Mandarin Language Volunteers

In addition to our general volunteer requirements, we are looking for people to help us further expand students' access to Mandarin. Mandarin Language Volunteers may be asked to support our language program in the following ways:


In Class:

  • Participate in class activities as a ‘role model’ so that students have someone to copy and follow.
  • Repeat and reinforce the language used by the teacher for students who require extra language input;
  • Assist with leading small group activities arranged by the teacher (e.g. supervision of different activity stations, small group reading);
  • Undertake one-on-one oral language assessment.

Outside of Class:

  • Prepare digital flashcards (using Google Slides);
  • Prepare teaching resources (e.g. vocabulary games, character worksheets, photocopying, calligraphy materials);
  • Assist with simple marking of quizzes;
  • Assist with the packing up of classroom equipment used;
  • Assist with filing and archiving of teaching materials;
  • Upload materials and links on to Google Classroom using established protocols of naming;
  • Interact with students in Mandarin (as much as possible) on non-health and safety related matters;
  • Treat every opportunity to interact with students as an opportunity for more language use.
  • Offer opportunities for students to experience traditional Chinese culture, arts and activities (e.g. calligraphy, taichi, diabolo etc.) and/or assist with the Chinese Cultural Program as requested.

Note: You do not need to be a native speaker to be a Mandarin Language Volunteer. Non-native speakers of Mandarin (with an intermediate proficiency level, e.g. post-VCE, HSK3) are welcome to apply!


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