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Welcome to Abbotsford Primary School – a centre of excellence for Chinese/English bilingual education!


Abbotsford Primary School is an internationally recognised Chinese/English Bilingual School, located in the diverse and vibrant inner suburb of Abbotsford. Our bilingual program was founded in 1984 and we hold great pride in our pioneering and expertise in running the Chinese/English bilingual program in Australia.


Abbotsford Primary School is a school that prides itself on “Diversity in Learning” and "Learning about Diversity." We do this by staying globally informed and locally rooted in everything we do.


Academically, being a bilingual school, our students undertake 50% of their learning in Chinese and 50% of their learning in English. Under the Abbotsford Bilingual Model, core subjects including Maths and Integrated Studies are taught in both Chinese and English to ensure that students have the experience and opportunity to practise their literacy and numeracy skills in both languages. Specialist subjects, including Science, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Physical Education, Library (F-2) and Digital Technologies (3-6) are taught in one language consistently throughout the year. The design of this model takes into account best practices in bilingual education around the world and our unique local context. Through our carefully crafted learning program, students develop a passion for languages and the cognitive flexibility to apply literacy skills across various academic disciplines.


Demographically, our school attracts both students from the local area and beyond, including international students from overseas. Our students and families come from many cultures and backgrounds and our inclusive environment allows for such diversity to flourish. Diversity is not only celebrated at our school, but seen as an important asset of the school community and a key resource in students’ learning.


At Abbotsford Primary School, we place utmost importance on developing a three-way partnership between teachers, students and parents to ensure that every student has opportunities for success. We are recognised for our commitment to developing the whole child, whether that is their academic, social or emotional learning. Our approach to student wellbeing is also complemented by our Art Therapy program and our Lead School status in the Respectful Relationships program.


In 2019, our beautiful heritage-listed building (c1877) also received a total interior refurbishment, which means students now have access to state-of-the-art facilities as they embark on their learning journey with us!


In this increasingly inter-connected world where multilingualism is the norm, every child deserves a bilingual education.


We hope you will take the opportunity to visit our school and we look forward to having you join the Abbotsford community.


Stanley Wang 王宇生



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