2023 APS Newsletter Issue 9

2023 Issue 9 - Term 2

Junior School Council Report

Hello, my name is Ela and I’m Bamboo House captain. Hello, my name is Betty and I’m the Senior JSC representative. This week we are writing about all the happenings at school, in and out of the classroom.


In Chinese, the Foundations have been learning about different types of Chinese characters. In science they have been learning about mirrors and looking at a mirror through a mirror and saw three of themselves. In maths they were adding numbers that they rolled on a dice. And in PE they were practising Netball activities.

Year 1/2

The 1/2 students have been learning to multiply numbers. In Chinese they have been learning the characters for Left å·¦, Right 右   and Behind 后。In writing they have been writing stories. In science they have been learning about light and sound. In music they have been practising a butterfly song.

Year 3/4 

In art the 3/4 have been using different drawing techniques like cross-hatching and smudging. In maths we have been learning different measurements.In Integrated stuid Finally, in writing we have been researching and writing our Information reports.

Year 5/6 

This week the Year 5 & 6 students went to the Winter Gala event. In maths the 5/6 have been learning long division, in Chinese they have been doing hard Chinese tests.

Finally, our excursion to Scienceworks was quite interesting. We went to some cool exhibitions and had some fun activities such as Roller Coaster engineers, build your own car and the Lightning Room. Thank you to all the parents who helped us.

That is everything that has happened in the past few weeks. Have a good weekend.

Betty                           Ela

Principal's Report

Final week of term

The final week of term 2 is upon us. Can I personally thank everyone for their ongoing support and kindness to me this term. I have been able to settle into school life here at Abbotsford quickly and begin the job of principal. Despite the not-so-great weather and the illnesses that have been travelling around the community, we have had a very productive and fun term. Our JSC has been very active with the release of our new house names and the ongoing collation of house points. Lunchtime clubs have been a big hit also with Scratch club, Book club, Drawing club being well attended. A big thank you to the students who give up their time to lead these clubs. Student learning has been focused and fun this term with a particular emphasis on science within the integrated studies classes. This culminated in our excursion to Science Works which is discussed further below. We have also had wonderful support from the parent community this term. From excursion helpers, classroom volunteers, clothing stall sellers and working bee helpers and of course our school council members. Thank you all for a great term.


Refugee week 18 – 24th June

Next week we celebrate Refugee week. This year the theme of Refugee Week is “Finding Freedom.”

What does it mean to be free?  To live without the fear of war, to have your basic human rights upheld, to live in equality and without the fear of persecution are just some of the examples of what freedom can entail. Everyday millions of people across the world embark on dangerous journeys for the sole purpose of finding safety and freedom. From Australia to nations across the globe, settling into a new environment after experiencing the perils of a refugee’s journey can also provide the opportunity to live, to love and to dream. Let us show compassion and celebrate the resilience that makes up parts of our wider community. For freedom should not be an ask, it should be a way of life.  You will see the posters around the school next week and we will be looking for opportunities to explore this topic with children in class.


Science Works excursion

On Tuesday, the entire school went on a wonderful excursion across the Westgate bridge to Science Works. The excursion was a great success with students exploring a variety of excellent exhibits that supported the learning that they have been engaging with in their integrated studies. It was amazing to have so many parent volunteers with us on the day as this certainly made for a better experience for the children. Huge thanks to all of the parents who came on the day, it is really so appreciated. Thanks also to our teaching staff who made the day a possibility, especially Hang who coordinated the organisation of the day. Lastly and most importantly I would like to congratulate our students who engaged so positively with the excursion and behaved in a manner that made us all proud.


Staffing update

I am sad to report that Xavier will be leaving us at the end of this term. He has decided to embark on some well-earned travel and to spend some time with his family. We will certainly all miss Xavier very much and we hope that he can return to Abbotsford Primary one day. We are currently recruiting for Xavier’s replacement, and we anticipate filling the position during the first week of term 3.


Reporting to Parents and parent teacher interviews

Semester reports are being finalised over the next week in preparation for them to be released to parents. We will also be running parent teacher interview in weeks two and three of term three. Consultation is still underway regarding the exact format and timing of the interviews, however full details and booking instructions will be sent out to families via Compass early in week one of next term.

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Upcoming Events

Friday, 23 June
Term 2 Ends (Early finish at 2:30pm)
Parents to receive Semester 1 Reports via Compass
Grevillea House Fundraiser Student Event (Casual Clothes)

Monday, 10 July
Term 3 Starts

Friday, 18 August
Curriculum Day (Pupil Free)

Thursday, 14 September
Moon Lantern Community Festival

Friday, 15 September
Term 3 Ends (Early finish at 2:30pm)