2023 APS Newsletter Issue 5

2023 Issue 5- Term 1

Junior School Council Report

Junior School Council report Newsletter Week 11 Term 1 

Wattle House fundraising
Thank you everyone for participating in the Drawing competition. There were some fantastic pictures and everyone was very enthusiastic! We raised a total of $ 408   😀
The overall class area winners of a $25 Officeworks gift voucher each are:
Nina C- Foundation
Chiara P- 1/2
Ciara K- 3/4
Alanah S- 5/6

Special Junior School Council acknowledgment prizes:
Senior School- Bobby V- 56A- a b&w pencil drawing pack
Junior School- Callum S- FB- a water colour paint pack

CONGRATUALTIONS TO ALL THE WINNERS and thankyou to all students who entered and voted!
(Have a look at our Instragram page for photos of the winners!)

Classroom news:

Foundation students have been writing in their journals. In Chinese they have been tracing Chinese characters.

1/2 students have been making a Chinese Little Red Riding Hood play and in English they have been learning about animal habitats.

3/4 students in Chinese/Math have been learning about times on an analog clock and in English they have been looking at very old artefacts like wombats fur and boomerangs.

Year 5/6 students have been designing T-shirts for Integrated Studies to describe who we are and doing a lot of writing in Chinese and English about anything.

Gala Day:
On the 31st March students from 5/6  went to Gala Day. We played basketball at Collingwood College and newcombe at Richmond West. We all agreed we had fun and  we hope we can do it again next year

We would like to thank parents who helped walk us to and from Collingwood College or Richmond West PS. Thank you! 
By Sophia & Rocco

Rocco-              Sophia-
Vice Captain      Senior School Representative


Principal's Report

Well we made it!

After a long first term we are at the holiday mark! Over the past fortnight, classes have been settled and working well with their teachers.
We look forward to enjoying our break but to then coming back re-energised and settling quickly into routines and learning habits for Term 2.

Interschool Sports-Gala Day
Last Friday 31st March, 5/6 students represented our school in the District Schools Sports Gala Day. They participated in Newcomb and Basketball and by all accounts it was a great day. I always feel very proud of our students when they go into a mixed school environment. They uphold our school values, play with heart and always give it their best. We may not walk away overall victors but they demonstrate good sportsperson ship, which is something we try and encourage at all times. We are very proud of our students and I want to thank them for their enthusiasm and participation.

Wattle House Drawing Competition Fundraiser
Thank you to all the students and parents who participated in the Wattle House Drawing Competition Fundraiser!
Junior School Council counted up votes and announced the winners yesterday. We had some very proud students and rightly so!! Please refer to the Junior School Council Report and to our Instagram for more information and photographs of the winning students with their works. The works are also on display in the Atrium.

Working Bee
Thanks to those people who attended the after school Working Bee last Friday. Many hands make light work and we managed to clean out the shed, throw away broken furniture as well as move some plants and the compost bins.
I also want to mention and thank the students that participated. There are a regular bunch of kids that are always up for Garden Club and their enthusiasm and assistance is appreciated!
Developing the school grounds and gardens is a work in progress and one we are keen to keep momentum up on. We hope to make this a regular event and will plan one for each term. 


I wish all families a safe, happy and restful break. Whether you plan on going away or staying closer to home, I hope you enjoy spending some time together. To our students: please ensure you look after yourselves and practice healthy habits. Read some books, watch some movies, go for walks, spend time outside, if possible with friends and don’t stay up toooo late! We want you back at school feeling refreshed and enthusiastic about your next stages of learning.
I also want to thank and acknowledge the families that are looking after our chickens over the holidays. I'm sure they appreciate a clucking chat with you while they miss the everyday kids chatter!

Term 2 dates
Staff will return to school on Monday 24th April. This is a curriculum day for us and we will be using it to prepare for students return on Wednesday 26th April. Please ensure that students come to school with jackets to suit the cooler weather, and make sure they are clearly labelled with their name please.

Term 2 Staffing Arrangements
It is with mixed feelings that we acknowledge both the leaving and the return of some staff members. Sad because it is unfortunate that we are saying goodbye to staff who have been with us this term, and happy because we welcome other staff back after their LSL.
My Hoa will return to Foundation A and B, Travis will return to 1/2A and B, and Hao to 5/6A, Digi Tech and P.E.

A huge thank you to Leah, Shuyin, Zoran and Lixia who filled their Long Service Leave positions. They have each been an asset to our school. Not only have they built solid relationships with students and staff alike, they have worked to maintain the high expectations our ongoing teachers have established. We have valued their time at APS and thank them for their positive and professional contributions. We wish them well on their forthcoming endeavours and hope to see all of them again at some stage in the future.

I had the pleasure of meeting Keith McNeill last Thursday. He came and spent a day at APS, meeting students and staff and had the opportunity to speak to some families. Keith was impressed by the way in which our students greeted him and were so friendly. He enjoyed walking around the school grounds and becoming familiar with our environment. He commented that it felt really great to be here and that he can’t wait to start!
We welcome him to Abbotsford Primary School and look forward to him commencing as the Substantive Principal, Term 2.

As of Term 2, I will resume my role as the school’s Leading Teacher, and once again take up the teaching responsibility of Visual Arts specialist teacher. I look forward to getting back into the Art Room and working with our talented students once more. Please note that I will also resume a reduced time fraction and so you will be seeing a little less of me!

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the school community for their trust and support during this term. It has been an absolute honour and a pleasure leading the school in the Acting Principal position. The APS staff team have worked brilliantly together to assist in guiding the school through this transitional phase. I would like to acknowledge and thank this dedicated, caring and hard working group of people.

Kind regards and happy holiday!!!


Elizabeth Sarroff
Acting Principal

School Photos

School Photos 2023 – Abbotsford Primary School

Annual school photos have been taken by Arthur Reed Photos.

To view the images of your child and order photos, you will need to first register online.

  1. Go to https://order.arphotos.com.au and enter the 2023 image code for your child (from their personalized flyer)
  2. Tap on ‘Add another child’ to enter the image codes of any siblings
  3. Fill in your email and mobile details and then review all details before confirming your registration

That’s it! When 2023 photos are ready, you will be notified by email and SMS.

Even if you registered last year, it’s important that you do it again each year using your child’s new image code to link their photos for the current year with your contact details.

To ensure you are ordering school photos for the current year, please wait for notifications that 2023 images are online before placing orders.

In the webshop you can view photos and customize your photo package; Choose ANY layout, ANY image and purchase multiple digital image downloads.

All photo orders will be sent directly to the address you provide when ordering.

REGISTER ONLINE NOW to be notified when 2023 school photos can be viewed and ordered.

If you have lost your unique code, please email the school.

Curriculum Day 24 April 2023

Please see below information about the Full-Day program offered by Camp Australia for the Pupil Free Day on Monday 24th of April.

Upcoming Events

Monday, 24 April
Curriculum Day- Pupil Free

Tuesday, 25 April
ANZAC DAY (Public Holiday)

Wednesday, 26 April
Term 2 Starts, Students Resume

Sunday, 30 April
Movie Fundraiser - Super Mario Bros Movie (Vic Gardens Hoyts)

Community Noticeboard


These holidays join one of our adult - child classes between 10am and 12pm for half price and make some meaning and purpose from the cross generational connection you share.

Monday - Friday 17th - 21st of April, 10am - 12pm.

Wheel Throwing, Ceramic Painting, (Hand building, Tuesday 18th only).

Mayfield Street is aspiring toward creating more intergenerational opportunities. We can learn a great deal from one another regardless of age, this is especially true with young and old.
Individual Ticket $50




We are excited to once again promote the Tuning in to Teens program for parents/carers of Year 5-6 students. This 6-session, interactive, small-group program will be held at Bargoonga Nganjin (North Fitzroy Library) next term on Wednesday mornings. Tuning in to Teens  is a great opportunity to better understand and help your child as they prepare to navigate high school and adolescence. The program helps you reflect on how you can strengthen your relationship with your child and build their emotional intelligence. More information in the flyer below.

Wednesday mornings 10am-12pm at Bargoonga Nganjin (North Fitzroy Library)
Commences 10 May (for 6 weeks)

To register, visit tint-fitzroy.eventbrite.com.au