School-Run Activities

Students at Abbotsford Primary School enjoy a range of extra-curricular activities during normal school hours. Like all government primary schools, we provide standard activities, such as inter-school sports, swimming and other excursions and incursions. In addition, we offer many other programs which are unique to our school and tailored to our bilingual context:



Cultural Program

The school celebrates three main Chinese traditional festivals each year - the Lunar New Year, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival. Celebrations take the form of class-based activities, sporting and games, and performances. There are also opportunities for parents and the school community to be involved in the running of activities and as participants.


Check out videos of our cultural celebrations on our Youtube Channel!



Junior School Council
Each year, students have the opportunity to nominate for a Junior School Council position. Junior School Council meet to discuss important issues for students, providing important feedback to the School Council and the Principal, lead student fundraising events and coordinate house-based competitions. 


All of the students get to vote for their representatives on school council in the same way that adults elect politicians. Nominations for positions are called in November each year.



Student-Led Clubs

The Junior School Council is also reponsible for the running of student-led clubs in the school. The school welcomes student initiatives and staff supervision is provided to support the students in leading their own initiatives.


Camping Program
Each year, our Year 3-6 students have the opportunity to participate in our camps programs. These include sleeping in cabins, preparing meals, undertaking bush activities, working on science projects and getting plenty of exercise. Students are taken to and from camp in a coach, with teachers organising and supervising students for all activities.


China Study Tour (Suspended until further notice)

Students in Years 5 and 6 have the opportunity to fly to China, visiting Shanghai, Huaibei, Beijing and Xi'an for two weeks in September. As part of this trip, they spend four nights with a Chinese host family while attending our sister school in Huaibei. During the trip, they have ample opportunities to practise their Chinese language skills and experience the Chinese way of life. Additionally, the students visit some of the world-class attractions around China, such as the Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors and Tiananmen Square.


This study trip is usually held in conjunction with Clifton Hill Primary School and Alphington Primary School. However, due to the COVID pandemic, the study tour is suspended until further notice.



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