Our Vision & Strategy



All students of Abbotsford Primary School will be kind local citizens and caring global thinkers.



Abbotsford Primary School’s mission is to offer a world-class, holistic, Chinese/English bilingual education that is informed by global best practice and tailor-made for Abbotsford’s local context.



As a bilingual school with a multicultural makeup, Abbotsford Primary School endeavours to:

  • Equip students with the capabilities to navigate seamlessly across linguistic and socio-cultural borders (“Learning about diversity”)
  • Empower students to be leaders of their own learning (“Diversity in learning”)
  • Inspire students to build and maintain global connections (“Globally informed”)
  • Instil a culture of empathy and mutual respect for all students to embrace their unique identity (“Locally rooted”)

These objectives together form the two mottos that underpin the work we do:

  • “Diversity in learning; Learning about diversity” “多元学习 ‧ 学习多元”
  • “Globally informed; locally rooted” “世界接轨 ‧ 在地深根”




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