The students at Abbotsford Primary School undertake 5 hours of focused literacy learning in English each week. This includes reading, writing, speaking and listening.


In reading, teachers model and explicit teach a range of reading strategies. Teachers work with the students to self select their own reading texts for independent reading. Additionally, teachers work with students in focus groups and individual conferences to extend their abilities and strategies in reading. Students are expected to read books at home to revise the learning they have undertaken for the day.


In writing, students are able to express their thoughts and ideas in print, whilst working with teachers to improve their spelling, punctuation, grammar and vocabulary. Teachers will model different text types to the students in each writing lesson, then provide time for the students to undertake independent writing with guidance, support and individual teaching strategies. Students then have the opportunity to reflect on their learning in writing to the whole class.


Speaking and listening are crucial elements for a week-rounded and wholistic literacy learning approach. Students have the opportunity to express their thoughts, ideas and reflections. They are also taught explicit listening skills to further enhance their comprehension and social development.




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