Transition for 2024 Entry

Updated: 31/08/2023


Onsite Transition #1 - Tuesday, 21 November (9:15am-10:30am)


The first onsite transition experience will take place on Tuesday, 21 November. This event is an essential part of the transition offered to all 2024 Foundation students, so please ensure that a parent/carer is available to attend with your child.


The onsite experience will consist of activities in both Chinese and English with the current Foundation teachers. Your child will also get to meet some of our current Foundation students who will help them to participate in the activities during the session.


Approximately half of the way into the onsite experience, we will ask parents to join us in the Staff Room for an Academic Presentation held by our Exec staff. The focus of this information session will be on academic readiness for English, Chinese and Maths. You will reconvene with your child towards the end of the onsite experience.



Onsite Transition #2 - Tuesday, 5 December (9:15am-10:30am)


The second onsite transition experience will take place on Tuesday, 5 December. In this onsite experience, students will experience activities in both Chinese and English with their 2024 Foundation teachers.

Parents will be asked to join us in the Staff Room for a presentation in "Getting Your Child Ready for School", held by our transition team.



End-of-Year Picnic - Thursday, 14 December (3:45-5:45pm)


We can confirm that the End-of-Year Picnic will take place between 3:45-5:45pm on Thursday, 14 December. We invite you to join us for this wonderful end-of-year celebration!


At this event, there will also be a sausage sizzle, bake sale and secondhand uniform sale. Bring a rug (and your own food if you’d like) and come and join us for… what will hopefully be a sunny afternoon! Please note, attendance at End-of-Year Picnic is strongly encouraged, but not essential.



Transition Videos on APS Youtube Channel


During the pandemic, we developed some videos to assist with transition which many families enjoyed. We hope these videos could support the dialogues around transition to school at home and provide an enjoyable first contact with school learning.


Whilst you are on our Youtube Channel, we hope you will also take the time to enjoy the other videos we have published in memory of special events we have hosted over time!


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