Support for Parents

Abbotsford Primary School does not assume any parent would have the necessary language proficiency to be able to assist with students' Chinese learning at school. Instead, the school offers a range of support for parents to be actively involved in students' learning without the need to speak Chinese.


This page presents a few examples of the support currently offered, but please note that the list may vary from year to year as as we continue to receive feedback from families.


Communication about the Chinese Curriculum

Information sessions and pamphlets are periodically distributed to support parents in understanding the goals of the Chinese curriculum at different stages.


Some examples include:


Video Recordings

All Chinese textbooks and readers used in class have been read aloud and recorded by a native speaker in the form of unlisted Youtube videos. Access to these videos are provided to families so that they can be used for revision by students at home.


As a major curriculum revamp for Chinese was done at the end of 2020, a list of how the old and new texts are mapped thematically is also provided to families who wish to access the old videos as additional practice.



Vocabulary lists from the new Chinese curriculum are available on Quizlet for families to access on any device at any time. Regular practice on Quizlet is encouraged, particularly for consolidating vocabulary knowledge and character recognition.

Animated Story House

Abbotsford Primary School subscribes to the Animated Story House app, which is a digital library of more than 3,000 children's book in Chinese.


As part of instilling a culture of reading at home, families are encourged to select one story every 2-3 nights to read together. The stories are completely animated with voice-overs pre-installed. Students can also interact with individual characters in each story by tapping on them to get a response.


These functions help to replace the role of the native-speaker adult in storybook reading, so that non-Chinese speaking parents can simply provide the encouragement and structure in daily routines for students to engage with the stories themselves.

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