Our Staff



Stanley Wang 王宇生

Bachelor of Arts (Linguistics & Japanese)

Bachelor of Commerce (Economics)

Master of Teaching (Secondary)

Master of Social Sciences (Nonprofit Management)


Bilingual School Network Exec Member

Melbourne Graduate School of Education - External Advisory Board Member


2022 Classes:

Year 5/6 Literacy Extension (French)

Year 5/6 Numeracy Extension


2022 Roles:

Curriculum Leader - Chinese



Fangni Zhou 周方妮

Bachelor of Commerce

Master of Teaching


(Note: on leave for remainder of 2022)

Learning Specialist


2022 Classes:



2022 Roles:



Hang Tran

Bachelor of Education (Primary)


Acting Learning Specialist


2022 Classes:

Year 6 English

Year 6 Mathematics / Integrated Studies

Year 6 Wellbeing


2022 Roles:

Secondary Transition Coordinator

Peer Mediation Coordinator

Student Leadership Coordinator

Schoolwide Teaching & Learning

Curriculum Leader - Mathematics

Curriculum Leader - Wellbeing

Primary Mathematics and Science Specialist (PMSS) Representative

Intervention Leader - Numeracy


Elizabeth Sarroff

Bachelor of Visual Arts

Graduate Diploma in Teaching


Part-Time: M, Tu, W, (Th)

Leading Teacher


2022 Classes:

F-6 Visual Arts


2022 Roles:

Curriculum Leader - Integrated Studies

Schoolwide Administration

Sustainability Coordinator

School Council Member

Library Coordinator



English Teachers


Daniel Clynes

Diploma of Education (Primary Teaching)

Graduate Diploma in Science Education


2022 Classes:

Year 4 English

Year 4 Mathematics / Integrated Studies

Year 4 Wellbeing

F-6 Science


2022 Roles:

Year 4 Home Room Teacher

Intervention Specialist - English Literacy

Camp Coordinator

OH&S and Emergency Management


Cheryl de Jesus

Bachelor of Science (Early Childhood Education)

Master of Teaching (Early Childhood and Primary)

2022 Classes:

Foundation English

Foundation Mathematics / Integrated Studies


2022 Roles:

Foundation A Home Room Teacher

ICT Ambassador

Travis Demarte

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Education (Postgraduate) (Primary)

Certificate in Literacy Leadership

2022 Classes:

Year 1 English

Year 1 Mathematics / Integrated Studies

Year 2 English

Year 2 Mathematics / Integrated Studies


2022 Roles:

Year 2 Home Room Teacher

Curriculum Leader - English

Intervention Specialist - English Literacy

Michael Moxham-Lalor

Bachelor of Education (Primary)


Part-Time: M, Tu, Th

2022 Classes:

Year 2 Wellbeing

Year 5 English

Year 5 Mathematics / Integrated Studies


2022 Roles:

Intervention Specialist - English Literacy

Tiger Liu

Bachelor of Arts (Linguistics and Applied Linguistics)

Master of Teaching (Secondary - Professional Practice)

2022 Classes:

Year 3 English

Year 3 Mathematics / Integrated Studies

F-2 Library

Year 1 Wellbeing

F-6 Chinese Heritage Students


2022 Roles:

Year 3 Home Room Teacher


Chinese Teachers


Hao Chen 陈昊
Bachelor of Teaching

Master of Education (TESOL)


2022 Classes:

Year 4 Chinese

Year 4 Integrated Studies / Mathematics

F-6 Physical Education

Years 3-6 Digital Technologies

Year 5 Wellbeing


2022 Roles:

Media Officer

PE & Sports Coordinator


Ann Chew 周恩恩

Bachelor of Secondary Teaching


(Note: on leave for 2022)

2022 Classes:



2022 Roles:


My Hoa Lam 林美华

Diploma of Teaching

Bachelor of Education

Master of Education

2022 Classes:

Foundation Chinese

Foundation Integrated Studies / Mathematics

Foundation Wellbeing


2022 Roles:

Foundation B Home Room Teacher

Cultural Program Coordinator

Kinder to Foundation Transition


Yooky Li 李路加

Bachelor of Arts (Spanish and Latin American Studies)

Master of Teaching (Primary)

2022 Classes:

Year 5 Chinese

Year 5 Integrated Studies / Mathematics

Year 6 Chinese

Year 6 Integrated Studies / Mathematics


2022 Roles:

Year 5 Home Room Teacher

Staff Room Coordinator



Lingling Nie 聂玲玲

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)

Master of Education


(Note: on leave for 2022)

2022 Classes:



2022 Roles:


Jasmine Xiao 肖祯琪

Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Secondary Education

Bachelor of Music

2022 Classes:

Year 3 Chinese

Year 3 Integrated Studies / Mathematics

F-6 Performing Arts

Year 3 Wellbeing


2022 Roles:

Library Coordinator


Xavier Ng 黄宇恒

Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Primary Education

Bachelor of Business (Management)

2022 Classes:

Year 1 Chinese

Year 1 Integrated Studies / Mathematics

Year 2 Chinese

Year 2 Integrated Studies / Mathematics


2022 Roles:

Year 1 Home Room Teacher


Sarah Huang 黃瑾倫

Bachelor of Education (Primary)



2022 Roles:

Intervention Specialist - Chinese Literacy


Education Support Team


Marianna Karagkounis | Business Manager


Marianna is our newly appointed Business Manager. She holds a Bachelor degree in Primary Teaching, with specialisations in TESOL and LOTE. Marianna loves being a helping hand to fellow school staff, the parent community and to the students, by always being efficient and amiable. Marianna is also the Secretary of APS School Council.

Caroline Wilkins | Student Wellbeing Coordinator

Part-Time: M, Tu, W

Caroline is our Student Wellbeing Officer. She holds a tertiary qualification in Social Work. She has worked at Abbotsford Primary School since 2004, with extensive knowledge and experience in child welfare and psychology. Caroline previously also handled the role of Business Manager from 2017-2021 and is an outstanding contributor to our school. In 2022, Caroline will focus solely on establishing our new Student Wellbeing Centre, while serving as the First Aid Coordinator and Alumni Engagement Officer in 2022.

Dana Lamb | Integration Aide


Dana is our newly appointed Integration Aide, primarily working with in the Year 1/2 space. She holds a Certificate III in Education Support, and has recently returned to Australia from working with children at summer camps in the United States. She has a great love for teaching and helping students succeed.


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