2023 APS Newsletter Issue 6

2023 Issue 6 - Term 2

Junior School Council Report

Hi everyone, I'm Keira from grade 2 and Hi!, I’m Eli from grade 1.

We will tell you about the start of Term 2.

Grevillea House fundraising

We are planning a scavenger hunt. More information to come.


Classroom news 

Foundation students

In science Foundation students have been learning about light and why light is so important. 

In performing arts they have been practising the glockenspiel and tapping rhythms using sticks. 

Year 1 and 2 students 

In Chinese this Term students learned the words ‘please’ and ‘follow’. In maths they have learned plus and minus and different ways to make numbers.

In English Year 1 & 2 have been learning to write their own stories. They are also making connections with other books we read.

Year 3 and 4 students

In maths students are learning times tables and doubles facts. In english we are making persuasive writing and creative writing. In Chinese class they are learning a pillow fort story in Mandarin Matrix.


Year 5 and 6 students

Students have been learning about decimals and fractions in maths. In writing we have been making our own stories. In P.E the 5/6 we have been doing the cross country running trials and we’ve had a lot of fun.

Eli and Keira
Junior School Reps

Principal's Report

Hello Abbotsford Primary School community. 

Can I first say what a great honour it was to be appointed principal of our great school and what a wonderful start I have had at the school. The kindness, good humour and curiosity of the children has been wonderful as has been the support and professionalism of the staff. Can I also thank all of you parents and carers for making me feel so welcome over the last week or so. I look forward to meeting you all as the year progresses. I am out on yard duty each morning and afternoon so please do come and have a chat. 

I want to pay special thanks to Lizzie for stepping up as acting principal while the principal selection process played out. This can be a challenging time in schools, however Lizzie has ensured that everything ran smoothly which made my transition to principal a seamless one. I would also like to thank the president of school council Melissa Hii for taking on the challenge of chairing the selection panel and for her support in my induction.


Curriculum Day

Day one of this term saw the staff come together to continue working through our Professional Learning Communities training. This training, which is mandated for all Victorian government schools, aims to ensure that teaching teams are effectively focusing on improving student learning and the rigorous use of data to inform teaching and assessment. Of key interest to us on the day, was how we could adapt the tools and processes of the PLC to support our bilingual program most effectively. 

I addition to this, we discussed and rewrote our protocols for staff interactions and meetings, a key strategy in ensuring a harmonious workplace and a strong focus on student learning. We then finished the day by updating our certifications in both Asthma first aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, a yearly requirement for all school staff.


School Tours

School tours continued this week with several more tours scheduled for the term. There has been a lot of interest in the school from prospective parents. The pride our students have in their school was obvious for all to see as we toured the school, their behaviour and focus on their learning was wonderful to see. 

Recent changes to the department’s enrolment policy have created some challenges for bilingual schools with regard to enrolment on curriculum grounds. However I am aware that work is being done to support bilingual schools in this regard and I will update the community as information comes to hand.


Mould Remediation

Over the school holidays mould remediation works were completed in the school. Thanks to Marianna and Lizzie for organising this and for ensuring that disruption to school operations were kept to a minimum. We are currently in the process of obtaining quotes to have cabinetry constructed and installed so that the room can be returned to full use. I will keep the community updated regarding this process.


Student Attitudes to School Survey

The department’s annual well-being survey will be undertaken by students in years 4, 5 and 6 in the next few weeks. Specific information regarding the survey and parent consent will be sent out early next week via compass.


School Visitors

We have had a range of visitors to the school already this term. We are currently hosting two teachers from Plympton P-12 International College, a bilingual school in South Australia. The teachers are spending time in class and in planning with our teachers to build their understanding of our bilingual program. FangNi and Cheng will travel to South Australia later in the term to repeat the process at Plympton.

Keith McNeill

School Council Update

Hi Abbotsford Community!

Happy term 2 and happy term 2 School Council update.

We’re thrilled to have had Keith start as principal will lead Abbotsford’s next phase.

We welcome back Travis and Hao from their long service leaves and trust they’re rested and ready for the challenges of 2023.

The Education subcommittee together with the Student Representative Council has started all the hard work necessary to bring the inaugural School House Sports Carnival to life. The afternoon of Friday 9 June 2023 has been locked in for this exciting event. There will be a call out for volunteers to assist shortly. Please remember to put your suggestions in the Education Subcommittee suggestion box which is located in the office by 12 May 2023.

Thanks to the fundraising and community committee for the successful school movie event that was held on 30 April 2023. We raised $916 this money will be used for new playground equipment.

As always, we have a very busy term with lots of fun extra-curricular events to look forward to including Cross Country for the seniors, Fire Education for our Foundation students and a whole school excursion to Science Works!

Melissa Hii

Term 2 - Assembly Schedule

Please see below the dates of the upcoming assemblies and the presenting class:

Friday 12 May - 1/2B Chinese

Friday 26 May - FB English

Friday 9 June - FA Chinese

Friday 23 June - 1/2A English

Smile Squad Visit

Smile Squad is coming to this school!

Dear Abbotsford Primary School families,

The Smile Squad team from North Richmond Community Health are coming to our school on 8th May 2023.

Smile Squad is the Victorian Government free school dental program.

This means all students can get a free dental check-up, preventive services, and treatment.


How to access free dental care

We need your consent before we can provide services. Consent is usually provided by a parent or guardian.

Sign up to Smile Squad at: https://bit.ly/smilesquadvic

OR use the below QR code:


Please complete and submit the consent form by Monday 8th May 2023.

Paper copies of the consent form are available. Please contact the school office if you would like to request one.

The electronic consent form can be translated into more than 100 languages, and the paper form is available in 13 languages.


Do I need to attend my child’s appointment?

No, you do not need to attend your child’s appointment. You can attend if you would like to, and you can take your child to the community dental clinic if you prefer.

The North Richmond Community Health Smile Squad is look forward to seeing you soon.


Upcoming Events

Monday, 8 May to Friday, 19 May
Smile Squad Visit

Friday, 19 May
Fire Education for Foundation students

Friday, 9 June
House Sports Carnival (More details to follow)

Monday, 12 June
Kings Birthday (Public Holiday)

Tuesday, 13 June
Scienceworks Excursion

Friday, 23 June
Term 2 Ends (Early finish at 2:30pm)

Community Noticeboard