Social Responsibility

Abbotsford Primary School recognises that schools are the heart of a community and that beyond its function as a centre of learning and wellbeing, it also has many social responsibilities. Some initiatives that have grown out of this core belief and mindset include:


"Yum Chat" Webinar Series

Periodically, the school invites experts in the field of bilingual education and Chinese education to deliver a webinar for the school community, prospective parents and the general public.


Abbotsford Primary School considers itself a key advocate for bilingual education in Australia and is keen to raise public awareness of the benefits of bilingual education.


The school uses this webinar series as a way to offer issues such as language maintenance, children's bilingual and bicultural identity formation, and innovations in Chinese/English teaching a public forum for constructive dialogues.


2021 Webinar Recordings:

Intensive Chinese Network

Abbotsford Primary School is a co-convenor of the Intensive Chinese Network (ICN), an informal network that brings teachers and school leaders together to exchange best practices in running an intensive Chinese program.


Stanley Wang, our Principal, leads the professional development agenda for bilingual program leaders in the ICN and offers leadership mentoring to middle managers of bilingual schools who have the challenge of leading teams of staff in bilingual pedagogy and representing a specialist program in mainstream schools where the senior management is monolingual.


Community Advertising

Abbotsford Primary School offers one-off advertising opportunities for members of the public in its fortnightly newsletter, provided tht the goods/services advertised is of an educational nature and is relevant for the school community.


Advertising is free for not-for-profit community organisations.


We ask for a small donation to the school for advertising requested by for-profit businesses.

Community Events

Abbotsford Primary School runs a number of community events each year open to local community members. Examples over the last few years have included:

  • Moon Lantern Festival
  • Hidden Treasures Community Market
  • Trivia Night
  • Spooky Night
  • Alumni Events

The school is also open to supporting local community events where possible, including the famous Victoria Street Lunar Festival each year. Please feel free to contact the School Council if you have ideas for how the school can support community events.


Recycling and Sustainability

Abbotsford Primary School runs a recycling and sustainability program that the entire school is part of. Each week, different classes are responsible for leading the recycling across the school, ensuring that all rubbish is categorised correctly, recyclables are properly placed for collection, and that food scraps are deposited in the school's compost bins.


Students in the Gardening Club lead the sustainability initiatives around the school. With their set budget each year, students organise equipment and design processes to reduce water wastage. They speak at assemblies periodically to promote best practice for sustainability.


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