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Communication about the English Curriculum

Information sessions are held each year to support parents in understanding Victorian Curriculum - English and the APS approach.


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Learning Progressions

Below are useful infographics that map out typical learning progressions for students in English.


These have been produced in a relatively jargon-free manner by Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) with the intention to support parents appreciate the stages of development in literacy.


Learning Progressions:



Reading Eggs

Abbotsford Primary School is currently trialing Reading Eggs with F-2 as an additional resource for both use in the classroom and at home. Access to Reading Eggs are distributed to individual families for those interested in additional reading online.



Learning at Home or Remotely

Abbotsford Primary School recommends parents refer to the the Parents guide to reading and writing at home compiled by Primary English Teaching Association Australia for information on how you can support students' literacy development.


Abbotsford Primary School has also compiled literacy and numeracy resources for learning at home from every state and territory in Australia, as well as New Zealand to support families that need to be away for extended period of time. The curated links can be found on the Remote Learning Resources page.

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