The Abbotsford Wellbeing Model

The Abbotsford Primary School Wellbeing Model is a framework designed to provide support and guidance to our school community in understanding the unique role our school plays as both a centre of learning and a centre of wellbeing.


We recognise that our school community as an ecosystem has a vital role to play in developing the social and emotional skills of our students. Students who feel safe and supported are well set up for academic success, and healthy and rewarding relationships with their peers, families, and the wider community. To this end, the Wellbeing Model intends to map out the key stakeholders, curricula and service provision that collectively form the robust support network parents and students can access at Abbotsford Primary School.

(Note: Click on the diagram for an explanation of each component.)


At the core of the Wellbeing Model are our Parents and Students, with whom the School proactively works to achieve its vision, mission and objectives. Each ‘layer’ that grows out from the core represents a category of support provision available - from the classroom, to the school community as a whole, to external services that come into our school to provide additional expertise as required. Based on this model, services closer to the core are more widely accessed, and in many cases, key elements of the Abbotsford experience.


In the classroom (layer), our Teachers deliver a comprehensive wellbeing curriculum the encompasses various research-based programs that promote and strengthen the resilience of our students and a sense of collective belonging and acceptance.


At the school community layer, our Student Wellbeing Coordinator and Child Safety Officer ensure that the staff team remains committed to making the school a safe and supportive environment for all, both through compliance with Child Safety Principles and Standards, as well as the positioning of our school as a centre of wellbeing.


In the outer layer, we support our families to connect with external healthcare and community Service Providers that promote the wellbeing and safety of students. Our Student Wellbeing Coordinator proactively observes and assists families in accessing specialist services when they require additional resources to ensure that the students' academic, social and emotional needs are met.

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