Clinics and Clubs (Term 2, 2022)

Abbotsford Primary School offers an exciting range of after school clinics for students to broaden their interests and participation in group activities. Most activities run from 3:45-4:45pm by external providers. (Note: Supervision is provided by school staff between 3:30-3:45pm and parents are not required to pick students up until 4:45pm.)


From Term 2, we will also be trialing:

  • a lunch time chess club from 1:00-1:10pm on Mondays, and
  • a before school tennis clinic from 8:10-8:40am on Tuesdays.


Make a Difference Fund (MADF)

From 2022, Abbotsford Primary School will utilise its "Make a Difference Fund" (MADF) to support students who would otherwise not be able to participate in after school clinics.


MADF is an optional contribution families are able to make with the intention of supporting fellow APS students. Students who wish to access the MADF must be eligible recipients of the Camp, Sports and Excursion Fund (CSEF).


Eligible students can access the MADF for one term each school year and for one clinic of their choice. Each term, the School will specify the number of MADF (Free) spots available for each clinic. Students need to sign up via APS Reception (see Marianna).


If a MADF (Free) spot is not available, eligible students may:

  • choose to pay for a sports clinic using their CSEF credit;
  • pay the concession rate (if available).


The Term 2, 2022 offerings include:



Abbotsford Primary School is introducing a chess club into our extracurricular offerings from Term 2, 2022.


Chess is great for developing strategic thinking, improved self-esteem, increasing attention span, lateral thinking, social skills and analytical skills. Each week your child will receive different lessons from a structured syllabus and play in a fun tournament play off. Prizes are awarded at the end of term.


In Term 2, Chess Club will run on:

  • Day: Monday (starting 2/5/2022)
  • Open to: 1-6
  • Max: 22 students
  • Term 2 Cost (7 sessions): $130
  • MADF (Free) Spots: 1
  • Sign up via: Chess For Schools from 29/3/2022


Our basketball clinics are led by Desmond and Jo from Basketball613. The clinics focus on basic skills and drills, and activities are differentiated for students from different age groups.


In Term 2, Basketball Clinics will run on:

  • Day: Monday (starting 2/5/2022)
  • Open to: All year levels
  • Max: 24 students
  • Term 2 Cost (7 sessions): $105 (Full Price) / $70 (Concession)
  • MADF (Free) Spots: 2
  • Sign up via: APS Reception from 28/3/2022


Abbotsford Primary School is introducing tennis into our extracurricular offering as a before school clinic from Term 2. These tennis lessons will be run by Mike from Tennis Lessons Melbourne.


In Term 2, Tennis Clinics will run on:

  • Day: Tuesday (starting 3/5/2022)
  • Time: 8:10-8:40am (!)
  • Open to: All year levels
  • Min: 8 students
  • Term 2 Cost (8 sessions): $200
  • MADF (Free) Spots: N/A
  • Sign up via: Enrolment Form to be sent to Mike the coach


Coding / Computer Programming
Abbotsford Primary School is introducing coding into our after school clinics offering in 2022. These coding sessions will be run by Digimaker.


In Term 2, Coding Clinics will run on:

  • Day: Tuesday (starting 26/4/2022)
  • Open to: Years 3-6
  • Max: N/A
  • Term 2 Cost (8 sessions) : $171 + GST
  • MADF (Free) Spots: 1
  • Sign up via: Digimaker (by 7/4/2022)


Soccer clinics at Abbotsford Primary School are led by professional coaches from DF Football. Due to their popularity, soccer clinics are arranged by age groups to ensure that students are developing age-appropriate skills and techniques.


In Term 2, two separate soccer clinics are on offer:


Clinic 1

  • Day: Tuesday (starting 26/4/2022)
  • Open to: F-2 students only
  • Max: 24 students

Clinic 2

  • Day: Wednesday (starting 27/4/2022)
  • Open to: Years 3-6 student only
  • Max: 24 students

Please note that for Term 2, 2022:

  • Cost (for 9 sessions): $135 (Full Price) / $90 (Concession)
  • MADF (Free) Spots: 1 for Tuesday and 1 for Wednesday
  • Sign up via: APS Reception from 28/3/2022

Abbotsford Primary School is introducing science into our after school clinics offering in 2022. These science sessions will be run by Fizz Kidz.


In Term 2, Science Clinics will run on:

  • Day: Thursday (starting 5/5/2022)
  • Time: 3:30-4:45pm
  • Open to: F-5 students only
  • Max: N/A
  • Term 2 Cost (8 sessions) : $168
  • MADF (Free) Spots: 2
  • Sign up via: Fizz Kidz (Registration from 28/3/2022)

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