Apply Now!

Step 1. Expression of Interest

Calls for Expression of Interest opens in Week 9 of the previous school term. For 2021, the dates are as below:

  • For Term 2 - 22-28 Mar 2021
  • For Term 3 - 15-20 Jun 2021
  • For Term 4 - 6-12 Sep 2021

Based on classroom and administrative needs, we will only invite a limited number of people for an informal interview. For those who have not been selected for an informal interview, we will keep your application on file and invite you to apply again in future terms. 

Note: For Term 2, 2021, we will only be recruiting Mandarin Language Volunteers.


Step 2. Attend an informal interview

Informal interviews for volunteers are typically run in Week 10 of the previous school term or at the beginning of the school term.


The interview will last no more than 15 minutes, and is simply an opportunity for the school to meet you, understand your motivation for volunteering and assess whether our partnership with you will be mutually beneficial and match the current needs of the school. We will also check with you your availabilities and ability to commit to a regular time.


Step 3. Complete volunteer induction

If you were successful in being offered an opportunity to volunteer, we will send you a link to our online Volunteer Induction Handbook, which must be read before you attend the face-to-face induction onsite.


The face-to-face induction is usually run in Week 1 of the school term you are volunteering in, and is run by a representative of the Volunteer Management Sub-Committee (of the School Council).


Step 4. Begin volunteering!

Once you have completed the volunteer induction, your may start volunteering!


During the term, there may be Community of Practice events (for volunteers only), staff social events, and community events that you will be able to event. These are optional but we hope these will help to enrich your volunteering experience at Abbotsford Primary School.


Step 5. Re-Apply (if required)

Towards the end of the term, a representative of the Volunteer Management Sub-Committee will check with you your intentions to continue volunteering in the new school term and your availabilities. This information will then be matched against the classroom and administrative needs identified for the following term.


Where a continued partnership is possible, the school usually prefers the stability and will roll you over onto the next term. Nonetheless, in the case where current classroom or administrative needs have changed, support is no longer required, or new volunteering opportunities have arisen, you may be asked to re-apply.


Step 6. Certificate of Service

At the end of each year, Abbotsford Primary School issues a Certificate of Service to recognise the contribution of all our volunteers.


If you require this certificate earlier in the year, you are welcome to request it from the Principal.

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