Global Engagement

Abbotsford Primary School prides itself on delivering a world-class bilingual program that is globally informed and locally rooted. In order to stay globally informed, we strive to build and maintain global connections for all stakeholders of our school community. Each year, our school calendar is filled with opportunities for purposeful and professionally-oriented global engagement activities:


Student-to-Student Exchanges

Our formal student-to-student exchange program offers students from Years 3 to 6 an opportunity to foster a sense of curiosity for the Chinese-speaking world and build friendships across borders. Each year level involves a target group of student exchange audience from the Sinosphere they will engage with either as a class or individuals. Students learn to approach intercultural encounters with a sense of appreciation and objectivity, rather than judgement. They experience and practise the Intercultural Cycle of "interact," "notice," "compare," and "reflect," to spark their curiosity and desire to understand their buddies abroad. 


2021 Projects:

  • Year 3 - Intercultural exchange with Heping Elementary School, Yunlin County, Taiwan(雲林縣元長鄉和平國民小學)
  • Year 4 - Intercultural exchange with Qianhua Elementary School, Taipei City, Taiwan(新北市石門區乾華國民小學)
  • Years 5/6 - Language exchange with Zhinan Elementary School, Taipei City, Taiwan(臺北市文山區指南國小)

2022 Projects:


Teacher-to-Teacher Professional Development

The staff at Abbotsford Primary School have the unique challenge of having to develop and deliver a world-class bilingual program without having readily available resources or like-minded industry colleagues who they can rely on. Global engagement for teachers thus focus on shared professional development and networking opportunities with other Chinese/English bilingual schools, both in Australia and Chinese-speaking regions. 



2021 Projects:

2022 Projects:


Leadership-to-Leadership Project Undertakings

Leading a bilingual school requires much courage and a different mindset to mainstream schools. This is particularly the case in English-speaking countries, where the international lingua franca is also the society's dominant language. The leaders at Abbotsford Primary School engage with bilingual school networks, consult internationally renowned academics and co-invest in projects that are beneficial for tackling the most challenging aspects of innovating within bilingual classrooms.



2021 Projects:

2022 Projects:

  • Establishment of Intensive Chinese Network website:
    • Showcasing Chinese/English bilingual education and CLIL programs around the country
    • Collating resources for those interested in Chinese/English bilingual education
    • Developing an induction program of essential readings for new Chinese English bilingual teachers
  • Co-hosting the inaugural Intensive Chinese Network Conference 2022 with Richmond West Primary School and Richmond High School, Victoria, Australia


School-to-School Interactions

Abbotsford Primary School has an established sister school relationship with Huaibei Capital Experimental Elementary School(淮北市首府实验小学)in Anhui Province, China. Through this relationship, the two schools engage in official visits, study tours, host family programs and semi-regular sharing of school-based cultural events for each other's broader school community. 



Abbotsford Primary School has also benefitted from the work of Australian Office in Taipei and been introduced to Simen Experimental Elementary School in Anping District, Tainan City, which currently houses the Tainan Bilingual and English Education Resource Centre. APS is looking forward to exploring school-to-school project opportunities in Chinese English bilingual education in the upcoming school year (2022-23).


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