Transition for 2023 Entry

Updated: 17/11/2022


Onsite Transition - Thursday, 17 November


Thank you for coming along to the Onsite Transition experience today.


Please find the powerpoint presentation used here.




Updated: 2/11/2022


Transition Videos on APS Youtube Channel


During the pandemic, we developed some videos to assist with transition which many families enjoyed. We hope these videos could support the dialogues around transition to school at home and provide an enjoyable first contact with school learning.


Whilst you are on our Youtube Channel, we hope you will also take the time to enjoy the other videos we have published in memory of special events we have hosted over time!


Onsite Transition - Thursday, 17 November


The onsite transition experience will take place this month on Thursday, 17 November. This event is an essential part of the transition offered to all 2023 Foundation students, so please ensure that a parent/carer is available to attend with your child.


To ensure that your child has the best experience possible, we will be splitting the cohort into 2 groups by your child’s surname. Please bring your child to the onsite transition experience at the following times:

  • A-L at 9:10am-10:30am
  • M-Z at 11:30am-12:50pm

The onsite experience will consist of activities in both Chinese and English with the current Foundation teachers. Your child will also get to meet some of our current Foundation students who will help them to participate in the activities during the session.


Approximately â…“ of the way into the onsite experience, we will ask parents to join us in the Staff Room for the second half of “Getting Your Child Ready for School.” The focus of this information session will be on academic readiness for English, Chinese and Maths. You will reconvene with your child towards the end of the onsite experience.


End-of-Year Picnic - Thursday, 15 December (3:45-5:45pm)


We can confirm that the End-of-Year Picnic will take place between 3:45-5:45pm on Thursday, 15 December. We invite you to join us for this wonderful end-of-year celebrations comprising musical performances by students and a special APS movie produced by the Junior School Council.


At this event, there will also be a sausage sizzle, bake sale, coffee van, secondhand uniform sale and potentially a clothing exchange (TBC). Bring a rug (and your own food if you’d like) and come and join us for… what will hopefully be a sunny afternoon! Please note, attendance at End-of-Year Picnic is strongly encouraged, but not essential.




Updated: 12/10/2022


Online Presentation "Getting Your Child Ready for School"


We will be hosting an online presentation on the topic of "Getting Your Child Ready for School" on Wednesday, 26 October between 3:50-4:50pm


Please note that attendance at this online presentation is optional but strongly encouraged. This session will also be recorded, and we are happy to share the recording with you after the session.


You will be able to access the session on Webex via


You may access the powerpoint presentation used here.




Updated: 2/8/2022


Prospective Parents Focus Groups


We are interested in understanding the process prospective parents have gone through in deciding which school is the right fit for your child, as well as offer you an opportunity to meet other prospective parents and ask questions about the school.


Please note that attendance at the focus groups are optional but strongly encouraged.


Focus Group 1

6pm on Monday, 8 August


Focus Group 2

1pm on Friday, 12 August


Focus Group 3

9:30am on Wednesday, 17 August


All Focus Groups will be hosted on Webex via 




Updated: 31/7/2022


Transition Touchpoints (from Term 3, 2022 to Term 1, 2023)

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