organising the event.

This year we had a new venue and School Council and the Fundraising and Community Events Sub-Committee has had a lot of positive feedback about the change of venue.  The event was a huge success, a special thank you to our very gracious trivia host (Violet’s dad) who kept the crowd thoroughly entertained as always.

Congratulations to the Grade 2 parents who won the evening!

On 2 September, 2022, The Fathering Project team also hosted its second event this year. Thanks to Shane and Mark for organising a tour at Brogan's Way for the fathers that attended, and it is great to see the fathers connect through this new School Council initiative.

On 15 September 2022, APS celebrated the Moon Lantern Festival and our 145th anniversary. It was so nice to have everyone on site for the first major school event since we stopped having COVID lockdowns.

The performances by the classes were thoroughly enjoyed by all a special thank you to Jasmine laoshi, Jane laoshi and Crystal laoshi for their tireless work and dedication to helping the classes perfect their performances.

Throughout Terms 2 and 3, we were awarded a number of grants and awards including;

  1. Nelson Alexander Grant for Communities ($1,500);
  2. Victorian School Garden Program ($1,000); and
  3. Ausflora Pacific – Coloudful Garden Grant ($500)

These grants would not have been possible without the dedication and effort of the Education Sub-Committee and the Working Bee Sub-Ccommittee, consisted of: Virginia, Debra, Lizzie, Mel Yap, Gideon, Jessica, and Charissa. A special thank you to those sub-committee members.

Good luck in the lead up to the end of year!

Don’t forget to put the End of Year Picnic in your diaries
=> 15:45-17:45 on Thursday, 15 December!

Mel Hii
School Council President

Principal's Report

Dear Parents, Carers and Community Members,

The last fortnight has been extremely... rainy, to say the least!

Term 4 has gone full steam ahead with incursions, excursions, leadership and health workshops and even a Halloween Dress Up Day in the matter of two short weeks. Thank you to our staff for the organisation of these wonderful opportunities for the students!

Victorian Multicultural Awards for Excellence

In Term 3, with the support and encouragement of the School Council, APS applied to the 2022 Victorian Multicultural Awards for Excellence under the School Education category to showcase the design features of our Global Engagement strategy and projects in developing students' intercultural understanding.

We were advised this month that the school has been selected as a recipient of the Highly Commended Award under the School Education category! We were also the only government school to have been selected this year, and Melissa (School Council President) and I had the honour of attending the awards ceremony at Government House on Tuesday evening this week.

Special thanks to the APS teachers for serving as the windows of contact and program designers behind each of our international inter-school connections, in Taiwan, China and Malaysia. We have thoroughly enjoyed inspirations and friendships that have come out of these Global Engagement projects, and I strongly believe that a global perspective and mindset are best fostered from a young age through frequent international engagements that promote a sense of connectedness.

Please see:

Updated School Policies

As previously mentioned, the introduction of the new Child Safe Standards in July has meant that a suite of school policies must be updated to meet the changes to the Child Safe Standards.

This process has included:
  • a review of existing policies to ensure that details reflect the post-COVID realities;
  • consultation with the School Council;
  • call for feedback via the newsletter to the broader school community; and,
  • discussion with the Junior School Council.
Over the last 4 months, Lizzie, our current Child Safety Officer, has been leading this process with great efficiency and integrity.

We are pleased to inform the school community that the following suite of school policies has been updated:
This week, the School Council has also approved the 2023 Voluntary Contributions (aka. Parent Payments Policy). The new policy can be found on the APS website via Home > Community > 2023 Voluntary Contributions.

Please note that we are not quite ready to accept 2023 voluntary contributions yet. Marianna will make a formal announcement and set up the relevant payment links on Compass by mid/late November.

However, if you are still interested in making 2022 voluntary contributions, please see Marianna who can arrange that for you at APS Reception.


My thoughts are with those currently affected by the flooding and torrential rain. Please stay safe during this very wet season!

Stanley xiaozhang

Victorian Multicultural Awards for Excellence

APS awarded Highly Commended for The 2022 Victorian Multicultural Awards for Excellence - School Education Category!

The Victorian Multicultural Awards for Excellence recognise, celebrate and appreciate outstanding Victorians and organisations for their service to multicultural Victoria.

Now in its 21st year, these annual awards are proudly coordinated by the Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC).

The Multicultural Awards for Excellence (MAEs) formally recognise people and organisations who have fostered cross-cultural understanding and supported those with migrant, refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds to fully participate in all aspects of Victorian life.

The 2022 award recipients were honoured at a ceremony at Government House on Tuesday 25 October 2022.


And we were one of the recipients and the only government school recipient in 2022!

To learn more and see the list of award recipients, please visit the 2022 Awards page.

Upcoming Events

Monday, 31 Oct
Curriculum Day 3 (Student Free Day)

Tuesday, 1 Nov
Melbourne Cup Day (Public Holiday)

Friday, 4 Nov
Assembly (9:05-9:45am)
Swimming (Session 4)

Wednesday, 9 Nov - Friday, 11 Nov
Year 3-6 School Camp

Friday, 11 Nov
Swimming (Session 5)

Thursday, 17 Nov
Onsite Transition Experience for Prospective Foundation Students
  • Surname A-K: 9:10am-10:30am
  • Surname L-Z: 11:30am-12:50pm
Friday, 18 Nov
Assembly (9:05-9:45am)
Swimming (Session 6)
Year 3/4 District Cricket Blast
The Fathering Project Term 4 Event (3:45pm @ Richmond High School)

Tuesday, 22 Nov
School Council (6:30-8:30pm)

Friday, 25 Nov
Swimming (Session 7)

Monday, 28 Nov
Curriculum Day 4 (Student Free Day)

Friday, 2 Dec
Assembly (9:05-9:45am)
Swimming (Session 8)

Monday, 12 Dec
Class of 2022 Luna Park Day

Tuesday, 13 Dec
Statewide Transition Day
  • Year 6 to attend transition day activities in secondary school
  • New Year 1-6 students are welcome to come to APS between 11:10-13:10
School Council (6:30-8:30pm) - all Sub-Committee members invited!

Thursday, 15 Dec
End-of-Year Picnic (3:45-5:45pm)

Friday, 16 Dec
Class of 2022 Graduation (2pm start)
Reports published

Tuesday, 20 Dec
Term 4 Ends (Early finish at 1pm)

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