Remote Learning Resources

Are you looking for ways to support your child's (English) literacy and numeracy development at home?


To get an overview of the role you can play, start with the following guides for parents:

Over the last two years, however, the Department of Education in Australia and New Zealand have created webpages featuring home-based learning resources in response to lockdowns and remote learning requirements. These websites have continued to play an important role for students who are required to isolate in 2022.


Abbotsford Primary School has collated the links to these great websites for your convenience:



Literacy and numeracy resources for remote learning (This page has excellent links!)

Home Learning Resources

201 Literacy and maths tips to help your child


New South Wales

Helping your child with literacy and numeracy at home



Literacy and numeracy resources and activities


South Australia

Literacy and numeracy resources for families



Learning at home


Western Australia

Learning resources from across the nation


New Zealand

Ideas to help with reading, writing and maths


For ways to support your child's Chinese literacy development, please refer to APS's own "Support For Parents" page.

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