2021 School Council Members

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Parent Members


Melissa Hii Foundation and Year 2 Parent

President (Terms 3 & 4)

Chair of Education Sub-Committee

Virginia Dods Year 5 Parent President (Terms 1 & 2)
Guy Donald Foundation and Year 2 Parent Vice President
Kimi Nishimura Year 1 Parent Chair of Marketing Sub-Committee


Community Members


Peter Emerson Year 3 Parent


Chair of Finance Sub-Committee

Jenny Lu Community Member  
Lisa Muston Year 3 and 5 Parent Chair of Community Fundraising Sub-Committee
Emily Zhong Year 2 and 4 Parent Chair of Volunteer Management Sub-Committee



School Employee Members


Stanley Wang Principal

Executive Officer

Amanda Norton-Smith

Learning Specialist

Year 3 Home Room Teacher

Daniel Clynes

Science Specialist

Year 5/6 Home Room Teacher

Hao Chen Year 4 Home Room Teacher Secretary

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