Extended Literacy Learning (ExLL)

From 2021, students at Abbotsford Primary School participate in one session of Extended Literacy Learning (ExLL) a week. ExLL focuses on the extended usage and transfer of literacy skills into other contexts as a way of strengthening and consolidating students' literacy skills. It is also a key driver for achieving our vision of preparing all students to be global citizens.


At Abbotsford Primary School, we see ExLL not only as a subject, but also a curriculum approach. This approach to curriculum design that allows for a flexible choice of 'contexts' depending on other school priorities and educational goals, which are reviewed and adapted year by year.


For 2021, APS is offering Vietnamese for Foundation to Grade 2, and Digital Technologies for Grades 3 to 6.




With the school being located right at the doorstep of Victoria St, Richmond, we recognise that the Vietnamese community has always been an important part of our school community. The opportunity for students to learn some basic Vietnamese and about their culture enhances students' connection and identity to our multicultural Abbotsford, as well as develop further intercultural capability to navigate the Vietnamese community, which make up more than 1/3 of our student population.


For native Vietnamese speaking students, the opportunity to study the language at school means an opportunity to be systemically taught written Vietnamese. For non-background students, Vietnamese is unique blend of Chinese and English which allows for students to explore at-depth how languages work as a system. Vietnamese has morphological, lexical and tonal features that are similar to Chinese, for which students can understand more easily by applying their literacy skills from Chinese. At the same time, Vietnamese has phonological and orthographical features that are more similar to English, allowing for the same kind of extended literacy practice to take place.


Digital Technologies


Digital Technologies prepare students to be active participants and problem solvers in the digital world. Students acquire a deep knowledge and understanding of digital systems, data and information and the processes associated with creating digital solutions so they can take up an active role in meeting current and future needs.


The curriculum has been designed to provide practical opportunities for students to explore the capacity of information systems to systematically and innovatively transform data into digital solutions through the application of computational, design and systems thinking.


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